Who’s ready for my Nine Favorite Things this week!?

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{Sunday morning brunch vibes…}

Hey, hi! Happy Sunday! Hope you guys are all having a great weekend! Mine started off on Friday afternoon watching my younger brother Red competing at the Burton US Open. I was supposed to head over to Vail to watch with the fam, but…the car wouldn’t start, UGHHH! So I ended up making these fajitas on Facebook Live and then squeezed in a few recipes for the blog before calling it a day!

Not sure what’s in store for today, but a little time in the sunshine is first on my list! What are you guys up to?

Jumping right in…here is my list of my top nine favorites for the week. Enjoy the Sunday reads! 🙂

1. I’ve hit that time in the winter when I start “California” dreaming…aka, I want sunshine, warm days, and green smoothies from the cutest LA juice shops. My brother Kai who lives in LA, has been soaking up their eighty degree weather the last few days and I could not be more jealous. So, when I saw this Laguna Beach, CA home I declared I needed to move in…as soon as possible. I mean, do you see that beach side pool?!?! Need it. Clearly I will not be moving in anytime soon, but a girl can dream…

PS. was The O.C anyone else’s favorite show? I was only in middle school when it was on TV, but I loved it and I totally admit to watching re-runs whenever possible.

2. A few everyday style items on my must have list…loving these jeans (need), this sweater, this fun spring dress and these shoes (my fav).

3. Have you guys ever tried making a homemade face mask? My skin has been feeling a little dry and red lately, which I’m sure is due to the cold temperatures we had this week. I came across this green tea, honey and coconut face mask and I am so curious to try it. I’ve made homemade coffee body scrubs before, but never tried a face mask. I think it’s time!

4. Favorite beauty buy this week: Boy Brow by Glossier! This was recommended to me by Ali over at Inspiralized and you guys, I am OBSESSED with it. Ever since I was a kid I have always, always been self-conscious of my eyebrows. When I was younger I thought they were way too bushy, now that I am older, I am loving a thicker brow. This product is a game changer. It’s so easy to use and will leave you with the perfect brow…trust me.

5. NEW VIDEOS! simple vegetarian skillet lasagna…can I just say that this one would make the most perfect Sunday night dinner. Again, just sayin’, but it’s so true! bulgogi BBQ chicken tacos with mango slaw…hands down, these might be some of the best tacos…like ever.

6. Are you gluten-free? If so, do you do it for health purposes or just because you think it’s “healthy”. This post on how going gluten-free can become un-healthy is spot on and filled with so much great info…i.e those gluten-free cookies are probably just as bad for you or worse than if you baked up a fresh batch of cookies yourself! I highly recommend reading this if you’re thinking of going gluten-free.

Disclaimer: I am NOT a nutritionist and totally understand that a lot of you may need to be gluten-free for health reasons. I get that, and commend you for taking charge of your health! This is just my current thoughts on eating gluten-free simply because it’s trendy or you think it may be “healthier”.

7. Here are a few links I am loving: This post on fearless women is most inspiring, especially for someone who is trying to build up a business. Loving this list of 31 Delicious Things To Cook In March. YUM. And here’s some Sunday inspiration for you, 37 Healthy Habits To Adopt Today.

8. Major bathroom tile envy. <–would love, love, love a shower like that.

9. This weeks dinners: One Pan Lemon Roasted Salmon, Potatoes and Parmesan AsparagusOne-Pan Spring Tuscan Quinoa BakeGarlic Butter Roasted Chicken Thighs with Charred Lemon Salsa VerdeSalmon Fajita Salad BoatsGreek Steak Salad French Bread with Soft Boiled EggsBroccoli Rabe Burrata Pizza.

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