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Thanks for joining me for another Nine Favorite Things post.

Nine Favorite Things | @hbharvest

{my favorite little girl…and her Red head}

Happy Sunday! It’s been a minute since I’ve written a Favorite’s post. I took last Sunday off to write my Korea in Photos Part 1 post (see part two here) and I’m excited to be back today with some new favorites!

I want to say a huge THANK YOU to all those who have commented, sent emails, or reached out via social media. While I can’t respond to all of the comments that have been left on the blog, please know that both myself and my parents have read all the incredible notes you left. My mom and dad spent literally hours going through them, and they could not take the smiles off their faces. Your kind words mean so much to my family and I, thank you, thank you!

Moving along…I returned home from Korea on Wednesday and have been slowly getting back into the swing of real life. It’s pretty crazy returning home to the states and seeing my brother literally everywhere I look…slightly getting tired of looking at his face. Just kidding…LOVE IT!

The majority of the Gerard clan is returning today, but my parents, brothers Malachi and Brendan and their girlfriends Caitlin and Lyndsie, along with Asher (of course) are all staying for Big Air. Since my parents are still gone, I have responsibility for all of the goats and chickens, plus two cats, and a very needy dog. Not going to lie, it’s a lot of work. You’d think the goats and chickens would be the most work, but guys, this dog is tiring. He’s super cute and sweet, but he and my cat do not get along. All day long it’s on and off fights between the two of them and it’s not fun. My ears hurt from the barking. The cat would be cool, but Merle (the dog) will just not let the cat be. UGH, if you have suggestions, let me know.

In other news, coming up on the blog this week I’ll have a new vegetarian soup, a tall stack of pancakes, a fun bagel sandwich, and more! So what are you guys looking forward to this coming week? And as always, if you’re meal planning today, check out favorite number nine.

1. Red and all his Interviews:

As you can tell, I couldn’t be prouder of my younger brother, so obviously I have to share some of the interviews he has done over the last few days. Not going to lie, each and every interview makes me one, laugh, and two, smile so hard. I shared my comments below.

Live with Ryan and Kelly…ahh hey, Red got to meet Kelly and Ryan. cool. cool!

Time…the story behind that hat and that F-bomb (which I personally loved). Kind of liked this one.

Jimmy Kimmel…this one was honestly my least favorite. Way too much focus on the beer consumption, when really that had nothing to do with his win.

CBS News…laughed at his response to the prom question, he is the cutest.

Extra Interview…pretty sure that’s NOT how Red got his name. checked with mom, it’s not.

Also…everyone is really blowing this whole went to bed late, woke up late thing way outta proportion. I mean, he is 17…just saying. Plus I don’t know what Red is talking about, he’s always the first one to bed (I would be too if I did what he does all day), and he’s usually up fairly early too.

2. The Half Baked Harvest Cookbook is back IN STOCK!

It’s been over a month, but the cookbook is finally back in stock on Amazon…and it’s also back up on their best seller list! YESSSSS!! This means if you haven’t gotten a copy yet, do so now, they’re sellin’ out quick! Below are some of the recipes from the book people are loving most!

Order The Book Here:

Nonnie’s Dutch Baby |

Nonnie’s Dutch Baby…what I am making today.

3. Dreaming of Winter Getaways…

Please take me to Greece.

{Photo via here}

And to Tahiti.

{Photo via here}

And most definitely to Morocco.

{Photo via here}

PS. for more travel inspiration follow my Let’s Go Places Pinterest board.

4.Favorite Candles for Spring…

Capri Blue Candle in Costal | Candlefish Candle | Valuspa Candle | Roam Candle

5. New Video:

5 Ingredient Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Cookies…everyone’s favorite cookie.

A post shared by Tieghan (@halfbakedharvest) on

6. Favorite Item I bought this month…

this cream is a GAME CHANGER. I am using it everyday.

7. A Few Links I am Loving…

cure your procrastination…always a challenge, but I loved this post.

15 red wallets…because I am currently into all things RED.

7 moisturizing skin products used by Olympians…hmmm, might need to try some of these.

the best eyelash curlers…for all you lash girls.

how to get more sleep on airplanes…should have read this before the two thirteen hour plus flights.

7 sheet pan dinners…love me a good sheet pan dinner.

13 foods to eat for healthier skin…bring on the avocados.

how to pack a carry on for 2 weeks…cause the airline lost my bag and I’ll never check a bag again!

What Breakfast Food are You…I got a cinnamon roll.

8. Sunglasses I am Loving…

Monastir Sunglasses | Erika Sunglasses | Roella Sunglasses

9. This Week’s Dinners:

Monday: Ricotta Naan with Fried Eggs and Sweet Potato Fries

Ricotta Naan with Fried Egg and Sweet Potato Fries | #brunch #recipes #healthy

Tuesday: One Skillet Lemon Butter Chicken and Orzo

One Skillet Lemon Butter Chicken and Orzo | #chicken #recipes #easy #skillet

Wednesday: Easiest Tomato Basil Penne with Spicy Italian Chickpeas

Easiest Tomato Basil Penne with Spicy Italian Chickpeas | #recipes #pasta #dinner #easy #quick

Thursday: Homemade Vegetable Potstickers with Toasted Sesame Honey Soy Sauce

Homemade Vegetable Potstickers with Toasted Sesame Honey Soy Sauce | #vegan #recipes #healthy #homemade

Friday: Better Than Takeout 20 Minute Peanut Noodles with Sesame Halloumi

Better Than Takeout 20 Minute Peanut Noodles with Sesame Halloumi | #quick #easy #noodles #Thai #recipes

Check out all the past Favorites posts here.

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  1. Love Nine Favorite Things every week and this one is fantabulous!! The Winter Olympics with the Gerard Family has been spectacular. I am so delighted for Red and his Gold Medal win…he is too cute! Your Parents must be in heaven, they have raised a fantastic family. Thank-you for sharing the links, I don’t want to miss a single one.

    1. They are definitely very excited for him, I think we all are! It is an amazing accomplishment! Thank you so much Ellen!

  2. When I saw your email I totally thought your 9 favorite things this week were going to be your family members! Haha!

    Congrats to your brother and all of you for such an amazing accomplishment. So glad you all had/are having such an amazing trip!! I can’t wait to make that peanut noodle dish!!! I’ve been making your dishes for years and they are real staples in our household. I have made one of your greek dishes (a chicken, orzo and roasted veggie dish) more times than I can count! I even made it for my sis last year the night she told me she was pregnant! I feel like I’ve really gotten to know your family through all your amazing meals which made me cheer even harder for your brother last week. Can’t wait to cheer him on for Big Air!!

  3. Hey Tieghan,
    I like your line up for this weeks posts and I’m excited about the soup and pancakes!
    I’m sorry that Merelle and the cat aren’t getting along. Do you have a room separator (like a baby gate) you could use? Or maybe have the cat up stairs and the dog downstairs? Hopefully everyone gets back ok this week and Asher and your family are enjoying being in Korea with Red.
    Have you been able to do your walks at all? Haha do you bring the dog? Maybe that will tire him out. 🙂
    Also, Morocco does seem like a lovely place to go. I feel like that would be nice. I’ve been wanting to go to France and maybe do a road trip around, or around Scotland. I visited Edinburgh this summer and absolutely loved it. Maybe you can do a spring trip to CA with Asher when she gets back?
    I hope all is well and I’m looking forward to this weeks posts.

    1. Hi! That is a great idea, but I would have to figure out how to separate them in my barn.. So glad you are loving the soup and pancakes and hope you get a chance to try them! Thank you Kristin!

  4. LOVE this blog!! I don’t know how such a young lady can do all you do, but you kill it!! You obviously have great parents (love them), a great support I am sure. Keep doing what your doing and tell your folks I said hey!!

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