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Chaos ‘n’ Sprinkles… you know, to liven (and brighten) up your Sunday!

Chaos 'n' Sprinkles |

Chaos because my life is so chaotic, all over the place… and loud (I could write post after post about all the chaos that takes place in this house). Sprinkles because I have found a new-found love of sprinkles. Just staring at them makes me happy.

Instead of the usual recipe today, I have a little different post for you guys. It is not something I plan on doing all that often, since I really don’t have all that much interesting stuff to share, but this post has been a few weeks in the making. Just a little more about my life. Day to day stuff that you may or may not find interesting.

We shall see.

Snow |

Icicles |

Chaos~ The snow. I know winter has been pretty brutal in a lot of places this year, but I just have to say that in my seven years of living in Colorado, I have seen more snow this season than any other… and we’re only half way through. For the entire month of February it has snowed. I think we have seen the sun only a handful of days and they were all in the last five days. So before this last week it had been just straight snow.  At first I really thought it was so pretty, but then it just got plain annoying – and cold.

Especially annoying when I got my car stuck in the driveway, and since the number one guy in my life (talking about my dad) was out-of-town, it sat there, stuck, for an entire week. Lucky for me my dad has a rather large truck that he had lifted and all that stuff that guys do. The thing is a tank and it plowed right through the snow. I have to say though, it’s a little funny watching me drive that car. I already only look about sixteen, so just imagine me in this huge truck. Yeah, I get some interesting looks when I drive that car.

BUT, I totally feel like a bad ass while diving it.

Chaos~ Since there was so much snow, hiking my usual trail was kind of out of the question, so I went to the gym and ran. So not my thing.

Blood Oranges |

Blood Oranges |

Blood Oranges |

Chaos 'n' Sprinkles |

Sprinkles~ This bowl. I get so many questions about this bowl and where I got it. The thing is, I actually just found this bowl in my younger brother’s room while looking for his phone charger.  I never found the phone charger, but I did not come out empty-handed. I totally just stole this bowl right off his desk. At the time it had coins in it, but I had much better uses for it. The bowl is probably the poorest art class bowl you will ever see. While that may be kind of harsh, I think my brother was only in like seventh grade when he made it, but it still has finger indents all over it. I love its imperfections though, and it is my very favorite bowl to use in my photographs.

Chaos~ The Barn. The barn is moving along a little slower than I would like, but it is moving. We are currently looking for contractors and all that fun stuff. The reason it is taking a little longer than I would like is because one, life is so busy and I barely have time to blink my eyes. Two, my parents have come up with the grand idea to build another barn. It’s a long story and if the second barn pans out, I can’t wait to share the news about it. It is a pretty cool idea!

Chaos 'n' Sprinkles |

Sprinkles~ Mom’s Orchids. Is that not just so pretty? I absolutely love flowers. There is nothing like fresh flowers on the kitchen table, especially during a white winter. My mom is a master orchids grower. She is honestly a pro at keeping them alive for years. Yes, YEARS!!. She had one for eight years that she left behind when we moved out to Colorado. This one above just came out of its dormant stage and is going on two years. AND we bought this orchid together… LA. So yeah, it spent a summer with me in LA and then traveled to Fort Collins, CO, spent a few days there and then back home to Frisco, Colorado (all done in a car) and it is still this pretty. Amazed.

Sprinkles~ This blogger. This e-cookbook. So excited.

Sprinkles~ Also, this new e-cookbook. 31- meals Cookbook. Dana is amazing.

Chaos 'n' Sprinkles |

Sprinkles~ Fun Towels. A Valentine’s Day gift from my grandma. Love them.

Sprinkles~ New favorite blog. New favorite inspiration. She is amazing.

Chaos 'n' Sprinkles |

Sprinkles~ Malley’s Chocolate. Okay, A LOT of Malley’s Chocolate. See, my family (minus me) was back in Cleveland for a week two weeks ago and I made my mom stop and buy all this chocolate because nothing will ever be better than Malley’s Chocolate. If you live in Ohio and have not had Malley’s you need to get up, stop whatever you are doing and go get yourself some Malley’s. Oh, and they have a website and they ship nationwide, so if you do not live near Malley’s you need to click over and order some. Shipping isn’t cheap (hence the stocking up and flying it back to CO), but you gotta try it. Your life will be changed.

Chaos~ My family went back to Cleveland. Why? Because after seven and a half years the home I grew up in (mostly) finally sold and they had to get the last of our stuff out. For the last seven years my family has rented out that Ohio house, hoping it would eventually sell. No one ever thought it would take YEARS, but thank God it finally sold.

Chaos~Our new house in CO (love) has the worst stove. It is terrible, so we ordered a new one and it is beautiful. Only problem is that it is currently sitting in the middle of my kitchen. Yes, IN THE MIDDLE. Like right in the way. We need a gas line installed and it is taking forever. Thus the range right in the way of everything for over a week now (it weighs over 650 pound’s so it is not moving until it replaces the old stove). I am still not sure when it will be getting installed – still trying to find a more reasonable estimate than the first one we got – ouch!

Sprinkles~ I am in love with citrus.

half-baked-harvestVOTE HERE

Sprinkles~ Being nominated for the Better Home and Garden Blogger Awards! I am beyond excited about this and still cannot even believe they chose me to be include with so many other amazing bloggers. If you can head over and check it out! You can check out all the bloggers and vote here.

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  1. Love your gorgeous pics!! And this whole post really. Except the part about the snow. I’m totally over snow!! 😉

  2. The photos of snow you posted really do look beautiful but I can understand why you’re pretty over it at this stage. I hope you get your new stove installed soon, what a tease that’s it actually in your kitchen!

  3. This is such a wonderful post! I am in love with your photography! I would love it if you post a few photography tips for us whenever you get the chance!

  4. Those pictures are absolutely gorgeous. Can I haves your skillz? -insert puppy eyes-
    Your family is so cool! And sprinkles makes everything better…and sweeter! Having those little sprinkles is what makes life sparkly! I like hearing about you and your family (not trying to be creepy) because for some reason, it makes me feel like we’re not miles apart but just a couple houses apart. 🙂

  5. Love the photos of the snow, the icicles, and the orchid, love that you must be as crazy-obsessed with chocolate as I am, and so happy for you being nominated for that award. You go girl!!