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When the weather turns cold and rainy, it’s time for this healthy miso dumpling soup with autumn squash.

Miso Dumpling Soup with Autumn Squash | @hbharvest

You guys. I hate to chat you up about the weather, but here in the mountains of Colorado it snowed over half a foot last night! It’s safe to say that it’s cold and very October like here. Please forgive me for all the soup, pasta, breads, roasts, and other cozy foods I am going to be sharing with you this month. It’s just in my nature to switch to these kinds of recipes when the weather turns cold. I did some content planning for the next couple months over the weekend, and well, let’s just say I am pretty excited…

This soup however was not planned in any way. This past week has been a bit of a struggle for me. I don’t know what my deal is, but I just have not been in a good grove and my recipes and photos were just turning out flat. Fingers crossed this week is much, much, much better because ahh, I am just kind of in need of a good day, you know?

Positive thoughts. Positive vibes. Positivity all around…just gotta keep thinking positive.

Miso Dumpling Soup with Autumn Squash | @hbharvest

Miso Dumpling Soup with Autumn Squash | @hbharvest

Miso Dumpling Soup with Autumn Squash | @hbharvest

Anyway, this recipe happened sometime last week towards the very end of the day. After three recipe fails and countless photos deleted from my camera I jumped up, made this soup, and was able to thankfully finish the day on a high note, thanks to this soup turning out so well.

Sometimes I find I do my best recipes when I am slightly stressed, a little pressed for time, and just in an all around “I gotta accomplish something good today” mode.

Anyone the same?

Seeing as I was pressed for time, I made sure this recipe could come together in under and hour (took me 40 minutes total), but because I wanted it to be more on the healthy side, I also really wanted to make my own homemade Asian dumplings. Here’s the thing, I know it seems scary to make homemade dumplings, but the truth is that it’s actually so easy. You just need to know how to fold a wonton wrapper in half and you are golden. There is nothing fancy to it and it’s a million times healthier than any of the ones you will find in the freezer isle…not to mention a million times more delicious too.

Okay, now here is the second thing. This miso soup is not traditional in any way. I mean, I am pretty sure I have never seen a miso dumpling soup before, have you?

Either way, I just wanted to be clear that I know this is not traditional, BUT I also know it’s delicious, and let’s be real, that is all that matters when is comes to recipe development.

Miso Dumpling Soup with Autumn Squash | @hbharvest

Miso Dumpling Soup with Autumn Squash | @hbharvest

The dumplings are a simple mix of ground turkey (chicken or pork could also be used), spinach, ginger, green onions, soy sauce, and a little red curry paste. I added the curry paste for an extra hint of flavor and I found it also helped to keep the lean turkey moist as well. Then just stuff the filling inside wonton wrappers and done!

You see simple, easy, fast…you can do it!

Now on to the soup, which if you can believe it is actually even simpler. Just add some water, white miso, and squash to a pot, simmer until the squash is soft, add the dumplings, simmer until they float and done.

Honestly not sure it gets much easier, and the soup is so flavorful that you’ll find yourself making this over and over. Yes, it’s that good.

Thinking this is the perfect Monday soup.

It’s filling, warm, and cozy, but also healthy and filling enough for a Monday dinner. Loving it.

Miso Dumpling Soup with Autumn Squash | @hbharvest

Miso Dumpling Soup with Autumn Squash | @hbharvest

Miso Dumpling Soup with Autumn Squash

Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes
Servings: 4 servings
Calories Per Serving: 281 kcal

Nutritional information is only an estimate. The accuracy of the nutritional information for any recipe on this site is not guaranteed.

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  • 6 cups water
  • 1/3-1/2 cup white miso paste (I use non GMO, low-sodium)
  • 1 inch fresh ginger, grated
  • 1/2 kabocha or other squash, sliced or cubed
  • 4 ounces shiitake mushrooms, sliced if large
  • 4 green onions, sliced
  • pomegranate arils, for topping


  • 1. To make the dumplings. In a medium bowl, combine the turkey, spinach, ginger, green onions, soy sauce, and curry paste, and mix until evenly combined. 
    2. Working with 1 wonton wrapper at a time, place about a teaspoon of filling in the center of the wrapper. Brush the edges of the wrapper with water and then fold the wrapper in half (into a triangle) and seal around the filling trying to remove any air bubbles. Now fold the bottom corners together so they overlap. Place on a parchment lined baking sheet. Repeat until all filling has been used. Cover the dumplings. 
    3. To make the soup. In a large soup pot, combine the water, miso, ginger, squash, and mushrooms and bring to a boil over high heat, cover, reduce the heat to medium and cook 10 minutes or until the squash is fork tender
    4. Uncover, increase the heat to high, add the dumplings and cook 4-5 minutes or until the dumplings float and are cooked through in the middle. Remove from the heat and stir in the green onions.
    5. Spoon 3-4 dumplings into a soup bowl and then ladle the broth over top. Garnish with green onions and pomegranate. Enjoy!
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Miso Dumpling Soup with Autumn Squash | @hbharvest

This soup is making Monday night into something to look forward too. YES.

ps. thanks for all the fun comments on yesterdays nine favorites things post, so glad you guys enjoyed reading about the retreat!

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  1. This looks SOOO cozy and perfectly fall weather like 😀
    Just a little note on the whole dumpling/soup situations. Those are actually not called dumplings but wontons(as you use wonton wrappers 😉 )
    Also, I think I have seen a restaurant in London serving miso soup with dumpling, so I think it’s all good

  2. Hi Teighan!
    This looks amazing! I am making my way through your fantastic book and I’m so SO impressed. I’m sending you good cooking mojo vibes. I was wondering if you think veg or chicken stock would be an ok alternative to water? Would it add or take away from the flavor? Also, I feel like your Death Eater Negroni was MADE for me making it tonight!
    All the BEST,

    1. Hi Rana!! I think chicken stock would be great!! Thank you so much for the kind words. Thrilled you are loving the cookbook. THANK YOU!

  3. Sooo goooood!!! We are entering spring here in the southern hemisphere, but the weather has still been quite fresh, so I think this would make for a perfect cozy Sunday night dinner! Thanks Tieghan ^_^ (also more vegetarian/vegan-adaptable recipes would be fabulous!)

  4. Hey Tieghan
    This looks fabulous! Love dumplings and dim sum. I could live on them. Love the squash pairing.
    Finally caught you on Home and Family. You were terrific. You came across so warm and confident. Let us know when you wll be on live. You are a natural!

  5. There’s no snow, but Seattle is getting pretty chilly and rainy these days and this soup sounds perfect. Hope this week treats you better than last (I totally get the recipe + photo fails. Happens to me way more than I’d care to admit)!

  6. I had a really long day today, but when I came home, your cookbook was waiting for me on my doorstep and it really made my day. Currently baking the earl grey muffins, and I can’t wait to try all of the other recipes. Oh, and the photography is amazing, great job.

  7. Oh girl I totally feel you… I have kind of been in a recipe rut too. Sometimes I’m just overwhelmed by inspiration, and other times I’m just like… scrambled eggs it is!! But I know you’ll get your mojo back, you always come up with the most creative recipes. Sending positive vibes and hugs to you <3

  8. Hello,
    Do you think this would re-heat well? I plan to make this and take it to someone so they can warm it up later.

    1. HI Nancy! The broth reheats great, but I recommend boiling off the dumplings just before serving as they can become soggy if left in the soup. Let me know if you have other questions. Hope you love the recipe! Thank you!

  9. Your soup looks and sounds delicious. For some positive support. I wake early everyday, I reach for my iPad and first thing I look for is your blog. Your wonderful recipes and pictures always inspire me. Your sweet soul and love of your family is a blessing!