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Nine Favorite Things |

Nine Favorite Things – something very exciting is coming 

Looking at the calendar now and realizing it’s already the very last Sunday of August. This month and summer in general really flew by. I can’t believe that next week we’ll be into the first couple days of September. I’m sad to see summer go, but at the very same time, I have so much excitement for the months ahead. And September has always been one of my favorite months of the year.

This September is going to be a mix of back-to-back travel weeks, so that’s very exciting. Starting September 6th, I’ll be traveling between three destinations, taking me from one coast to another, and the 3rd out of the country to somewhere I’ve never been! More to come on that. My only hint for now is that everyone says it’s one of the most beautiful countries. And I promise, it’s not Italy! I’m excited and looking forward to documenting it all for you.

I have lots and lots of packing and planning ahead of me this week, plus more cooking. So much to get done. But all good things ahead, I’m ready for it all!

How was your month? Your summer? What are you all looking forward to in September? I would LOVE to hear. It’s such a wonderful month of transitioning into fall and all the cozier days ahead. But yet it’s still so beautiful outside!

What else? We will celebrate Asher’s 15th birthday this week. I’m in shock, actual shock, that the little girl I watched be born is already 15 years old. Where have the years gone? I remember that day so vividly, I remember that time so vividly. It was scary and exciting all at once. I was almost 15 myself (which yeah means I will be 30 this year and I’m SCARED) and welcoming my first-ever sister into the world. My life up until then had only included 5 brothers, so a sister was all new to me. Little did I know she’d be the best gift that my parents would ever give me.

Asher saved me. I was struggling so hard when she was born. But the second she entered the world, I knew I wanted to always be here for her. To always be a role model to her, and to always, always provide for her. She’s the most special to me and she really doesn’t even know it. She’s given more than anyone other human. And even though she was just being herself, she helped me out of a really hard time in my life.

Today, a little bit of everything I do is because of and for Asher. And you know what? She is always, always here for ME. That girl has my back. Always.

It’s a very special sister relationship. And I guess I’m taking the time right now to wish her the BIGGEST sweet 15th birthday. If you know Asher though, she’s what we call 15…going on 30.

I think that’s all I got update-wise today. I’m having fun getting back into my fashion side with all the traveling I’ll be doing – more to come!

Hoping you all have a relaxing Sunday. Enjoy this week’s post, it’s crazy that Friday is September 1st! Tailgating season is here!

Nine Favorite Things |

1. Things i’m loving, wanting, and excited to try.

loving…Ralph Lauren. Everything from the new fall collection, the fragrances, and their best-kept secret, their homeware. I love following Ralph Lauren and additionally, Ralph Lauren Home. Lots of inspiration.

wanting…this set of 6 ceramic coffee mugs. How cute are these? Sadly they are way out of my price range. But I love them and think they’re the most adorable little mugs. Especially love the lids.


everything in my cart (low)…Let’s start with Zara, so many new arrivals. Loving their neoprene effect jacket for September. It’s lightweight, but still warm for chillier days. And super cute. Also, this is a faux leather jacket. And everyone needs a good tailored blazer too. This cut out wool sweater would be so cute layered with a maxi style skirt and boots. You can never go wrong with a black mini dress. Throw a blazer over it and add boots for fall. A little pricier, but also love this Staud mini dress. Both are very cute!

And I’m super into this cute tote. And lastly, this faux patent leather strap wedge sandal. These look designer, the red shade is fun too.

Long denim skirts are very in for fall. This maxi denim skirt from Reformation is a great pick. Also, I really like this one from Agolde too.

Abercrombie and H&M have some great pieces out right now too. A perfect double-breasted jacket. This simple go-to poplin shirt, and I love this red short sleeve sweater from Mango.

Lastly, this semi-sheer lace long sleeve top is fun.


listening to…Your Guide to Healthy Hormones, Part 1 with Endocrinologist Dr. Jordan Geller, MD.

loving…Anthropologie jewelry. They always have the cutest pieces. Loving these stud earrings, mini drop earrings, and my favorite – these triple wave post earrings.

shopping…Free People. They’ve had some cute pieces lately. I’m into this vest for chilly days and this pretty layering top. It would be super cute under that vest!

wanting… the Moon Juice Mini Dew. Did you know that 90% of the US has a mineral imbalance or deficiency and 75% are chronically dehydrated? This seems crazy to me. The Mini Dew is an electrolyte + mineral powder you can add to water for hydration and brain function.

Nine Favorite Things |

re-ordering…Cymbiotika. the omega, vitamin B12 + BC (boosts energy, supports heart health, and generally is a vitamin most women are lacking) and vitamin D3 + K2 + CoQ10 (supports immune health and strong bones by assisting in the regulation of calcium and cardiovascular health by reducing arterial plaque)  and the Magnesium L-Threonate, plus probiotic.

everything in my cart (beauty)…I have been loving ROSE INC products. In my next order I want to try their Skin Resolution Clean Exfoliating Acid Toner. And everyone who uses the Summer Fridays Dream Oasis Deep Hydration Serum loves the product. With a 5-star rating, I added it to my Sephora cart.

I recently read about these Ameon Frozen Essence Supreme Energy Ice Cubes and am very intrigued. I love that these are frozen, which will help reduce inflammation. Has anyone tried them?

OKok. And some recent empties that I go through on a monthly basis, Restórsea eye serum (morning and night), IS Clinical pro heal serum (morning),  Biologique_recherche cream (morning), Elemis cleansing balm, Biologique Recherche AMNIOTIQUE VG serum (night), Skinbetter Science night cream, Augustinus Bader (morning and night).

And for the body, Tatcha body butter and Tata Harper body balm skincare too.

Nine Favorite Things |

following…The Misfit House. For home design.

everything in my cart (high)…love the Khaite open-back draped wool maxi dress. It’s so cozy, but elevated at the same time. Also from Khaite, this gorgeous Textured Linen Blend Dress. Everything about this dress is pretty. The attention to detail, the length, the straps. It’s a beautiful dress.

Loving this wool maxi skirt from Wardrobe NYC. It’s white but cute for fall. I might pair it with this sleeveless turtleneck from Alice + Olivia. And this red Ferragamo top handle bag, such a cute look. Or go neutral with this iconic Miu Miu leather bag.

A few new red pieces, these Magda Butrym Vara Low Heel Pumps are stunning. I am obsessed with them.

Love these Gia Borghini Aimeline Patent Sandals and Ferragamo Vara Low Heel Pumps too. All three pieces are CUTE.

How perfectly cozy and cute is this cardigan in soft pink? It is from a new to me brand, Lovechild. I think my mom and I could live in this sweater.

Really wanting the YSL midnight clutch. So pretty. This Ralph Lauren Sheer-Paneled Knit Gown is also on my list of wants. And this Sandy Liang Dough Fleece looks cozy.

Lastly, just added these Falke tights in coffee to my Amazon cart. Obviously, I need these.


shopping…the Shopbop sale section. A few of my favorites are below.


listening to…Jessica Seinfeld On Problem-Solving in the Kitchen, Stocking a Pantry, Family Dinners. If you’re a mom trying to feed your kids, this interview has some genius tips for you.

2. Last year’s top 5 August recipes.

One Skillet Street Corn Chicken Enchilada Bake |

Most popular: One Skillet Street Corn Chicken Enchilada Bake

Old School Easy Brown Sugar Peach Cobbler |

Runner-up: Old School Easy Brown Sugar Peach Cobbler

20 Minute Korean Beef Sesame Noodles |

Also have to mention: 20 Minute Korean Beef Sesame Noodles

Brown Butter Raspberry Chocolate Chip Cookies |

Asher’s Favorite: Brown Butter Raspberry Chocolate Chip Cookies

Super Easy Homemade Cheesy Spaghetti O’s |

My Personal Favorite: Super Easy Homemade Cheesy Spaghetti O’s

3. Amazon fall Decor.


for the home


4. Favorite questions of the week.

q: Are you cooking daily or do you have down days? 
a: It changes depending on whether I’m home in Colorado or traveling. When I’m home, I focus pretty heavily on creating new recipes, photographing them, and videoing them. Right now my days are a lot of this. I wake up and head out for a hike. Then quick morning routine, including skincare and coffee. Then, I’m in the kitchen until the sun sets, which right now means the days in the kitchen are super long. Once I am home from the studio I work on the next post for the website, creating content for social, and occasionally email (but I’m horrible with email). Cooking days are always long like this.

When I’m not cooking that means it’s a computer day and I’m working on multiple projects that require my attention in front of the computer. Or it’s a meeting day and I bulk all my calls for 1 day per week. When I am traveling, my schedule is always different.

q: What is your favorite loungewear? 
a: Éterne makes the best loungewear. The materials are so so so soft. I love the lounge pant for bed. And the sweatpants in black are my go-to for travel days. I also love The Great tees. I wear them daily when I’m cooking, on travel days, and anytime I need a good tee + denim look.

Nine Favorite Things |

q: What 3 people would you have dinner with, alive or dead?
a: Asher, my grandma (she passed and Asher never got to really know her as I did), and Taylor Swift. I think all she’s accomplished and continues to accomplish is the most inspiring. Ohh or Miley Cyrus for all the same reasons really.

q: Do you enjoy reading?
a: I wish! But I listen to so many podcasts, which I habitually stack and listen to while I’m cleaning or doing mindless tasks. I want to start listening to more audiobooks though!! I’ve never been someone who enjoys reading but I love to learn and could definitely get into an audiobook. Dr. Amen’s books are on my list.

q: How come you have never gone to Aspen Food & Wine?
a: I’ve never been invited!!

q: Do you memorize your recipes? 
a: I’m constantly referring back to recipes. I only have a small handful memorized, one of them being this beer bread.

q: Why don’t you disclose your sponsored content? 
a: If I didn’t disclose it, I’m not being paid. I keep my sponsored content to a bare minimum. Most of what you see on my stories is not sponsored in any way. If it’s sponsored, you will see a disclosure.

q: Do you take rest days or days off? 
a: For me, rest days don’t usually go over super well. I’m not someone who enjoys just chillin’. But I think time away is important and I’ve been traveling more this year for that reason. I’m always so excited and refreshed when traveling. The change of pace and scenery is needed for me since I work so heavily from home. I think time off from work is so important, I just prefer to be actively doing things at the same time!! I know this isn’t the “wellness culture” everyone is promoting right now, but I’m just being honest 🤷🏻‍♀️ we’re all different, you know!

5. New for fall + autumn cocktail Saturday.

I received photos this week for an upcoming launch that has left me so excited. We have two big things coming this September, and then again in November. I can’t wait to share each one!

hint 1: The first launch is going to enhance your everyday life and make getting dinner on the table easy, peasy.

hint 2: the second launch is one I love so much. It’s going to warm you from the inside out.

If you had to guess, what do you think is coming?

Last hint, neither of these launches has anything to do with cookbooks.

Autumn Cocktail Saturday 2023

Thanksgiving Cider Punch |

Cocktail Saturday is almost here! I’m thinking I’ll start on the first Saturday of October. I’ll be sharing new drinks every Saturday through to the end of the year. I’m brainstorming new ideas, but I’d also love to hear yours!

What new cocktails would you like to see this year? 

Just like last year, I’ll share both the cocktail and mocktail variations for these fun drinks. We want everyone to be included!

5. Something you splurged on?

I’ve come a long way this year. I used to be the person who wouldn’t buy herself anything new unless it was essential. And if I did, I’d ultimately end up returning it because I felt “guilty” or not “worthy” of something new. This year I’ve let go of that and allowed myself to have excitement over things I can buy for myself.

As superficial as it might be, I LOVE a designer item. Especially an investment handbag that you’ll have forever and ever. Last year, I bought myself my first designer bag, a Prada. I love it so much and know I’ll have it for years to come. Maybe one day it will even be Asher’s.

And this year, ahead of a month of traveling, I came across the most perfect vintage Chanel bag. And before it sold out, I hit the purchase button. It took two weeks to get to me, I stressed over it for a minute, but I ADORE it.

It’s the perfect vintage Chanel.

What’s something you’ve splurged on that makes you so happy?

A vacation? A designer item? A new home? That pricy designer lipstick? 

And my favorite affordable purchases? Candles and fresh-cut flowers are my favorite.

Inspiring me

(Dahlias for fallmy favorite)

7. Favorite links i’m loving.

The Best Fall Destinations Around the U.S. to Visit This Season… Fall is magical.

Our Favorite Design Hotels in Coastal California

The World’s 13 Most Beautiful Villages You’ve Probably Never Heard Of…also magical.

Inside Ashley Benson’s Personal (and Playful) Los Angeles Home…love the kitchen.

4 Design Ideas From the Homes of Virgo Celebrities… Virgo season.

Starbucks’ Fall Drinks Are Back…here’s what you can order this fall.

We Tried All the Starbucks’ Fall Drinks…ranked from worst to best.

8. Every fall Style I love from J.Crew.


affordable for fall that look designer


fall shoes


accessories for fall – jewelry, bags, belts, and hats, 


9. This week’s dinners + weekend eats.

One Pan Herb Butter Chicken and Zucchini Rice Pilaf |

Monday: One Pan Herb Butter Chicken and Zucchini Rice Pilaf

Roasted Garlic Caprese Grilled Cheese |

Tuesday: Roasted Garlic Caprese Grilled Cheese

Simple Thai Chicken Zucchini Meatball Curry |

Wednesday: Simple Coconut Chicken Meatball Curry

Sheet Pan Jalapeño Pineapple Shrimp Tacos with Cilantro Garlic Sauce |

Thursday: Sheet Pan Pineapple Shrimp Tacos with Creamy Jalapeño Sauce

Friday: Parmesan Chicken Florentine and Broccoli Pasta

Tomato Burrata Pepperoni Pizza Dip |

Saturday: Tomato Burrata Pepperoni Pizza Dip

Cinnamon Crunch Quick Bread |

Sunday: Cinnamon Crunch Quick Bread

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  1. It’s unfortunate that the comments of your sister top became such an ugly topic .the negativity rode to a whole new level. Over a doz I. The past few days. It amazes me what people post about someone who they do not no nor would they say it to someone face. Yet they bash you and can’t stay away and move on to another blog. It’s a strange fixation. Unfortunate you had to take the pic down. I had to look really carefully to see anything. I’m glad you did because the comments would be continuing for the rest of the week and take away from all the fun things people look forward to you posting. Keep up the good work. Deb

  2. Love your connection to Asher! I am ten years older than my youngest sister and we share a really close bond, too. It’s funny how some people think if you’re far apart in age, you must have nothing in common, when the opposite is so true!

  3. Your hands look like they take a beating in the kitchen, your poor knuckles with all those gashes! I wanted to recommend O’keefe working hands. It’s a life saver for those of us that work with our hands. Silicone gloves are also great for preventing accidental burns. Take care of that pretty skin of yours! 🙂

  4. Just catching up on Sunday q+a and I’m so confused! The poor picture of your burned arm 🙁 is definitely not the same as the drawing or tattoo of the band-aid people are asking about here. The arm in q+a appears to be the right arm and the drawing or tattoo is on your left? What ever the truth may be, please stay safe in the kitchen, the q+a picture looked incredibly painful!

  5. Did you get a stick and poke tattoo?! I’m loving this edgier Tieghan! Any particslu story or reason behind the band aid? I only noticed it in a recent recipe on stories! Did you get it while in nyc? That would have been a cool experience to see! 🙂

  6. It’s very sweet to hear you speak to highly of your little sister. It seems like you were going through a very tough time. I hope you have someone to talk to about these feelings outside of your family, whether it be a friend or a professional xoxo

    1. I found this comment so creepy honestly. She’s acting like Asher is her daughter. What a terrible burden to put on a child.

  7. I always am a little bummed on Sunday knowing that the weekend is over, but this blog always cheers me right up. I lived in Breck for 7 years and I miss it everyday. So happy to watch you grow and inspire so many.

  8. What is that red dotted Band-Aid on your wrist? I thought maybe Oslo had drawn it on because of your boo-boos from cooking, which would be so sweet. 🙂

    1. Did you get a tattoo?! Would love to know the story behind the red dotted band-aid on your arm! Or is it just a temporary drawing to clap back at constant questions about your knuckles, hands, and arm injuries?

  9. Thanks for another wonderful and uplifting NFT. I love your style even though it’s way different than mine. It’s fun to see all the fun, shiny new things! I also love the blue sweater and would like to know where you got it. I appreciate you including mock-tails as I don’t drink alcohol. My favorite splurges are buying art from independent artists. Latest pieces have included a set of paintbrushes with whimsical paper mache faces and stained glass suncatchers. It all brightens up my home and makes me happy. I’m super excited about your launches, whatever they will be. Wishing you safe travels and blue skies!

    1. Hi Terri! Aw thank you so so much! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the Nine Favorite Things posts! And definitely agree about the mocktails, it’s always so nice to have a non alcoholic option! That blue sweater is from Bottega, but here is a similar one!

    1. Hey Alicia! I personally don’t want to spend that amount of money on coffee cups. That’s all! Thanks so much! Have a wonderful week ahead!!