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Happy Sunday!! Today I am sharing nine of my favorite things this week!

Nine of My Favorite Things. Recipe: Chocolate Dipped Coconut Caramel Macaroons | @hbharvest

{The photo above is of my chocolate dipped coconut macaroons. I re-shot these for a little Valentine’s Day fun! Check out the post to learn how you can purchase the ingredients needed to make these…and the best part, all of the proceeds will go to my charity of choice, Love Your Brain – Perfect Valentine’s Day gift!}

So happy Super Bowl Sunday! I hope you’re all having a great weekend! After a busy week, I was so happy for a chill weekend. I spent most of Saturday working on some cookbook recipes that I needed to re-shoot…or more accurately, photos that I personally did not like. It was driving me crazy that I didn’t like them, so I asked my editor to please allow me to re-shoot them.The last week or so I’ve been madly working on trying to finish up every last photo for the book. I’m really excited because this coming week I will get to see the first mock-up copy of the book. Meaning the photos, recipes and all my writing will be together…hopefully looking beautiful! This is kind of like the “first draft” and it’s when my editor, publishing team and I will go back and forth and make any edits/adjustments to the layout of the book. We’ll also be deciding if any photos need to be re-shot or extras added to the line-up. Really excited about all this, but also nervous. Hoping everything starts to come together and look perfect…ish. 🙂

So what are you guys excited for this week? Anything fun happening? Below are Nine of My Favorite Things this Week, enjoy!

1. Will you be watching the Super Bowl tonight? Personally I’m most excited for the half time show, but I’m planning on making these salsa verde enchiladas, with a side of this guacamole, and these pineapple beer margaritas. Oh, and since my littler brother is flying in today and will be home for a total of like five minutes, I will also be making him Penne…which is a cookbook recipe that I am way too excited to share with you guys. What are you making today? Be sure to tag any HBH recipes that you make #halfbakedharvest on Instagram!

PS. I loved this post on my My Domaine: 6 easy Super Bowl recipes

2. Speaking of the HBH cookbook. We are trying to decide between three photos for the cover. I can’t show you the photos yet, but what do you guys think? Pasta, sammie or “bowl” style recipe? My thoughts? Always, pasta. Always.

3. My family is planning a vacation for this summer with all nine of my immediate family, along with my cousins, plus everyone’s girlfriends, boyfriends, and let’s be honest probably any friends that want to tag along too. BIG GROUP. There have been talks of heading to New Zealand, Australia, Thailand and Spain. Personally, I am down to go to any of the places on list of the ten best infinity pools around the world. Family, if you are reading, just pick somewhere warm, with the bluest waters. Remember, I missed out on Mexico last year…

Question: any suggestions on where we should head? What about Jamaica? Maybe Costa Rica? Let us know your favorite travel destinations!

4. Favorite style pin of the week is this look. Loving the long and elegant skirt paired down with a classic leather jacket…soo cute.

5. NEW VIDEOS! I put up my very favorite spinach and artichoke melt just in time for Super Bowl Sunday…or really any other day of the year. Honestly, this is my favorite grilled cheese/melt, it’s the best.

I love a really good veggie burger and this crispy quinoa burger topped with sweet potato fries is at the top of my list, and apparently yours too since it’s the most popular burger recipe, veggie or meat, that is one the blog. YUM.

OK and last, but definitely not least, my all time favorite healthy dessert…fudgy avocado brownies with chocolate fudge frosting. <– game changer.

6. I’ve been thinking a lot about some fun things to do here on the blog and one of my thoughts was getting you guys more involved in the cooking! I am still not sure just how to do this, but maybe something like every Monday night we cook dinner together on Facebook live? Maybe we could make that days 30 Minute Dinner? Or maybe we just do it once a month? I dunno, it’s just a thought, but I love the idea of hanging with you guys and really getting to connect! What do you think? Would you join in? Putting more thought into this today, so let me know if you have ideas!

7. Here are a few links that I am loving: I found this post on 6 ways to be more persuasive so interesting. If you are a boss lady or just trying to umm, get exactly what you want in life, read this post. Also, I’m honored to be included in this list of 9 foodies to follow for serious food inspiration. Spring is a long ways off here in Colorado and surprisingly I’m still loving these white winter days (also very happy the days are getting longer…thank God), but these 8 spring cocktails have me excited for what is to come. Plus, I’ve been loving making cocktails lately. I’m really excited to share a post with you later in the week that’s super fun and involves another yet another cocktail!

8. Favorite Instagram post of the week? Without a doubt, this living room. <–serious cozy home envy…love.

9. Last up…six dinners I hope to make this week: spicy brown rice seared tuna bowl, whole wheat spinach and artichoke pizza, quick + simple pasta “risotto with herbed chickpeas, poblano mushroom tacos with cilantro yogurt, crockpot Moroccan lentil and chickpea soup.


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  1. New Zealand is perfect for a family trip! I did that a few years back and it was awesome. Lots of really fun road trips and there’s something for everyone.

  2. Okay, so I think this is too funny….your link to 6 ways to be more persuasive is the recipe to your fudgy advocado brownies!! HA! While I KNOW I can be easily persuaded with those brownies, I really would like to know what the actual 6 things are :)!!
    I would love a Facebook live for dinner–as long as we knew what the ingredients were prior so we had them on hand for it.

  3. Okay, so I think this is kinda funny…..your link to 6 ways to be more persuasive is to your fudgy avocado brownies recipe. While I KNOW I can be persuaded with one of those brownies, I was really hoping to see what the six things were. I’ll stay tuned!

    1. Sorry….now I’m having computer technical difficulty! I didn’t think my original post took so I tried it again. I guess that’s what I get, when I LOL’d the link to 6 persuasive ways. 🙁

  4. So excited for your cookbook! It is hard to make a comment on the cover without seeing the actual photos, but I would err on the side of going with the bowl! Your bowls are always so beautiful, and with people these days being more health-conscious, you may draw more people in that way and then hit them with the cheesy pasta goodness on the inside, haha.

    I spent a year in New Zealand abd it us without a doubt my favourite place, but if you are travelling this summer, it will be wintertime in New Zealand and Australia. Definitely will not find warm beaches and waters in NZ at that time, but maybe in Northern Australia. You will find the bluest waters in NZ, but they will be glacial. ?

    I have heard Bali is beautiful. Hawaii too, one of the less-touristy islands.

    1. Hi Kate!! Your the first one to suggest a bowl! I kind of love the idea! So thank you!
      If only we were looking to go in the winter time, we’d find the warm waters!
      Thanks so much Kate (:

  5. Pasta. Absolutely. New Zealand is beautiful, but the water will be a bit cold if you want to be swimming. Brrr… Much warmer here in Australia .

  6. I am SO SO SO excited for your cookbook. And I say, go with your gut-aka pasta!
    And I LOVED going to Antigua. THE BLUEST waters, white sandy beaches, and a perfect 78-80 degrees everyday!
    And love the idea of doing a dinner together via Facebook Live every week!

    1. Seems like my gut may have been right! lol.
      AH! That sounds amazing i’m looking it up right now!
      Thanks so much Amanda!

  7. I have been around all of those countries, and the place I want to revisit more than any other is New Zealand. Especially the Central Otago region.

    If you go to Australia, definitely don’t miss the Great Ocean Road. It may seem like one day there is enough, but it’s not. Enjoy it. And if you go to Thailand, make your way to Chiang Mai and the surrounding area. I’d recommend limiting your time in the honeymoon spots (Phuket, Koh Samui, etc.) or avoiding them altogether, although if you find a big home to rent just off the beaten path, you will probably have a great time!

    Have you considered Vietnam, if for no other reason than the INCREDIBLE FOOD?

    Although I haven’t been there yet, I second Cassandra’s Iceland suggestion, as well as any location from which you can view the northern lights (Norway, Finland…).

    Good luck deciding!

    1. Hi Danielle!1 Wow, thank you SO much for all this awesome info. I have so much to look into now. Very excited! Thailand sounds amazing!

      Thanks again and I hope you are having a greek week 🙂

      1. One thing I forgot: If you go to Thailand, take a cooking class! We really liked Siam Rice Thai Cookery in Chiang Mai. I’ve heard great things about so many others as well, if there’s one that better fits your agenda.