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Nine Favorite Things | @hbharvest

{the best of summer produce}

Thanks for joining me for another Nine Favorite Things post!

Can you guys believe today is the very last Sunday of July 2017? I’m both super sad and super excited about this, but mostly, I wish time would slow down. I may be only be twenty-three, but I am slowly beginning to realize that times flies. In less than two months the Half Baked Harvest cookbook will be out and I can barely contain my excitement…and my anxiety, about it. <–the anxiety. Yikes.

I am thinking about the release A LOT these days…as you can probably tell from how much I mention it, but it’s kind of a big life event for me, so there’s definitely a little stress! But you know, it’s almost a good kind of stress because I’m excited and so happy at the same time, that doesn’t really make sense, but then not much does when I start to ramble…

Anyway, happy Sunday to you all! Are you ready for another favorites post? I have so much fun writing these every week and it seems like you guys enjoy them t00! Whoop, whoop! Coming up this month on the blog we have the start of back to school month, plenty of tomato recipes, a little muffin action, potentially a salad (if not this week then next), and we’ll most likely end the week with something semi-chocolatey (it is so good, so get ready…and excited). In the meantime, here are this week’s favorites! Enjoy the reads and don’t forget to check out my weekly dinner plan, it’s #9 on the list!

{late summer afternoons at home}


1. Instagram Stories Q&A? On Tuesday I put out a Q&A on Instagram stories and was blown away by the amount of questions I received. Not only were there a ton of questions, but they were all great questions, and ones that I was so excited to answer. I am still slowly making my way through the last batch of question, but this little Q&A got me thinking, maybe I should make something like this a regular thing on IG stories. I can pick five questions to answer and answer them live on stories so those who are interested can hear the responses. What do you think? I’m kind of loving the idea. Below are my three favorite questions received this week…

Q#1: Where do I find Inspiration?

A: I find inspiration everywhere, but my main source of inspiration is the seasons. My very favorite thing to do is to create recipes around the seasons. Using produce that’s in season is what I love most, and I love playing off the moods that each season brings with it. For example, in the summer things are light and bright, but in the fall, they turn a bit moodier, and become a little heavier and cozier.

My family is also a huge source of inspiration for me. I have a few siblings and cousins that love to travel, so they’re always providing me with new ideas for ethnic foods. I love to take recipes inspired by other countries and make them a bit more approachable for readers. Another source of inspiration for me, is color and design. I can see a set of colors and create a recipe based off of that color palette. It sounds odd, but I have a love for design and can find recipe inspiration through that!

Q#2: What is you top 5 on your travel bucket list

A: Italy, Morocco, France, Greece, Brazil and Thailand. Yeah, I know that’s 6, but I want to see them all!

Q#3: Favorite Way to Relax after a long day.

A: I really need to make more time for this, but…a hot shower and Netflix in bed for sure.

Raspberry Ginger Stone Fruit Galette | @hbharvest

{Raspberry Ginger Fruit Galette}

2. Work Life Balance? Do you guys have it figured out yet? It’s probably clear that I do not, and even though I’m most definitely the happiest I’ve ever been with my life, I am still trying to find a good balance that works for me…aka maybe not working seven days a week, almost all hours of the day…Oooops. I found this interview with Miranda Kerr really inspiring and I love her 80/20 rules that she uses for both eating and her skin care. Also, I’m now dying to try here skincare line, Kora Organics, the heart chakra aromatherapy oil sounds amazing.

ps. I love this quote, “we have to remember it is ok to say no”. <– I did this for the first time (literally) last week and while I was (and still am) bummed I had to pass on a good opportunity, I knew I needed the extra time and just couldn’t say yes to the task. I may be taking baby steps, but I am learning…slowly.

3. A few links I am loving…

–> the best vegetarian spots in NYC…dying to try out the Butcher’s Daughter.

–> how to apply sunscreen for full coverage…after 2 serious burns, I really needed this post.

–> the secret to Sophia Bush’s success…hint, don’t let fear run you, embrace it.

–> architectural digest most popular rooms in July…photos 6,7, and 10 are my favs.

–> kitchen upgrades worth the investment…some really pretty kitchens in this post.

–> fit girls guide to protein powder…everyone should read this.

4. Some of my favorite pieces I just bought for my house? Recently a few pieces caught my eye that have given me the desire to give the barn a freshen up. I love that these pieces are simple, but have made my house feel exciting again.


–> these hooks…I love their vintage feel and they help work on my storage problems.

–> this candle…just makes me happy.

–> these soup bowls…because fall will come eventually.

–> this rustic platter…simple, but really pretty.

–> this green lemon platter…I really needed new platters and this caught my eye.

ps. anyone interested in an updated barn tour?

5. New videos:

Brown Sugar Caramel Oatmeal Cookie Peach Crisp | @hbharvest

{Brown Sugar Caramel Oatmeal Cookie Peach Crisp}

–> one pot Greek oregano chicken and orzo…one pot meals are always a win.

–> blackberry bourbon smash…my favorite summer drink (it takes 5 minutes).

–> brown sugar caramel oatmeal cookie peach crisp…one word, LOVE.

6. Recipes that caught my eye…

–> 18 of the best cobblers, crisps & crumbles of summer…I think I need them all.

–> easy weekend waffles…because it is Sunday and we all need waffles.

–> beet salad…yes I love beets, but this looks so delicious.

–> nectarine tart…all I have to say is yummmmmmm.

–> simple summer recipes…yes, please.

–> 3 healthy appetizers…hummus for the win.

7. Summer Flowers? I just recently started following a few florists on Instagram and am so incredibly jealous of the beautiful flowers these accounts are posting. I love Colorado, but man I really want some fresh-cut flowers from below.

–> grace rose farms…for the prettiest roses.

–> floret flower…for the prettiest truck beds full of flowers. yes, truck beds.

–> tulip in a design…for the most stunning flower arrangements. ever.

–> valley brink road…for the prettiest flowers and healthy recipes.

8. Favorite Style Finds Of the Week:


–> this ivy circle crossbody…the perfect everyday bag.

–> this cotton dress…simple enough for daytime, but cute enough to dress up for night.

–> this vegan suede mini…kind of loving the pink color.

–> this low tide cardi…for late summer nights and early fall days.

9. This week’s dinners: 

Monday: Greek Chicken Gyro Caesar Salad

Greek Chicken Gyro Caesar Salad | @hbharvest

Tuesday: 3 Cheese Zucchini “Ravioli” with Roasted Tomato Basil Sauce

3 Cheese Zucchini Ravioli with Roasted Tomato Basil Sauce | @hbharvest

Wednesday: 20 Minute Grilled Jerk Chicken with Mango-Nectarine Salsa

20 Minute Grilled Jerk Chicken with Mango-Nectarine Salsa | @hbharvest

Thursday: Balsamic Roasted Peach, Basil Chicken and Prosciutto Tarts

Balsamic Roasted Peach, Basil Chicken and Prosciutto Tarts | @hbharvest

Friday: Thai Coconut Butter Mussels with Garlic Lemongrass Toast

Thai Coconut Butter Mussels with Garlic Lemongrass Toast | @hbharvest

Check out all the past Favorites posts here.

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  1. Loving your blog! One of the links you included, “this candle”, brings you to Google’s home page… Would love to know which candle you’re loving (because it’s the one thing I hoard – lol!)…

    Yes to updated barn photos!

    I look forward to your Nine Favorite Things every week – thanks, Tieghan!

  2. Regarding work/life balance… you just have to remember that we only have ONE go around at this here life. Neglecting the relationships in your life and the health of yourself (emotional and physical) will make a that go around less fun and fulfilling. Sometimes it might have to be forced, but carving out that time for yourself and your relationships is imperative. My to-do list never ends, but I carve out time every week to get to the gym and take care of myself. It is just more important (to me) to get to the gym and take care of myself than most other things. Sure, there are always deadlines and busy weeks where sometimes things need to change, but if that is EVERY week where absolute chaos happens, then maybe I need to start examining what I am doing and how to change that.

    And work is an important part of life. I will likely never retire, as I think having something to do is super important. BUT… nobody ever said on their death bed that they wished they would have worked more. Focus on the relationships and doing the things you want… get to Italy!

    1. Hey ben!! These are such great tips! I too take time to hike almost everyday. It keeps me balanced and is a great way to start my day! 🙂

  3. Love all the great links this week! I’m currently in the process of getting ideas to renovate our barn into our vacation get-away so more pictures of your place would be awesome!!

  4. Love all the recipes from this past week. Also, congratulation to start to slow down, it’s a very wise thing for you to start to say “no”. You need time for yourself and you work too hard.
    Yes, we want to see an update of the barn
    Yes, for the Q&A for the Instagram stories.
    Happy Sunday

    1. Thanks Carlos!! Hope you got to enjoy some of the Q&A, there will be more to come!!
      Hope your having a great week!!

  5. Would love to see your updated barn tour! How wonderful of you to offer opening up your personal space to us.
    Always love your recipes and even if I have to tweak (omit or substitute) for something I can’t have, they are still delicious!

  6. Your posts are so beautiful, upbeat and fun to read! Well done! and I am trying out the recipes as they look delicious and easy to make