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So excited to be talking Fall Entertaining At The Studio with Anthropologie! I’ve teamed up with one of my long time favorite brands, Anthropologie, to talk all things holiday entertaining and home decor. I’m thrilled to finally be sharing the details on our Friendsgiving, and a sneak peek inside the new studio barn.

Fall Entertaining At The Studio with Anthropologie |

After months of working together, the day is finally here to reveal our Half Baked Harvest & Anthropologie collaboration. Long time readers know that I’ve been using Anthropologie products in my home from the start. So when the opportunity came up to partner with my favorite home decor brand for the new studio barn, I was very excited.

Today I’m sharing the details on how we’ve furnished the new studio space with some of my favorite Anthropologie products. With this collaboration, it was important that we were able to collaborate in a way that expressed both of our aesthetics. And I must say, I think we did so perfectly! The entire HBH team is so in love with how each room we partnered on turned out.

Fall Entertaining At The Studio with Anthropologie |

Let’s start with the entry way.

This is one of my favorite areas of the entire studio. I think an entry way is so important because it’s the first thing you see when you walk into a space. I wanted ours to feel bright, warm, and inviting. The Farmhouse Console Table fits perfectly in the studio’s long hallway and flows nicely with the studio’s “farmhouse” style. The hanging baskets above the table add fun pops of texture. I love that they’re not just another painting on the wall. They add uniqueness and character to the space.

This green jug is the perfect eye-catching piece. And I love the linen chair we’ve included in the entry way as well. Both pieces brighten up the space and give off that warm and cozy feel that I was going for.

Fall Entertaining At The Studio with Anthropologie |

Fall Entertaining At The Studio with Anthropologie |

{pictured: Farmhouse Console Tablehanging basketsgreen juglinen chair}

Moving into the kitchen, my personal favorite spot in the studio space…surprise, surprise.

I knew when choosing the tableware for the studio that I wanted it to be clean and simple…but with pops of color to keep things fun. I chose to use the Cabarita collection because I loved the handpainted and glazed porcelain blue and white colors. These plates are clean and simple, but oh so pretty. They’re such a beautiful compliment to much of the food I make. I’m loving styling them out on the studio’s many open shelves. They look so pretty when mixed and matched with glassesmugs, and serving dishes from past Anthropologie collections.

Fall Entertaining At The Studio with Anthropologie |

Fall Entertaining At The Studio with Anthropologie |

For the flatware, I knew from the start that I just had to use the Gold Streamlined Flatware. It’s perfection, and I could not be more in love with it. It will be beautiful for all of our upcoming holiday entertaining. It’s looks and feels fancy, but it’s also durable. Whenever I’m picking out tableware, I’m always mindful of not only how pieces will look, but also how they’ll perform. Looks are important, but it’s just as important to have high quality pieces. Thankfully, Anthropologie’s collections of tableware have both.

Fall Entertaining At The Studio with Anthropologie |

For the dining area, I also had a clear vision of what I wanted, and knew that long, farm style, dining tables were a must.

We used not one, not two, but three of these long wood dining tables (in neutral) and paired them with these simple farm style chairs (in white). Having such a big dining area was key for me, as we’ll be shooting holiday tablescapes for upcoming projects and blog posts. In the past, my space to create tablescapes was incredibly limited. These long tables will allow me to create the tablescapes I’ve always pictured in my head.

In addition, we’ll be using these tables for upcoming HBH events and workshops.

Fall Entertaining At The Studio with Anthropologie |

{pictured: cozy rugscouch,  leather chairs, marble side tablesartworkcoffee table}

To round out the space and add yet another element of cozy, we have the “living” room. Or as I like to call it, the coziest spot for an afternoon spiced pumpkin latte.

Oh how I LOVE this space. Everything from the cozy rugs, to the soft, laid back couch, to the pretty leather chairs, marble side tables, unique artwork, and fun coffee table are so fitting for the space. It could not have turned out cuter. And as I mentioned, it’s my favorite spot in the studio to relax. When I need a break from all the cooking and photographing, I’ll grab my laptop and a coffee or a latte, and just sit here and chill.

I’m also loving the idea of serving cocktails and appetizers here when we’re having events. It’s a relaxed and welcoming area, so it’s the perfect place to start off a night of entertaining.

Fall Entertaining At The Studio with Anthropologie |

Fall Entertaining At The Studio with Anthropologie |

Fall Entertaining At The Studio with Anthropologie |

What I love most about the pieces we’ve used from Anthropologie is that every piece feels handmade. There’s no piece exactly like another. You all know how much I love a unique dish, so it’s only fitting that this space reflect my own unique style.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this sneak peek inside the studio with Anthropologie. Next week I’ll be sharing the details on our Friendsgiving feast… All the recipes, my entertaining tips for the holiday season, and my must have serve ware for holiday entertaining.

Fall Entertaining At The Studio with Anthropologie |

To learn more about our collaboration with Anthropologie, make sure you head over to their blog. You can read my interview with them and watch the video we made while working together! So much more to come. Stay tuned!

Fall Entertaining At The Studio with Anthropologie |

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  1. Hi there! Your space is sooooo beautiful! My goodness! Well done! I had a quick question- what size is your coffee table? It’s one of my favorite pieces of yours!

    PS- huge fan of all of your recipes and style!

  2. Hi Tieghan, I love your new space and was trying to find the video you talke about …. but wasnt succesfull. 🙁
    Would you send me the link? I´ve made many recipes from your blog, you are a amazing young woman!
    Best Sybille

    1. Thank you so much! I am so glad you are enjoying my recipes and this new space! Oh, let me look for that for you!

  3. D’oh! I spelled your name wrong. ? Reversed the i and the e. Happens to me all the time.

    Feel free to call me “Alien”. ?

  4. Looking fabulous, Teighan! The studio and decor are gorgeous as well. What a fantastic post. I’m inspired to go get some ornamental pumpkins to spruce up my tiny urban apartment now. 🙂 Oh…and those copper Moscow Mule mugs are to die for. I have a set of my own, and I won’t drink a Mule in anything but!

  5. You are seriously SO cool, Tieghan!! I absolutely love reading your blog – it is so inspiring and I totally feel like I am present in whatever space or recipe you are writing about! Keep up the good work – this is my daily read!!

    So excited to learn more about those HBH workshops and upcoming events – I cannot wait to hear more about learning opportunities!! I’ve watched your videos on Youtube and your blog from the very beginning!!

  6. I love all the elements of your studio Tieghan! The living room looks so comfy too!
    Have a great rest of your week and the coming weekend too!

  7. Everything about this space is beautiful! I love Anthropologie. One of my favorite pieces of mail I get is the physical Anthropologie catalog, and I love cozying up on the couch and flipping through it while I drool over every piece. I also love that ladder — so fun! Congrats!