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Thanks for joining me for another Nine Favorite Things post.

Nine Favorite Things |

Debbie Matenopoulos and myself on the set of Home and Family

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind! So exciting, kind of mind-blowing. It’s all been so much. ALL GOOD THINGS, and I’m not complaining in the least. I’m so grateful for this exciting time and know it might not always be like this. So while it is busy, I’m also trying to take it all in and enjoy it too.

And with that, I just have to say thank you to all of you. As I mentioned yesterday, HBH Super Simple debuted at number two on the New York Times Best Seller list this week (right behind The Pioneer Women). To say that I’m in shock would be a major understatement. Of course, this is something I’ve always wished for. But did I really think it would ever happen? Nope. Not even a little bit.

When I got the news I was on my way home from LA sitting in LAX, working on my laptop. There were people all around me, but when I got the call nothing else mattered (not even the fact that my flight had just gotten delayed, something that would normally make me very stressed). I was SO EXCITED and just in shock, I didn’t even know what to think. All I knew was that everyone on the other end of that phone call was even more excited than me. I didn’t really understand just how hard the list is to make, but from what I understand, it takes A LOT.

So for that, I am saying the biggest Thank You in the world to you guys. It’s only because of you that the new cookbook is doing so well. I can’t begin to express how grateful I am for this HBH family. I know it’s cheesy, but you guys really are like family!! So, thank you, thank you! Keep your eyes peeled for some big giveaways over the next few weeks through December. We have some really great items!

Question: what’s your favorite recipe so far from HBH Super Simple? Dying to know what you guys are loving most!

In other news, we have a 3-day photoshoot here in Colorado starting on Sunday. Then on Wednesday, I’m heading to Chicago for a quick seventy-two-hour trip. I’ll be doing two events at Eatley Chicago and then heading right back home. I heard it’s going to be COLD there! I’m not going to lie, I’m a little nervous about that. I can do Colorado cold, but Chicago cold? YIKES. Packing all my coats.

Coming up this week on HBH, we’ll really be getting into Thanksgiving. I’ll be sharing everything from new side dishes, to a sweet pie, to rolls. And we’ll finally be rolling out our full 2019 Thanksgiving menu! And…as is usual during the holiday season, we’ll be finishing the week up with a delicious cocktail. So many good things ahead. Who else is getting ready for Thanksgiving?

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1. My HBH Super Simple LA Trip.

I spent a good portion of last week in LA, and it was a BUSY, but FUN trip. I flew into LAX Sunday night and went to wait in the new airport Uber line. Anyone else think the new Uber set up there is horrible? Once I was finally in my Uber I went directly to my home away from home while in LA, The Kimpton La Peer Hotel. Always love staying here.

Things kicked off on Monday with a fun lunch to celebrate the release of HBH Super Simple with a few LA friends. The event was held at Pizzana in Brentwood and we had some of the BEST food I’ve had in a while. The pizzas are to die for and the salads fresh and delicious. Highly, highly recommend Pizzana if you are in the LA area. I was so taken back by everyone who turned out for this event and felt so much genuine love. It was a great afternoon spent with some really inspiring women.

My friends at Staub and The Little Market helped to put this lunch together and created some incredible gift bags for all eighty plus guests. I can’t thank these two long-time partners enough!

Here are a few photos from the lunch.

Tiffani Thiessen

Amazing pizzas from Pizzana

Candace Nelson (Sprinkles + Pizzana), myself, Suzanne Hall (Chalkboard Magazine), and Hannah Skvarla (The Little Market)

Sarah Michelle Gellar

After Pizzana, I made a stop at my hotel before heading out for a quick meeting. Then it was onto The Little Market store in Palisades for a quick hello. And lastly…on to my signing at Shoppe Amber Interiors. I spent the night meeting so many of you, signing books, and creating cheese boards. Twas a long day, but a great one. I came back to my hotel, worked, on my bed, and fell asleep…computer on my lap and lights on. Guess I was tired!

Tuesday it was up bright and early to head to the LA Feed Feed event where I signed books and did a really fun interview + audience Q&A. It was awesome to meet so many of you. Thank you so much to everyone who spent their morning with me!!

And from there, I recorded podcasts until 8 pm. And yes, it was yet another night where I fell asleep with the computer in my lap and lights on. Oops.

Candace Nelson and myself

Wednesday was spent at Home and Family making my Spinach and 3 Cheese Stuffed Shells. I always have so much fun on H&F every time I’m in LA. This is the nicest set to visit. It’s already decked out for Christmas (love) but most importantly…everyone is SO welcoming! Every time I visit I’m in shock at how genuinely nice every last person on set is. Such a pleasure and always so much fun to tape this show!

You can watch the full clip here.

From there, I headed straight to LAX only to get the best news, New York Times Best Seller!! YAY. The perfect way to end a great trip to LA.

2. The cookies everyone can’t get enough of…

I was nervous to share these cookies, only because I wasn’t sure how everyone felt about mixing pumpkin into their chocolate chip cookies. But it’s safe to say that you all have been loving these pumpkin butter chocolate chip cookies. SO MANY of you have made them and LOVED them. This makes me SO HAPPY!!

Have you made them yet?

Pumpkin Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies | #pumpkin #cookies #chocolatechipcookies #fallrecipes

PS. Here are 6 of my top favorite fall cookies. Soooo, which are you baking today?

Chai Spiced Maple Sugar Cookies with Browned Butter Frosting | #cookies #thanksgiving #dessert #holiday #sugarcookies

chai spiced maple sugar cookies

Pecan Pie Cookies with Butter Pecan Frosting | #cookies #thanksgiving #sugarcookies #pecans #holiday #chocolate

pecan pie cookies with butter pecan frosting

Cinnamon Spiced Sugar Cookies with Browned Butter Frosting | @hbharvest

cinnamon-spiced sugar cookies with browned butter frosting

Browned Butter Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookies | @hbharvest

browned butter pecan chocolate chip cookies

Monster Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars | #cookies #fall #autumn #halloween #thanksgiving #chocolate #easyrecipes

monster oatmeal chocolate chip cookie bars

Milk Chocolate Stuffed Jack-O'-Lantern Cookies | #halloween #thanksgiving #cookies #easyrecipes #chocolate #holidayrecipes #fallrecipes

milk chocolate stuffed jack-o’-lantern cookies

3. A few ideas for Hostess Gifts…

4. questions of the week.

q: What’s your favorite gluten-free Thanksgiving side dish?
a: I have a few! Here are my favorites… This creamed spaghetti squash with browned butter walnuts. For sure this Hasselback butternut squash. Love this shredded brussels sprout bacon salad. And of course, can’t forget these buttery herbed mashed potatoes.

q: What’s on your Christmas list?
a: Just downtime with my family at home. And candles! It’s been busy, so that’s all I need!

q: First recipe I should make from HBH Super Simple?
a: Hmm, this is hard for me to choose, so I’m going to tell you 4… The Creamy Chicken and Gnocchi Soup. The Meanest, Greenest Pizza. The Spinach and Artichoke Mac and Cheese. And the Browned Sage Butter Chicken Pot Pie.

q: What’s your favorite recipe from your new cookbook?
a: I have to go with the Meanest, Greenest Pizza. BUT my favorites change with my mood and even the seasons. I also really LOVE my mom’s recipes for maple cinnamon roasted acorn squash

5. newest videos.

Pecan Pie Cookies with Butter Pecan Frosting…SO GOOD. Like pecan pie, but in cookie form.

Pumpkin and Pesto Cheese Stuffed Shells…hands down my favorite Sunday night dinner.

Spicy Poblano, Black Bean, and Quinoa Enchiladas…my go-to vegetarian enchilada.

6. Thanksgiving Tip of the Week.

If you’ve been following my Thanksgiving Tips on Instagram then you might have seen this already. But I want to feature some of my favorite tips here too! Today’s tip comes from a reader, and it’s GENIUS…

Tip: Rent your plates, glasses, and silverware. You send them back dirty, so there are no dishes to do!!

I mean, why I never thought to do this I don’t know. But if you have A LOT of guests this Thanksgiving, you might want to consider this tip. Sometimes you have to take on a little help, and this sounds like a great place to start! I am all about fewer dishes.

7. a few links i am loving…

8 ways to win at Thanksgiving this year…love these simple words of wisdom.

Taylor Swift on sexism, scrutiny, and standing up for herself…Sunday reading.

8 cozy recipes that will keep you warm all winter…need them all. please.

hey, upper east siders, Kristen Bell is returning to the Gossip Girl reboot…excited.

a painting studio in Provincetown…the coziest little cottage.

the best under $10 wines at Trader Joe’s…which are you stocking up on?

how to host Thanksgiving on a budget…yes, it’s possible.

I am going to watch every single Netflix’s holiday movie…yup, most likely.

15 things I wish someone had told me when I started cooking…good advice.

12 makeup removers that are really good…excited to try these, been wearing so much makeup recently.

an interview with Amy Chapling…on whole food cooking every day.

ski update…where to go and what to wear in Aspen.

17 of the best classic Christmas movies…all about The Grinch and Miracle on 34th Street, you?

10 Career Books By Women…to Help You Lead Your Life Like a Boss

a lesson in finding gratitude when life throws you a curveball…a thoughtful Sunday read.

winter’s biggest boot trends are on sale at Nordstrom right now…these are the ones to buy.

15 Thanksgiving decorating ideas…simple and easy.

8. I’ve been getting a lot of questions about all my outfits, so…

9. this week’s dinners…

Creamy Wild Rice Chicken Soup with Roasted Mushrooms | #slowcooker #crockpot #instantpot #soup #wildrice

Monday: creamy wild rice chicken soup with roasted mushrooms

Spicy Poblano, Black Bean, and Quinoa Enchiladas | @hbharvest

Tuesday: spicy poblano, black bean, and quinoa Enchiladas

Slow Cooker French Onion Soup |

Wednesday: french onion soup…made easy in the slow cooker (recipe in HBH Super Simple)

Creamed Spaghetti Squash with Browned Butter Walnuts | #spaghettisquash #healthy #thanksgiving #sage

Thursday: creamed spaghetti squash with browned butter walnuts

Cranberry Cider Braised Beef Stew with Rosemary Polenta | #slowcooker #instantpot #beef #polenta

Friday: cranberry cider braised beef stew with rosemary polenta

Hasselback Butternut Squash with Sage Butter and Prosciutto Breadcrumbs | #thanksgiving #sidedishes #butternutsquash

Sunday Side Dish: Hasselback butternut squash

Finally, check out all the past Nine Favorite Things posts here.

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  1. Thank you Tieghan!
    Of course I still love your blog (vegan or otherwise) and I always look forward to your daily posts! ☺️
    I hope you’re having a lovely holiday season!

    *i wasn’t able to reply directly to your comment so I had to re-comment here

  2. Love all of your recipes! The 9 favorite things post in my inbox every Sunday is my favorite. Can I ask what cursive font you use after each numeral? It’s so pretty.

    1. Hi there! Thank you so much! You are so very kind and sweet! The font was installed by our web designer, it’s simply called “heading 3” and that’s kind of all I know. I am so sorry I couldn’t be of more help!! I will email out designer to see if she has more info.

  3. YAYYYY! congratulations!!! you work SO HARD you so deserve that!!! you really are such an inspiration and powerhouse and where does it all come from omg?????!!! you are gettin it girl!!!

  4. Hey Tieghan!
    Ah!!! I’m SO excited and happy for you to have made #2 on Amazon’s best seller list. I’m not surprised at all and BELIEVE IN YOU! It’s such a joy to watch you KICK BUTT! Throughout all of this, you’ve continued to be honest, kind, and really Tieghan (through and through). That may sound cheesy, but oh well.?
    Also, I made your monster cookie bars recently and they were great (your moms oatmeal cookie recipe is a staple)! I’m excited to see more holiday posts and decor. Do you have any vegan Thanksgiving or Christmas recipes coming up? My family is try to eat vegan (I’ve been vegan for a while so I’m trying to hold back my excitement…) and I’d love to show them how EASY and still delicious it is to have a vegan meal/dessert.
    Either way, I’m looking forward to ALL of your holiday posts and your (almost) 1Million follower milestone.
    Sending love and support as always.❤️

    1. Hi Kristin!! Thank you SO much I am so excited myself!! I do not have any recipes coming up… but I will look into it!! I hope you continue to love my recipes and blog and have an amazing holiday season! xTieghan

  5. I made the White Wine-Braised Chicken with Artichokes and Orzo last night! It was delicious and very quick and easy to prepare. My husband could not stop saying “Yum”! Thank you for all your great recipes and congratulations on the success of your newest cookbook!

  6. Congratulations on your continued success! Well deserved! I’m so happy to hear that your new book is on the best seller list – but not surprised. 😉

    Be sure to take a moment or two for yourself every now and again. Take a breather or get some rest when you need it. You have earned it!

  7. I made the coconut carrot cake for a work function and it got rave reviews! Told everyone about your new book!

  8. Congratulations on the best sellers list!! The book is beautiful. Really it’s become my top coffee table book. 🙂 <3
    My favorites; well the only two I’ve cooked thus far are the brown sage butter chicken pot pie and the maple acorn squash. They were both delicious, and I will be making both again.

    Can’t wait to dive more into the cookbook.

    Wishing you continued success.

    1. Thank you so much Dawn! I could not be happier about the news! I hope you love all of the recipes you try from the new book! xTieghan

  9. CONGRATULATIONS on your new book reaching the Best Seller’s list. I enjoyed your segment on Home and Family. At least you had enough time to really show your recipe.

    I can’t find the video of the Pecan Pie cookies

  10. Tieghan, I am so happy for you! You have worked so hard! Everything is very well deserved! Congratulations girlfriend! Sounds like you’ve had a very busy week with so many exciting things going on. Now, I am going to scold you a little bit! Please please, don’t fall asleep anymore with your laptop on your lap. There have been so many times where they will catch fire because you’re covering the fan underneath and they overheat. So just be careful. Wouldn’t want anything bad to happen! Anyways..looking forward to all of your holiday posts!

    1. Oh wow!! Thank you for letting me know. I will definitely try to not have this happen anymore! Also, I am so glad you have been supporting me! Thank you! xTieghan

  11. So happy to read this! You deserve this Teighan!! I got so excited when my friend (in US) ordered your book for me! Have been following you for so long and trying your recipes so often. Can not wait to try recipes from your book 😀

  12. Congratulations! I would love to know who the people in the pictures are. When you post pictures could you label them? Thanks

  13. Hi Tieghan, congratulations!!!! You have the most amazing work ethic and you deserve every good thing that comes your way!!! So impressed with you, your awesome website and near daily blogging on top of all of your other work, and love the strong family values!

    All the best!