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Nine Favorite Things |

Nine Favorite Things – New York

Today is my dad’s 60th birthday! I’m sure that’s probably not something he wants me shouting out to the world, but well, it is what it is! Not going to lie, I remember celebrating my grandpa’s 60th, My Nonnie threw a huge “Biker Bob” themed surprise party for him (trying to find a photo). It was a big deal, but my dad is much, much more mellow about birthdays. Actually, my dad and I are very similar. We really don’t care for our birthdays and would be happiest if they were ignored. I LOVE to celebrate others’ birthdays, but for me personally, the extra attention just makes me really uncomfortable. Like so uncomfortable, does anyone else feel the same way?

We have no big plans and my mom didn’t do any kind of surprise birthday party, my dad would kill her. But I’ve been testing a new brownie recipe that he’s going to love for his birthday dessert. And for dinner, maybe one of his personal favorites (anything spicy cajun). What do you think? Gumbo and beer bread could be perfect! My mom’s cousin and her family are in town this week, so there are a lot of mouths to feed. Gumbo could work well.

Anyway, moving along! Happy late February! How are we already halfway through the month? With two back-to-back trips, it’s going so fast. I need more days to fit everything in!

The past week was spent mainly in New York (full recap below!). I ended the week back here in Colorado. I’m back in the kitchen cooking in prep for more travel this weekend! Traveling is so much work and for me, it’s stressful, but yet I’m craving more of it!

It seems like most of our HBH family enjoys seeing us delve more into the lifestyle space. I’ve been including more content from my trips to New York, LA, etc. And I’ve really been enjoying sharing my fashion finds each week within these posts. I’ve also been sharing more of this content on social media, especially on Instagram stories. It’s been so fun for me!

At the same time, I’ve been working to balance the lifestyle content with what we all love, the recipes! It’s nice to see so much excitement and positive feedback from you all! But with more growth, there are also more negative and harsh comments, especially this week. It’s been hard. I hate to read that some of you are disappointed with the additional content I’ve been sharing, like fashion and travel. It makes it hard to have the confidence to share the other passions in my life. I feel so grateful to be able to have these opportunities and I’d just like to share them with you all.

I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts that have been helping. I LOVE to read positive quotes too, I will share some today!

This week I’m heading somewhere warm – Miami, for a 3-day work trip. I love Miami! So many great hotels there, what’s your favorite? I’m looking forward to a few days of warmth and sunshine, it’s been freezing here dipping into negative temperatures overnight. A big change from the 60 degrees I enjoyed in New York. Florida sounds rather nice right now!

I think that’s all I have for today! Things are pretty mellow here at home. I’m again surrounding myself with flowers and excited for springtime recipes! March is almost here!

Oh, and lastly, happy birthday to my dad! The most important guy in my life. We love him…and his awkwardness!

Nine Favorite Things |

1. things i’m loving, wanting, and excited to try.

listening to…What We Said. And oldie podcast for me, but such a good. This is fun, valuable, and easy to listen to every day.

on my listen-to list…Practicing Self-Love and Prioritizing Yourself with Psychologist Dr. Molly Burrets.

everything in my cart (low)…this voluminous dress in red from Zara would be perfect paired with their tulle leggings in red. This Reformation Zenni dress is a great find for spring weddings. Also, this Layla silk skirt is so pretty. I’d get it in the Myrna print.


Love this soleil tank top from Staud. Perfect for warm weather.

For jewelry, the Jenny Bird tome hoops are cute. I’m still obsessed with the oval drop earrings from Anthropologie. But also, these gold odyssey earrings from Shashi too!

Loving this packable beach tote from Abercrombie for upcoming spring break vacation travel. And their essential easy tee is my go-to.

dreaming of going…Croatia. Any of the hotels on this list look incredible. What a beautiful destination.

loving…Lululemon. Ordered a bunch of new pieces to try, the Softstreme High-Rise Pant, Align High-Rise Mini Flared Pant, Swiftly Tech Long-Sleeve Shirt, Scuba Oversized Half-Zip Hoodie, Scuba Oversized Full Zip Hoodie, All It Takes Long-Sleeve Shirt, and this Asymmetrical Ribbed Cotton Long-Sleeve Shirt.


shopping…my favorite jewelry over on KINN. You can use code Tieghan12 for 12% off.

curious to try…Le Guerandais Coarse Sea Salt. McKenzie, our social media manager, said everyone keeps recommending this sea salt to her! I have to try it!

reading…I Went on a 7-Day Complaint Cleanse, and It Kinda Changed Everything. LOVE this and will be attempting it this week. I bet it is such a game-changer in your mood and attitude.

loving…this idea for easy slice-and-bake cookies. Now I want to make homemade slice-and-bake cookies for the freezer. Anyone interested?

reading…It Ends With Us which is book one in the two-book series by Colleen Hoover (the second book is called It Starts With Us). From my cousin, Abby, who says that both books are binge-worthy and amazing! My mom is reading too. I’m definitely going to check out the audiobook.

watching…Poker Face on Peacock. Also from my cousin, Abby.

shopping…KitchenAid’s Presidents Day Sale. I love a discounted stand mixer.

everything in my cart (high)…starting with bags, the Saint Laurent Solferino quilted leather shoulder bag is such a forever classic. And the new Bottega Veneta desiree crossbody bag has some of the prettiest gold details. Also, their mini loop camera bag too. And I am in love with the Fendi peekaboo cut brown leather bag. Oh, and of course this Gucci Aphrodite shoulder bag with Double G. Pretty. 

This Lazo knitted cardigan from Jacquemus is cozy and pretty for spring.

For shoes, metallic accessories are everywhere right now, I’m loving the Khaite metallic slingback pump. I also adore these sweet ciabatte clear slide sandals from Prada. And lastly, the Miu Miu hardness biker boot everyone is wanted. These are great for all seasons.


watching…A Day in the Life of Fashion Designer Daniel Roseberry. Love the behind-the-scenes of this. Very cool.

Blender Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Banana Muffins |

Blender Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Banana Muffins

One Pot Creamy Cauliflower Mac and Cheese |

One Pot Creamy Cauliflower Mac and Cheese

Broccoli Cheddar Chicken and Rice Casserole | #casserole #healthyrecipes #familyrecipes #chickenandrice

Broccoli Cheddar Chicken and Rice Casserole

Crockpot Creamy Coconut Chicken Tikka Masala |

Crockpot Creamy Coconut Chicken Tikka Masala

Baked Crunchy Hot Honey Chicken |

Baked Crunchy Hot Honey Chicken

3. Anthropologie 30% off sale.

for the home


for the kitchen


4. Favorite questions of the week.

q: favorite splurge jewelry brands? 
a: Spinellikil Collin, Maria Tash, The Last Line, less expensive – Luvaj.

q: how do you so easily get up each morning to hike in the cold?
a: Honestly, it’s just habit/routine and I don’t think twice about it. Once I’m actually awake, I jump out of bed, I don’t ever just chill. But I don’t get out that easy…I have so many alarms set 😩 but when I am awake, I’m up and out.

q: did you build your home and studio?
a: my house was an old horse barn that we renovated into my home. The studio, we built in 2018.

q: what music do you listen to most?
a: Well, I have Flowers on repeat, but honestly I’m not someone who listens to music very often. I’m boring, I know, sorry 🙄

q: when did your parents get married and when did they have your first brother?
a: My mom was 18 when they got married and Creighton was born 6 months later. They started young!

q: how do you buy avocados?
a: Buy them while they’re still hard and need more time to ripen. They’re less likely to become bruised on the way from the store to home this way. Then let them sit on the counter until they’re firm but have a little give when you squeeze them. Now put them in the fridge until ready to use/eat.

q: do you plan your content? If so, how far in advance?
a: I don’t really plan out my content. I’ve tried to be organized like that, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t work for my creative process, no matter how much I wish it would. When I walk into the kitchen and start cooking I have to feel very excited about what I’m making. If I don’t, I usually end up hating the end result and I don’t end up sharing. I like to brainstorm in the morning, before I start cooking. Then I cook/bake depending on what feels most exciting to me that day.

5. New York.

Oh man, where to begin? This was such a good New York trip. My first fashion week in the city and hopefully there will be more to come! I only attended 3 shows, but each was amazing and I felt lucky to have been invited!

For this trip, I stayed downtown at the wonderful Fouquet’s, New York. It’s a little bit of Paris charm in the heart of Greenwich. I can’t say enough good things about this hotel. It’s a splurge in the city, but worth it. Next trip I need to visit their spa, I’ve heard it is amazing.

The staff here is always so welcoming and sweet, but it’s the wonderful rooms that draw me in. Marble bathrooms, a gorgeous mirror, the prettiest french decor, and big cozy beds. It’s honestly a dream hotel and a great location too. Oh, and both the bar and the restaurant serve a well-rounded menu. Be sure to order the smoked salmon sandwich from the Cafè. And the potato gnocchi from the restaurant is to die for. Also, the room service is pretty awesome too.

Aside from the hotel, the shows I saw were incredible. Friday night was the Simkhai show, which was such a dream. I felt so special to be seated front row and then invited to the after-party. It was a great way to kick things off.

I spent most of the weekend working and taking meetings, but I spent the nights out. Saturday I had appointment with Cynthia Rivas for a facial. If you live in the city, you have to visit Cynthia. She is the best and has changed my skin in a matter of months. It’s also the calmest environment to walk into and always such a treat.

Sunday night, I had dinner with Jonathan Simkhai on Sunday night, which was so fun! We ate at Bond St. and had yummy sushi!

Tieghan Gerard, Olivia Perez, Tinx, Olivia Palermo, Johannes Huebl

Monday was another day of meetings in the city, then a fun dinner at Casa Cipironi. I ordered the penne alla vodka and the truffle pizza. YUM.

Tuesday, Valentine’s Day, was my last full day! I spent the morning at Brandon Maxwell, where I was dressed in a pretty blue dress. The show was beyond good. Full of cozy knits for fall, and beautiful gowns with so much attention to detail. Then, I headed further uptown to The Plaza and from there to the Veronica Beard show, which was held at the old Barney’s. So cool and the show was also amazing. A lot of great everyday wear.

I came back to my hotel, finished up some work, and passed out. I was up the next morning for a meeting at the Oscar de La Renta offices to view their fall 2023 collection and talk details on an upcoming project. And that was it…I flew out Wednesday night. Dad and Asher were there at the airport for a late-night pick-up and then back up the mountain we went!

It was a full trip, but I loved it! When I travel, what do you love seeing most?

6. Favorite quote.

From St. Moritz to Zermatt: A Swiss Skiing Itinerary…dying to do this exact trip.

Tour Giorgio Armani’s House in Switzerland…STUNNING.

10 Trader Joe’s Products That Will Shake Up Breakfast…favorites?

The Countertop We Loved 25 Years Ago Is Back…I love black granite counters.

Podcasts to Help You to Be Kinder to Yourself…do you have any favorites?


15 Jewelry Brands for Minimalists…pretty.

9 Plates, Glasses & Accessories for Your Next Dinner Party…to everyone who loves entertaining.

The Chateau Marmont’s Most Famous Guests Through the Years…so much history.

33 Mudroom Ideas Interior Designers Stand By….we love a mud room.

11 Public Parks You Must Visit Before You Die…Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris.

30 Superfoods You Can Sneak Into Any Meal…I flax and chia seeds atop everything.

The $15 Item to Buy After Tory Burch’s NYFW Show…love the fishnet leggings.

8. The Shopbop 25% off sale.


Nordstrom sale


a few New York looks


9. This week’s dinners + weekend eats.

Sesame Ginger Orange Chicken Salad |

Monday: Sesame Ginger Orange Chicken Salad

Spicy Tuscan Chicken Pasta|

Tuesday: Spicy Tuscan Chicken Pasta

Quick Sheet Pan Chicken Gyros with Feta Tzatziki |

Wednesday: Sheet Pan Chicken Gyros with Feta Tzatziki

Broccoli Cheddar Noodle Soup |

Thursday: Broccoli Cheddar Noodle Soup

Creamy Golden Rice with Spiced Chickpeas |

Friday: Creamy Golden Rice with Spiced Chickpeas

Baked Artichokes with Honey Whipped Feta |

Saturday: Baked Artichokes with Honey Whipped Feta

Baked Blackout Doughnuts |

Sunday: Baked Blackout Doughnuts

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  1. Hey!! Forget the haters!! I love your recipes AND the fashion/travel content!! Keep doing what you’re doing <3

  2. If you want to share fashion and travel, then please do! I LOVE your recipes, but seeing your other interests is also fun. My favorite stuff you share is about your family!

  3. My mom is a fashion blogger and has a big YouTube channel. She gets the negative comments and it can be so hard on her. I am so sorry you too have to deal with people being unkind. You do a great job with your blog and you Instagram. I love getting to know you through both. It’s so fun.
    I have been cooking through your Every day book and I am close to 50 recipes in. I have loved all of them. Your meals are a weekly part of my life and many other peoples too. I know so many of us love to get to know you as you share your fashion and travel funds. It makes cooking your dishes even more fun.

    1. Hey Abby,
      Thanks for reading! I appreciate your kind message, the negative comments can hurt if you take them to heart. I would love to checkout your mom’s blog! I am so glad you have been enjoying the Everyday cookbook! Thanks for following along:) xT

  4. I love the variety of your content. Keep up the amazing work! Due to age, taste, and body type our fashion tastes are worlds apart but it’s still fun to see. Thanks for sharing your very different world with us.

  5. I don’t understand the haters. I just finished reading an Agatha Christie book after getting an invitation that is basically very life changing. I recommend reading more fiction and less self-help books and podcasts because i feel they make us too self aware.
    You are giving such a great contribution to the earth. And love your big family. The greatest resource for this planet.
    My next book is Samuel Adams Revolutionary. I do love Historical non-fiction.
    Your recipes and photography never fail to make me starved.
    I too love to see your hotel rooms

    1. Hey Susan,
      Thanks so much for reading and sharing your feedback! Awe, you really are so kind, nothing is better than family! I hope you love the Samuel Adams book:) xT

  6. I second everyone who says to keep up what you’re doing. Good food is part of a good life so why wouldn’t lifestyle posts fit? Ultimately you are HBH so you have to do what’s true to you.

    I think there’s a little comparison to The Simply Luxurious Life. She writes more about lifestyle as a whole and not just food but it’s an example of how it all fits together.

    1. Thanks so much for your kind message Cara! I appreciate your advice and totally agree with you:) Have a great Saturday! xx

  7. Happy 60th to your dad! I love when you include him in your videos.
    And I love seeing pics of your hotel rooms when you travel. A nice hotel makes all the difference!

  8. IGNORE THE HATERS. I LOVE THE FASHION AND 9 Favorite things. I read them each week. I love seeing all the things! keep it up. I also cook all the meals too! and they are all too good.

  9. I love all your content! Thanks for sharing NY Fashion Week with us. I found you through food, but enjoy the extra peek into your family life and your other pursuits. Don’t let negative comments get you down. Some people are sadly just unhappy and nothing will satisfy them. Keep doing you 🥰

    1. Hey Laura,
      Thanks so much for your kind message! I love that you enjoy the recipes as well as a peek into my life outside of food:) Hope you are having a great week! xT

      1. Life’s too short. Cook what you want, wear what you like, visit all the beautiful places you dream about. And especially take pictures and post whatever the heck you love to share. We love it and you! ❤️

  10. I find it disappointing that you are subjected to “negative and harsh” comments from some of your followers. The choice to follow is entirely optional. I am almost 60 years old and most interested in the cooking and decorating/product information info, so that’s what I click on most often! Also enjoy the family photos. Point being, I consume what interests me most and breeze through the things that don’t pertain as much to me.

    After another week of horrifying news like the shootings at Michigan State University can’t we all just try to be kinder to each other and count our blessings instead of tearing people down?

    1. Awe, thanks so much for your kind message Sue!! I’m totally open to constructive criticism, but mean and nasty words just don’t need to be a part of that. Thanks for reading along and making the recipes! I totally agree, let’s all support each other and be positive! Have a great weekend! xx

  11. Happy birthday papa Gerard! Hope he had a great birthday, in a low key, mellow, kind of way 🎂

    Loving your NY pictures, it’s so lovely to see you having fun. I’ve never really fancied NY, but, honestly, that hotel is IT!

    Loved all your recipes this week.

    No recommendations for Miami, but looking forward to pictures. Xx

    1. Hey Kelly-Jane,
      Thanks for reading as always and for the bday wishes for my dad! I love a good little visit to NYC and a good hotel makes all the difference for me:) Happy weekend! xT