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These are fitting for today, don’t cha think?

Loaded Hassleback Potatoes |

It’s Super Bowl Sunday, it is freezing and or snowy in most places and all Sundays should include comfort food.

Loaded Hassleback Potatoes |

Including foods that are pantry staples… just in case you are snowed in……like me.

No exaggeration. At this point, the snow is up to my thighs and my front steps no longer look like steps. They just look like a white hill. And yes, I totally tripped walking up them yesterday, but it was ok since there was so much snow there to break my fall that it felt like landing on a pillow. A very cold pillow. “They” are calling this storm a once in every 20 years storm. I have to say, I have not seen this much snow in the seven years we have lived here.

Loaded Hassleback Potatoes |

So these potatoes, I actually made them over Christmas. My cousins where in town and I was feeding a crowd and everyone in that crowd liked potatoes, bacon and cheese, so these where obviously a hit.

Loaded Hassleback Potatoes |

Ok, so I have to tell you guys about this photo my cousin Abby posted. Abby is in Vermont and I do not know what’s going on over there, but yesterday she must of been looking through old photos and she found a gem.  A real throwback Gerard Family Gem. If you are interested in what my hillbilly family looked like as kids/babies check out this photo. PS. I am the bald girl with the hat. I never had any hair as a baby and now my hair goes down to my lower back. <–Yeah, I need a hair cut, but who has time for that?

PSS. Yes, we are freaky looking clan!

Loaded Hassleback Potatoes |

Last thing. Go Broncos! My Cleveland family is going to hate me, but when you have a team in the Super Bowl you gotta root for them!!

Loaded Hassleback Potatoes |

Get the recipe for the potatoes here. Seriously, do it. There is even buffalo sauce involved!

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  1. I want to make hasselback potatoes but every time I try I always end up cutting all the way through the potato at some points. Ugh! These look dreamy.

    1. Place a chopstick on both sides of the potato before cutting. It will keep you from cutting all the way through.

  2. I can’t imagine being snowed in but at least you have these incredible potatoes to dig into – love all the toppers!

  3. I can’t believe you have snow up to your thighs! That is crazy! Good thing you have these to comfort you – they look so delicious! Perfect comfort food. Going to check out the recipe now!

  4. I have always wanted to make these! If my Husband had a Pinterest board, these would be on it! I love how you actually stuck blocks of cheese between the potato slices. Swooning! Hopefully your cable hasn’t been affected by the snow! Stay warm.

  5. The potatoes look amazingly oozy and gooey and tasty! Never made hasselback potatoes before but look great for a party!!

  6. Aw, I’m sorry you’re snowed in. But hey, at least you have cheese. We got a light dusting this week (three inches at most) and everybody freaked out. It doesn’t snow often here, so and the roads were a mess. All the northern transplants didn’t know whether laugh or facepalm.

  7. Oh my, as soon as I saw that cheese go in I was sold! I think this is going to replace my boring old baked potatoes.