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Garlic and Herb Roasted Cherry Tomato Carbonara w-Crispy Prosciutto + Burrata | @hbharvest

{my favorite garlic and herb roasted cherry tomato carbonara}

Thanks for joining me for another Nine Favorite Things post!

Hi everyone! Happy Sunday! Hope you’re all having a great weekend and enjoying these dog days of summer! I’ve been doing a little cleaning up around my house, AKA trying to organize all my junk, aka my photography props and dishes…YIKES! So much to organize and sort through and just not enough space, but we have planes to fix that soon…

Yesterday I took a break from the cleaning and walked down to the farm stand for fresh heirloom cherry tomatoes. These are my all time favorite tomatoes and I am beyond excited that they are back in season. I came home and made one of my favorite summer recipes…enter these marinated cherry tomatoes with burrata + toast, YUMM. If you guys have not made this recipe, I highly recommend making it ASAP. It. Is. So. Good. We have a recipe video for it coming soon, so stay tuned.

Today I’m hoping to spend the afternoon catching up with my mom and little sis, who are just getting back from Cleveland where they have been visiting my Nonnie (and all the rest of our very large family back there). I haven’t seen them in well over a week, which if you know us, is a long while!

Hope you all have a great Sunday, below is this week’s nine favorites. Enjoy the Sunday reads!

PS. don’t forget to check out my weekly meal plan…it’s number 9 on my list!

1. My aunt and uncle just got a new Golden Retriever puppy and it has me in major “I NEED a puppy” mode. Like MAJOR. I’m dying for an Alaskan Malamute, but to be honest things are just so busy right now with work that I fear the time is not there to give to a new furry little friend. But then one side of me says, I’ll make time…because a sweet puppy is the best! What to do, what to do? Any of you guys have good dog breed suggestions? I’m not really a small dog person, I’m much more into the larger breeds.

Nine Favorite Things | @hbharvest

{my grandpa and that little pup}

2. This house is possible my dream home, so many pretty and unique details.

3. Something SO exciting happened this week and if you follow along on Instagram stories than you already know, on Tuesday night I received the very first advance copy of my cookbook Half Baked Harvest!! Ahh, I literally cannot believe that after almost three years of working on this book I have the hard copy in my hands (I’m half staring at it as I type this). It’s so exciting and also so weird. I mean, you guys…I have my own freaking book?!? How did this happen? I really have no idea, but I am so excited! Thank you so much for all of your support, and also a big thank you to everyone who has already pre-ordered. You guys are truly the best.

Just a reminder, if you pre-order now you can gain access to five of my favorite summer recipes from the cookbook…which may or may not include a pasta and an ice cream…wink, wink (steps to pre-order below). Also, a lot of you have asked if any of the recipes in the book are also on the blog, the answer is no. All of the recipes in the book are never before seen and brand new with the exception of one very special recipe.

How To Pre-Order and Gain Access to 5 Summer Recipes from the Cookbook

Step one: pre-order the cookbook.

Step Two: follow the directions on this form, enter your information, and download the PDF directly from the site.

DONE. It will take maybe five minutes tops. So easy.

For those of you who have already pre-ordered the cookbook (THANK YOU), just copy the purchase order/transaction number from your receipt and follow the steps on this form, enter your information, and download the PDF directly from the site.

4. Can we talk about social media for a quick second? For the last few months I’ve been doing that whole comparison game that’s truly just the worst, and no good for anyone. I’m thinking about taking some advice from Camille Styles and doing a social media free weekend. Meaning zero Instagram scrolling…ahhhh yeah and yikes!  I feel like this is something I really need to do in order to give my mind a break from all the comparing I’ve been doing lately. I’m curious though, have any of you ever done a social media weekend break? Let me know if you have tips!

5. New videos:

–> farro tabbouleh with burrata and hummus…say hi to your new favorite salad of summer.

–> 20 minute Thai basil beef and lemongrass rice bowls…everyone’s favorite dinner.

–> cinnamon grilled peaches with mascarpone ice cream…and honey nut cheerio granola – SO GOOD. These are a must make summer recipe.

6. Favorite Summer Recipe as of Today:

Arugula Peach Ricotta Pizza with Crispy Bacon | @hbharvest

Arugula Peach Ricotta Pizza with Crispy Bacon

7. Some links I am loving right now…

–> this summery outfit…white tee and a jean skirt – you can never go wrong.

–> eggs in purgatory…the perfect Sunday brunch food.

–> summer sangria picnic…totally my kind of picnic.

–> a colorful summer brunch…you know I love brunch…like so much.

–> cool down with these ice cream recipes…yes please!

8. Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Finds: 

9. This week’s dinners: 

Rainbow Thai Basil Noodle Salad with Sesame Vinaigrette | @hbharvest

Monday: Rainbow Thai Basil Noodle Salad with Sesame Vinaigrette

Skillet Grilled Seafood and Chorizo Paella | @hbharvest

Tuesday: Skillet Grilled Seafood and Chorizo Paella

Simple Coconut Mango Chicken and Broccoli Curry | @hbharvest

Wednesday: Simple Coconut Mango Chicken and Broccoli Curry

Simple Summer Tomato Pesto and Grilled Corn Gnocchi | @hbharvest

Thursday: Simple Summer Tomato Pesto + Grilled Corn Gnocchi

Garlic and Herb Roasted Cherry Tomato Carbonara w-Crispy Prosciutto + Burrata | @hbharvest

Friday: Garlic and Herb Roasted Cherry Tomato Carbonara with Crispy Prosciutto + Burrata

Simple Chocolate Birthday Cake with Whipped Chocolate Buttercream Frosting | @hbharvest

BONUS: Simple Chocolate Birthday Cake with Whipped Chocolate Buttercream + Video.

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  1. Hi Tieghan. I really like your nine fave things posts. This one got me bc I can answer a few questions you threw out there to the readers….ONE: Rachel Cruze just released a great book titled Love Your Life Not Theirs….its about alot of things…but a portion of the book is dedicated to social media and how we get caught up in the trap of comparing our lives with what we see on social media….May I remind you that you have an incredible location and house that people would die for?!?!? Remember that!!! Someone is always better off and worse off than you are….. 2) DOGS! I LOVE my big boys…they’re almost 11 years old and they are each 100 pounds of Rhodesian Ridgeback…..hound dogs….last year we brought a puppy into the fold….her name is RIOT!!!! She is half Ridgeback and half German Shephard…..dear Lord….. I love her greatly, but the shepard side? YEESH….I’ll take a laid back hound any day…..Just saying….choose your large breed dog very carefully…..malamutes have issues and can be high strung….if you really want to commit to a dog…large as well….be sure that their temperament fits with your lifestyle….otherwise you will be totally stressed….just guessing that you don’t need to bring any more stress into your life….as idyllic as it is….right?!?!? LUV YA!

    1. Tiffany!! You are the best, this comment is the best!!! Thank you so much…I am now off to google Rachel Cruze and hound dogs! 🙂