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Nine Favorite Things

Happy Sunday everyone! It has been a real week, has it not? Nothing bad, but this week flew by in the blink of an eye, yet somehow, it felt really long too. Friday officially did me in and left me very ready for the weekend. Maybe it’s the snow, we had a big storm Friday night and Saturday. I’m just not loving the snow as I do earlier in the season, I’m craving warmth.

Thankfully I’m heading to Miami in a week and looking forward to a few days with my family in the warm sunshine. I’m actually just so excited, it’s going to be great. I have one meeting in Miami that I’m knocking out of the way before I even meet up with my family, then it’s a few days of chill time. Which is honestly not easy for me to do, but I’m forcing myself to take a small break. I know that both mentally and physically it will be amazing for my body and it’s very much needed. I just need to learn how to “chill” a little better, I always get so antsy!

Luckily for me, I’ll have my fam and they’re always there to help. I’m planning a full day with just Asher. I mentioned this last week, but I want to surprise her with a girls’ day in Miami. She’s been so thoughtful and so helpful the last few months, I want to surprise her with something really fun! I’m thinking shopping, then lunch, facials, and maybe our nails too. And ending the day with ice cream, of course!

Do you have any Miami recommendations you can share with us? We would love them!

With a good amount of travel over the new few weeks, that means this coming week will be spent mostly in the kitchen, testing, filming, and photographing recipes. There’s always so much cooking before any travel.

My family – mom, dad, Creighton, Abby, Asher, and Oslo, are on their way to Miami today. They will be spending time with my grandpa in St. Lucia before heading back to Miami to meet up with me. I’m sure they’re about to enter tropical paradise! Hopefully, plenty of pics to come next week!

All really fun things though! I’m feeling very excited!

And honestly, I’m trying to push away all the negative right now. I’m not sure what exactly is happening in the world now, but we’ve been getting some very negative comments. It’s made me even consider turning off the comments on new posts. It’s so sad to see. Our comments section used to be the most positive, happy place! But there isn’t much I can do. The internet trolls are always going to be here. I’m just going to encourage anyone sitting behind a screen posting nasty comments to people they don’t really don’t know to look for something better to do with their time. There are so many other sites out there, keep searching for a site that seems to share your values and interests.

You never look good trying to make someone else look bad, I’m just saying.

Nine Favorite Things |

restocked my favorite Snif scents

I think that’s all the rambling I have for today. I’ve been excited to dive into today’s favorites, so let’s do it! Enjoy, and have the best Sunday! Enjoy the extra hour of daylight!

Oh, one more thing. For some reason the HBH Every Day Cookbook is currently 48% off on Amazon. I have zero control over Amazon’s pricing, so I can’t tell you why it’s so one sale. BUT it is, so if you need a copy, now is the time to order! I’ve actually never seen the price marked so low.

Nine Favorite Things |

kitchen scenes

1. things i’m loving, wanting, and excited to try.

loving…the Versace Fall 2023 Ready-to-Wear Collection. Absolutely stunning. Everything from the LA setting, to the lighting, to the clothing. So pretty.

ordered…randomly this cute waffle maker. I want to make homemade EGGO waffles. What do you think? Do you need that recipe?

loving…Stylist Jamie Mizrahi’s Low-Key Montecito Home. I adore this sweet home. It’s so cute and serene like. Very relaxing. Every room feels special.

everything in my cart (low under $300)…From Zara, loving their faux-leather- trench coat. It’s nice and light for warmer spring weather. This semi-sheer floral blouse will be so cute with all the maxi skirts that are so on trend this season. That entire look, the skirt, blouse, and coat would look super cute with these metallic slingback flats. Metallic everything is huge right now, but it’s “trendy” so these are a great Zara buy!

Oh, or these closed toe wedges from Reformation. A little pricey, but cute. Also from Reformation, love their Layla Silk Skirt, very pretty. And this Joana Silk Dress in red. Cute.

Also on trend for Spring is anything red. This geometric front flap bag in red is super cute. Asher thinks it’s fun too! If you’d rather add a smaller pop of red color, these tennis socks are perfect.


listening to…Mona Vand on Move with Heart. I love Mona and her approach to health and wellness. She’s such a kind person and I enjoyed learning more of her story. This is a quick, cute, and sweet listen. Very light-hearted and warming. 

burning…currently burning Boy Smells’ copal fantôme scent with notes of palo santo, black tea, gardenia, smoked papyrus, cedarwood, and sandalwood. It’s a lovely mix of cozy and springy. And in the lineup from Byredo, fleur fantome scent (Rhubarb, Lemon Petitgrain Leaves, and Tulip, underscored with Heliotrope and Suede). Also, their burning rose scent. It’s a soothing, smoky blend of deep woods and fresh rose petals, peppered with warm notes of Violet, Leather, and Birch Tree. They both smell so good, I can’t wait to burn these soon!


dreaming of going to…Marigot Bay in St Lucia.

curious about…the Sayl desk chair. I read a bit about it this week. It’s pricey, but it sounds like it could be worth it. It’s meant to help provide tension where support is needed and less in areas that benefit from a greater range of motion. We spend a lot of time sitting at our desk!

shopping…the Saffron and Poe kitchen collection. I have my eyes on the lombok basket tray and woven tenganan waste basket (cute). And this Italian confit pot is just begging for pretty spring flowers. And last, but not least, this antique clay pot is so pretty.

everything in my cart (beauty)…The new Tata Harper Repairative Moisturizer sounds wonderful for dehydrated skin. Also, for dry skin, Weleda Calming Unscented Body Lotion. This has so many good reviews and is super affordable too.

Lips! the Lawless Forget the Filler Lip-Plumping Line-Smoothing Tinted Lip Balm. So many people love this! I ordered it. 

For my always-dry hands, I’m very curious to try this Revitalizing Youth Hand Balm from Guerlain. This is a new to me brand. And then, this Rapid Repair Nail and Cuticle Oil. Always looking for hand care products.

This hair towel from Crown Affair is sitting in my cart. I need a new hair towel for healthy strands. Also, in my Sephora cart, Olaplex No. 4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo + Conditioner

And last, I am dying to test out the TheraFace PRO. I’ve seen so many people recommend this. I just added it to my cart. I already know my dad loves using Red’s Theragun Mini massage gun. I’m guessing I would I would love it too, I need to try it!


loving…these bow handle cabinet handles. An easy way to instantly update your kitchen if you need something new to excite you!

watching…Miley Cyrus Endless Summer Vacation. Excited to watch this. I’m a big Miley fan and have really loved watching her grow throughout her career and life.

wanting…everything from Tomlin House.

everything in my cart (high)…Jacquemus’s new la veste bask asymmetric suit jacket is so pretty. Love the very unique shoulder. If you’re looking for a special occasion dress, the Reformation open back crepe maxi dress is really great (and not too too pricey). Also from Jacquemus, I love this open back stretch knit maxi dress.

Into this Chloé denim trench coat.

For bags, this Tory Burch lee radziwill cat eye bag is fun. And I love this pleated leather shoulder bag from Loewe.

Lastly in the high range, this YSL quilted leather duffle bag is the perfect carry-on or overnight bag.


shopping…the Hurom Juicer. This is new but has good reviews. It’s a smaller, personal-size juicer that’s said to be much easier to clean and use. Plus, much more affordable than a traditional juicer. 


watching…Vogue France’s Social Editor Takes Us To The Chanel Show in Paris!

reading…What Easy Dinners Do You Make When Friends Come Over? Read the comment section for new ideas!

baking…Lucky’s Golden Ticket Cupcakes. St. Patrick’s Day is this Friday! Are you making anything fun? I adore these sweet and easy cupcakes.

2. Spring home decor ideas.


3. Springtime artichoke recipes.

One Pan Spinach and Artichoke Orzo Bake |

One Pan Spinach and Artichoke Orzo Bake

Pull Apart Garlic Butter Spinach and Artichoke Dip Sliders |

Pull Apart Garlic Butter Spinach and Artichoke Dip Sliders

Artichoke Gouda Tart |

Artichoke Gouda Tart

Spinach and Artichoke Pita Grilled Cheese |

Spinach and Artichoke Pita Grilled Cheese

4. Favorite questions of the week.

q: do you ever watch your stories/videos back afterward? 
a: Oh my, NO, never. I’d cringe. But if I need to smile and/or kick up my mood I’ll watch some of the cute videos of my family. Like Asher and Oslo, or something funny my dad or Creighton did.

q: why don’t your recipes have more nutrition info? You only have calories.
a: I don’t base a recipe’s “health” factor on calories. I actually think counting calories for most people is toxic and not helpful. But that’s just me. I base nutrition on the quality of food on my plate. Not how many calories it is or how fatty it is. Because healthy fats are GOOD too but are often high in calories. If it were up to me (it’s not) none of my recipes would share caloric info but we have to do it for SEO purposes.

q: your fav area of NYC?
a: For my upcoming trip next month I’m staying in Tribeca at Fouquet’s New York (the best hotel in the area) and really like it a lot! But I also love to stay uptown close to Central Park too (The Park Hyatt is my hotel of choice, it’s always a wonderful stay). It depends on what I have happening in the city. You can’t really go wrong either way.

q: favorite part about visiting New York? 
a: The change of pace, the people, the clothes, the energy in the city, the food, and getting to attend things I’d never guessed I’d be invited to. I love spending time there. Oh, and I love to stay in a nice hotel. I am a complete hotel snob.

q: top New York City restaurants? 
a: Hmm, that’s hard. I still have so many to try.

Carbone was of course great, Don Angie is fun, definitely try the lasagna roll. I’ve eaten at Palma and loved it. The Nines has a great vibe. The Polo Bar is a classic, you have to go. Saint Theo’s was great too. I’ve also eaten at Casa Cipriani, The Brasserie, and Bond St. which were also great!

q: the first thing you do when you get out of bed? 
a: This is probably annoying to read but I really do drink a big glass of warm water, then head out for my hike.

q: Are you social at home? Do you go out and see friends? 
a: Literally I don’t go out at home, I live in a ski town. This might be super lame but I hang with my family/friends that come into town and are visiting when I’m home. Travel is for dinners out with friends and such. Otherwise, I’m just working. And since I cook so much we don’t usually have to worry about food 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m also by nature a homebody. I definitely push myself to be more social while traveling though!!

q: you still never cut your hair?
a: Did I say I was going to?! Not going to lie, I’ve definitely wanted to chop it multiple times but I’m too afraid. It’s my security blanket I feel like I would hate it after a day or two.

q: best lip balm for Colorado winters? 
a: I’ve been using Biologique Recherche Biokiss Lip Balm and love it. It’s expensive, but I’ve had issues with lip balm in the past so I think it’s worth it. I’ve also had success using Dr. Bronner’s Organic Lip Balm.

5. What’s Your Dream Vacation?

Anywhere warm for me, ideally with my family. And with at least one day spent solely with my mom, and then one day with Asher too! That’s really all I care about, tropical weather and quality time with mom and Asher.

Ohhh. And I NEED a nice hotel. Preferably a suite, again, I’m such a hotel snob.

Nine Favorite Things |

What is your be all end all dream vacation? 

6. Something fun…

Well, this was cool and a really fun surprise Saturday night. Jennifer Gardner made my Snickers bars!! She’s so cute and I love her “pretend cooking show”. She shared the video on Instagram and it is so fun and sweet.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Jennifer Garner (@jennifer.garner)

50 Ways to Romanticize Your Life This Spring…so many great ideas.

“The Shower” Routine Aesthetic…yes, please!

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Is Coming Back…personally, I’m excited. I always loved to watch the holiday show.

10 Essentials for the Chicest Spring Capsule Wardrobe…loving these pieces.

Inside a DC Town House That Got a Perfect Update…very cute.

I Bought 27 Pairs of Very Recommended Workout Pants…the four worth keeping.

Heading to DC to See the Cherry Blossoms…7 tips for a better trip.

5 Traits All of the Happiest Women Have in Common…taking notes.

Leanne Ford Designed the Cottage Guesthouse of Her Dreams…it’s cute.

How to Capture Your Creative Goals in a Mood Board…fun.

9 Best Fluoride-Free Toothpastes With Organic Ingredients…I want to test Dr. Bronner’s toothpaste.

8. Affordable spring trend looks.


Everything Metallic




Spurge! Nordstrom Spring Shoes In My Cart


9. This week’s dinners + weekend eats.

20 Minute Garlic Oil Schezwan Peanut Noodles |

Monday: 20 Minute Garlic Oil Schezwan Peanut Noodles

Crockpot Crispy Chicken Tinga Tacos with Avocado Jalapeño Crema |

Tuesday: Crockpot Crispy Chicken Tinga Tacos with Avocado Jalapeño Crema

Hot Honey Crispy Salmon Bowls |

Wednesday: Hot Honey Crispy Salmon Bowls

Lemon Pepper Cajun Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo |

Thursday: Lemon Pepper Cajun Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo

Hot Italian Stromboli |

Friday: Hot Italian Stromboli

Spicy Cucumber Margarita |

Saturday: Spicy Cucumber Margarita

Double Strawberry Sugar Cookies |

Sunday: Double Strawberry Sugar Cookies

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  1. It upsets me to read that people are writing negative comments on your posts. You are an inspiration and so creative. Keep being you and ignore the jealous people that don’t have better things to do with their time. If they don’t like the recipe’s they should follow someone else.

    I have all your cookbooks and have made many of your recipe’s. They all have been delicious. Thank you so much for being an inspiration in our household.

    1. Awe, thanks so much Paula, I really appreciate your kind message:) I am so glad you have been enjoying the recipes, thanks for making them! Happy Monday! xx

  2. I love the Olaplex products! Hope you enjoy them too. And the green Target vase looks cool. What a fun addition. Thanks!

  3. Sorry to hear you have receiving any negativity on your posts. I am a 48 year old woman raising two teenage girls while running and growing a business (with my husbands, sometimes makes it doubly hard). I look forward to your content on IG and can’t wait to read Nine Favorite Things on Sundays to get my creative juices flowing. Thank you!

    1. Hi Emily,
      Thanks so much for reading and your kind message! Wow, sounds like you’ve got a lot going on! I appreciate you reading each week:) Happy Monday! xx

  4. Your blog has the most interesting content and mix of food, fashion and fun.
    Always fun to catch up with you and your travels goo. Keep up the excellent work girl!

  5. Take Asher to Joes Stone Crab in Miami. Make sure you make a reservation. They have outdoor and indoor seating but I love to sit at the bar for a fun girls day out lunch with friends. They are always packed, even lunch. Weather has been beautiful here. Stop at Zack the Baker for a pastry and coffee before shopping. Enjoy!

    1. I agree. First of all, the stone crabs are fabulous. Joe’s has a great vibe and is so happening after all these years. It’s fun.

    2. Hi Gail,
      Thanks for reading and the suggestions in Miami, I just sent them to Asher to make a list! I hope you have a great week! xT

  6. your little waffle maker is so fun. I have one and also make cookies in it too with cake mix cookies! Sent heart shaped ones to my great-granddaughters for valentines day and they were a hit!!
    Thanks also for all the artichoke recipes…it’s that time of year. Artichokes have been a tradition for Oscar nite for a very long time! Finally, what shoes do you wear daily? being on your feet constantly can cause huge back problems sooner than later! LOVE LOVE LOVE your posts!

    1. Hi Terry,
      Happy Monday!! Wow, I had no idea there were so many things people made in those little waffle makers, thanks for the recommendations! I wear APL slides during the day with socks lol. Thanks for following along! xx

  7. It has been a loooong winter! Keep up the good work! I look at this post for at least one of my weekly recipes. You are so creative and work so hard! Get some sun and recharge! Best to you and your family😊

  8. Your spinach artichoke orzo bake is yummy! I added a pound of cooked ground turkey (seasoned liberally with Italian seasoning) to it to make it more of a main dish mainly to satisfy my meat-loving hubby. This can feed a crowd! The leftovers are good reheated.

    I highly recommend Boka toothpaste for a natural, fluoride-free one. It has hydroxyapatite in it, which strengthens tooth enamel. You only need a pea-sized amount, so a tube lasts quite awhile.

    Have a good time in Miami!

    1. Hi Melanie,
      Thanks for reading as always! So glad to hear you enjoyed the orzo bake and such a great idea to add the ground turkey! I’ve never heard of Boka toothpaste, but thanks for the suggestion! Happy Monday! xx

  9. Sorry about all the negative comments. I enjoy browsing through the Sunday post while drinking my coffee.

    For the waffles – check out Smitten Kitchen’s latest recipe. She makes a home version of the eggo waffle that can be frozen and toasted later.

    1. Hey there,
      Thanks for your kind message:) Ohh yum, that sounds great! Thanks for sharing! Have a great Monday! xx

  10. I’m on the Central Coast in California and I’m also craving more warmth! We’ve had the coldest, wettest winter in a long time. Definitely warmer than CO so I shouldn’t be complaining!

    My mom’s birthday is this weekend and we have a lot of family coming into town. Going to make One Pan Spinach and Artichoke Orzo Bake. A comforting, delicious, warm meal to start the weekend off. Really excited!

    I’d understand leaving a helpful comment to let someone know the recipe didn’t turn out or needs modifying, but I really don’t understand leaving mean or rude comments attacking a person on the internet. So strange. Are they actually bots or real accounts?

    I love your newsletter and content. I look forward to every Sunday to read it with my coffee and save all the links. Keep writing it, even if just for me!

    1. Hi Jenna,
      Happy Monday! Ahh, a little bit of sun and warmth makes all the difference! Let me know how the orzo bake turns out and happy birthday to your mom!! Totally, I am happy to help with constructive criticism or problem solving to figure out why a recipe didn’t work! Thanks for your kind message! xT

  11. I so look forward to these Sunday posts! Thanks for sharing. Any chance we can get an update on your home renovation plans? I so love your interiors style!

    1. Thanks for reading each Sunday, Jennifer! Yes, will update you all on reno plans when I can:) It’s a slow go as of right now! Have a great week! xx

  12. I’m so sorry that you are having to deal with nasty people hiding behind computer screens. There are so many that truly love your work, Tieghan. Amplify our voices if you can.

    I did follow the outcry from the Japanese community over your pronunciation of a cultural dish. I am sure that you have a team advising you on this issue. I am certain that it was an innocent error. That said, I worry when national media outlets start picking up the story that it might impact your brand in negative ways. I am not going to wade into that any further so will leave that here.

    I look so forward to Nine Favourite Things. It is a part of my Sunday routine. Thank you for your role in my weekend indulgence!!

    1. Hi Cindy,
      Thanks so much for reading and your kind message:) I love to hear you have been enjoying the posts each week and appreciate you following along! Have a great week! xx

  13. You are an inspiration! You and your family always make me smile. Thank you for your recipes and your positive energy.

  14. Same for me, I agree with the other comments here. Reading this on Sunday morning with a coffee or matcha is one of my non-negotiable’s! You are bringing joy to the world. If someone doesn’t want to pick it up, that’s their miserable life.

    1. Thank you so much Nancy:) I really appreciate you being here and reading each week! Have a great Monday! xT

  15. My stomach is growling at these pics….I need the spinach artichoke sliders and the lemon pepper cajun chicken asap! 🙂

    Love to see the Loloi rugs-I just ordered one for my office before reading today’s post! They are SO pretty and do an excellent job hiding dirt/animal hair-vacuum really well. Highly recommend if anyone is looking for a new rug.

    Have a good week, can’t wait to see Miami pics!

    1. Lol thanks so much Amber, who doesn’t love some sliders?! Thanks for sharing about the Loloi rug! Good to know you have been loving it! xx