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Nine of My Favorite Things this Week | @hbharvest

{favorite photo taken this week}

Last week I asked you guys what type of post you might like to see on Sundays. There was a lot of awesome feedback and I now have so many fun ideas! Today I am sharing five of my favorite things from last week. I hope you enjoy a little sneak inside what inspires me and excites me on a weekly basis. If you have suggestions for any upcoming Sunday posts, be sure to let me know!

1. I’m going to be working on some fun home projects the next couple of months and I’m pretty much obsessed with the work of Amber Lewis. If you guys have not checked out her work, you really have to. Follow her on Insta for some serious home inspiration. Fun Fact: you’ve all heard me talk about my brother Brendan’s girlfriend Lyndsie, while Amber is Lyndsie’s sister! We all spent New Years together here in Colorado and it was so fun. Amber did a little mini makeover of my kitchen and it’s the cutest it’s ever looked!

2. Currently I am on the hunt for some new clothes. New year, new stuff, right? I think I just got tired of wearing the same thing every single day so I have been madly pinning to my Style board on Pinterest. I’m loving this simple, everyday look of jeans and a t-shirt. PS. if I ever go somewhere that’s above 80 degrees, I am all about this look of the cutout back.

3. A lot of you guys ask where I buy all my dishes used in my photos, well the answer…my dishes literally come from everywhere. Australia, Thailand, California, London, pretty much everywhere. That said, one of my go-to US-based stores is Anthropologie. I probably order something every few months. I just bought these wine glasses.

4. It’s been pretty snowy here since the start of December. I am not complaining…yet. The cold and snowy days have left me wanting comfort food. Since I am still embracing Healthy January, this Black Bean and Lentil Chili with Sweet Potato Fries was my favorite easy dinner I made this week. My favorite cocktail of the week? These Spicy grapefruit Margaritas!

5. Favorite Instagram photo of the week? This one of my brother Red. I could not be prouder of this kid. He is taking the (snowboard) world by storm and I am pretty excited to watch him this weekend at X-Games. Of course, I will be covering my eyes the entire time, watching Red fly thirty plus feet high in the air, for over 100 feet is possibly the most nerve-racking thing ever. I’ll be posting it all on Instagram stories, so follow along!

6. NEW VIDEOS! We have been trying to post more videos and here are my two favorites of the week: Brown Rice Tortilla Soup..with avocado n’ things, and One Pot French Onion Pasta Bake.

7. Three ingredient desserts that are actually healthyish? Umm, ok!

8. This article on Jessica Alba Aways love a little career advice from inspiring women, so was a fun read and video!

9. 9 Kitchen Essentials Too Gorgeous to Hide in a Cabinet. <–such a fun post!

ps. Dreaming of going here.

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  1. So fun, love this post with some great links for Sunday reading! And that shot is seriously gorgeous! 🙂

  2. YES! More of these types of posts. You used to do them in earlier days of the blog, and I’ve missed them. 🙂 I know there’s only a finite amount of time in a day to create content, and you’ve had a lot of opportunities like partnerships with brands and the cookbook which eat that time, so it’s all good. You do you, post what’s your greatest priority. Doing you got you this far.

  3. Your photography is fantastic! Some of the best I have seen. It is impossible not to want to cook your recipes when you drool over the pictures. Please, keep doing what you do. I am hooked!

  4. YAY!!! I was so excited to see what you’d have in store for us today and you did NOT disappoint. I’m in love with all of it 😀 Have a happy, relaxing Sunday!!

  5. Love these Sunday posts, Tieghan! Cold wet weather here in England and a mug of coffee with some links to love! Thanks muchly! xx