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Leaning tower of doughnuts.

Chaos 'n' Sprinkles 3-2

Chaos 'n' Sprinkles 3-1

Sprinkles~ They’re coming soonish.

Chaos 'n' Sprinkles 3-4

Chaos~ Somehow Asher and her friend got hold of Red’s guitar. Oh the loudness. Very cute, but for like a minute. Then the “music” starts to get to you. FYI, they had the Frozen song “Let it Go” down. Now if only they could be in tune…

Also, notice the very white windows. Snow storm – nothing new.

Chaos 'n' Sprinkles 3-5

Choas~ Video shooting. Wow, this is hard and time consuming…planing another soon!

Chaos 'n' Sprinkles 3-7

Chas~ Video editing. Yeah, and I thought editing photos was hard. Video editing is a whole new world. Thank God for that kid. He’s a video filming + editing genius.

Sprinkles~ This Burger. It looks amazing.

Chaos 'n' Sprinkles 3-8

Chaos 'n' Sprinkles 3-9

Chaos 'n' Sprinkles 3-10

Choas~ Everything was looking so good…and then they weren’t. Meringue failure.

Chaos 'n' Sprinkles 3-12

Chaos 'n' Sprinkles 3-13

Chaos 'n' Sprinkles 3-11

Sprinkles~ Herb planting!! My dad has me covered this year with herbs galore. He says he has this system down so that when one plant runs low, the next will be ready to go. So basically herbs all the time. He is the best, right?


Sprinkles~ This Salad. So pretty, colorful and flavorful!

Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 7.56.47 PM

Sprinkles~ Red, Kai and all the other crazy kids killing it at The Launch this year.

Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 9.09.49 PM

Chaos 'n' Sprinkles 3-14

Sprinkles~ I finally found some rhubarb. Yes!!! Made my first recipe the other day and oh my gosh, I cannot wait to share. Rhubarb is so good. Yeah for Spring!

Sprinkles~ This cake. Just yum!

Chaos 'n' Sprinkles 3-6

Chaos~ Friday morning this cute little guy jumped up on my chair and fell backwards. What happened after that I have no idea, but I am thinking I rolled over his leg and then he pulled it out-of-place. Yes, out-of-place. It was horrible and I felt terrible. That little cat has become my best bud and to see him in so much pain was the worst thing ever. Thankfully we took him to the vet and he going to be fine, but the poor guys is gimping around. It’s terrible and all my fault…

Sprinkles + Major Chaos (because there is not enough time to get everything into one day)~ The BARN! Planning is coming along so well. I am at the point where appliances and things need to be planned. The rooms are all planned and the 3D model is going to be revealed to tomorrow, so I promise pictures of that soon.

I am being told that I need to come up with a list of built-in kitchen appliances and right now all I have in my head is the basics. What else do I need??

Also, I have been pinning to my barn inspiration board like crazy. I am loving simple, rustic and white with pops of bright color. I love, love, love this space and her blog (gorgeous photos). Also, I am in love with this table.

Chaos 'n' Sprinkles 3-16

Sprinkles~ After her guitar session, we both thought a doughnut snack was needed. Best idea of the week.

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  1. What a great post, Tieghan! So fun to get a glimpse of your life. Beautiful photos as well. 🙂

  2. Love this post. Oh no – meringue failure! They do look so pretty in your picture. I’m a huge rhubarb fan too. Pretty lucky here in Australia where it’s in season all year (peaks in Autumn/Winter).

  3. I’m excited to see your rhubarb recipe. I just found some out in our garden (didn’t even know it was there!) and I don’t know what to do with it as I’ve never eaten it before. Please hurry! 🙂

  4. Love these little posts 🙂 So fun to peek inside your (awesome) world! And that kitten. I want!

  5. Wow! That video set up looks intense–and you are so right about editing, it is such a different ball game than photography.

    Can’t wait to see the 3-D mock ups of the barn!!!!

  6. I love these posts…and your family is so stuffed full of talent! Your parents must be so proud of you all!

  7. Love these peeks – share dad’s herb system! That last picture is just perfection. So sorry for poor little kitty – and poor kitty mama