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This Browned Sage Butter Chicken Piccata with Mushroom Pasta makes for the best any night of the week fall dinner. Lightly breaded chicken seared until golden with crispy fried sage. The chicken is finished in a simple lemony white wine pan sauce with nutty browned butter. It’s delicious. Especially when served over creamy, herby mushroom pasta. Every bite is layered with delicious, warming flavors and creamy pasta. The perfect way to spend a relaxing night in the kitchen with family and friends.

overhead photo of Browned Sage Butter Chicken Piccata with Mushroom Pasta

I’m feeling like we could use an easy, yet extra delicious dinner tonight! I think what I love so much about fall is that every night feels a little special. Look, I know that sounds really cheesy, but something about the longer cooler nights really has such a nice feel to me. With the sun setting earlier, it signals me to turn on “chill” mood and create cozier meals.

Any of you feel the same way? I feel like this is why we all love to cook in the fall. We have a bit more time at the end of the day to spend in the kitchen creating a really good dinner. I always look forward to it!

With all that said, it’s been the craziest week around here, so a dinner like this is exactly what I want. Everything from that crispy, saucy chicken, to the creamy pasta is so delicious and something to really look forward to. And it’s pretty easy to throw together too!

photo of Browned Sage Butter Chicken Piccata cooking on the stove in skillet

The backstory.

This is a recipe I’ve been making for years, but decided to give a little facelift. It’s such a simple dinner and I love making this on cool nights in the fall and winter. I usually have all the ingredients on hand, and it’s always a dinner that everyone loves.

I often forget about all the recipes I’ve shared throughout the years. But recently I’ve really been enjoying looking back through all my older recipes. It’s fun to see how I have grown. I think I’ve said this before, but sometimes I really wonder how I came up with certain recipes. Especially the ones from the very early days of HBH. I was very, very over the top back in the day. Thankfully I learned along the way and honed in a bit on what we all love the most.

Which kind of brings me to this chicken. This is one of the recipes that’s been on repeat throughout the years. So I thought I’d bring it back to life, simplify the process, and make it that much better of a dish.

And guys? I really can’t begin to tell you how good this one is. The pan sauce for the chicken alone is roll your eyes back good, but then add the pasta too?


mushrooms cooking in skillet

OK, moving onto the details…

First, I will say that this is not a thirty minute or one skillet dinner, but it’s still simple to prepare and comes together in under and hour. And trust me, the added effort is worth it. This piccata really is so good.

Start with the chicken. If you’ve made chicken parmesan this is very similar. Just dredge the chicken through a mix of flour, then pan-sear it in a hot skillet. This allows the chicken to form a nice golden crust on the outside. Using thin chicken cutlets is key. The thin chicken cooks evenly and browns nicely in a short amount of time.

Tip: if your grocery store does not carry chicken cutlets, as a swap, try asking your butcher to pound out chicken breasts for you. This is super easy to do at home, but truthfully…it’s just not that much fun. The butcher can quickly pound out the chicken and save you the trouble…and the mess.

Also, you can easily make this chicken piccata gluten-free by replacing the flour with almond flour. Or use your favorite gluten-free flour blend (I like cup4cup).

overhead close up photo of Browned Sage Butter Chicken Piccata with Mushroom Pasta

Once the chicken has been pan-seared, add in fresh sage. The sage infuses the butter while crisping up, becoming even more flavorful. Reserve the sage for topping.

In the same pan, add a splash of white wine and fresh lemon juice to create that classic lemon pan sauce. And that’s the chicken. Let it simmer away in the sauce while you work on the pasta.

overhead photo of Browned Sage Butter Chicken Piccata with Mushroom Pasta

Now, that pasta…

Look, the chicken is great, but you also need this pasta. It’s essential to the recipe, as every good chicken piccata needs to be served with something delicious on the side. Either creamy mashed potatoes or pasta.

Today, it’s all about the pasta. But this isn’t just any pasta. This pasta is tossed with herby, crispy, pan-fried mushrooms, and a creamy, cheesy parmesan sauce. It’s very simple, but perfect when paired alongside that saucy chicken.

And that’s it. This is such a warming fall pasta that’s hearty too.  Every twirl of pasta is creamy, silky, and laced with rich, warming fall flavors. And the chicken is mouthwatering in the buttery pan sauce. All together this dish is beyond good, think…go for that second serving…good.

And lastly, I highly recommend you serve this up alongside your favorite crusty bread. Or maybe even some homemade beer bread (my favorite oldie, but goodie HBH recipe). Either would be delicious!

overhead close up of Browned Sage Butter Chicken Piccata with Mushroom Pasta

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Lastly, if you make this Browned Sage Butter Chicken Piccata with Mushroom Pasta be sure to leave a comment and/or give this recipe a rating! Above all, I love to hear from you guys and always do my best to respond to each and every comment. And of course, if you do make this recipe, don’t forget to tag me on Instagram! Looking through the photos of recipes you all have made is my favorite!

Watch the How To Video:

Browned Sage Butter Chicken Piccata with Mushroom Pasta.

Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 25 minutes
Total Time 45 minutes
Servings: 4
Calories Per Serving: 1250 kcal

Nutritional information is only an estimate. The accuracy of the nutritional information for any recipe on this site is not guaranteed.

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Mushroom Pasta


  • 1. Season the chicken with salt and pepper. Place the flour in a shallow bowl and dredge the chicken through the flour mix, pressing gently to adhere.
    2. Heat the olive oil in a large skillet set over medium-high heat. When the oil is shimmers, add the chicken and sear on both sides until golden, about 3-5 minutes per side. Remove the chicken from the skillet.
    3. To the same skillet, add the butter and sage. Sear the sage until crisp, about 1 minute. Remove the sage from the skillet and add to the plate with the chicken. Pour the wine and lemon juice into the skillet, cook 1 minute. Add the capers and season with salt and pepper. Return the chicken to the skillet and simmer for 5-10 minutes or until warmed through.
    4. Meanwhile, make the pasta. Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. Cook the pasta according to package directions until al dente. Reserve 1/2 cup of the pasta cooking water. Drain.
    5. Heat the olive oil in a large skillet over high heat. When the oil shimmers, add the mushrooms and season with salt and pepper. Cook undisturbed for 5 minutes or until golden. Stir and continue cooking until the mushrooms have caramelized, 3-5 minutes. Reduce the heat to medium. Add the garlic, thyme, and a pinch each of salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes.
    6. Pour in the cream and 1/4 cup pasta cooking water. Add the pasta, parmesan, and manchego cheese. Toss until the cheese is melted and the sauce creamy.
    7. To serve, divide the pasta among plates and top with the chicken and sage. Spoon over the pan sauce. Eat and enjoy!
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overhead horizontal photo of Browned Sage Butter Chicken Piccata with Mushroom Pasta

Browned Sage Butter Chicken Piccata with Mushroom Pasta | @hbharvest

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  1. 5 stars
    Made this dish and it was a more than delicious. Also feel it challenged me more as a cook, so that is good. Making your recipes has helped me feel more confident in the kitchen. This recipe will be on repeat!

  2. 5 stars
    Excellent recipe! I made this with Beech Mushrooms and cauliflower gnocchi and it was no compromise.The only white I had was Chardonnay, next time I’ll use a sauvignon blanc, I think it will be better yet.

    I paired it with the Chardonnay and a Capresso salad. perfect

  3. 5 stars
    I love chicken piccata….and the sound of making it with a browned butter sauce was just too good to pass up trying. This recipe did not disappoint, it was so delicious (even without the mushrooms…just don’t like them). I messaged my entire family that night with the link to the recipe and told them that they all needed to try it.

  4. 5 stars
    My favorite half baked harvest recipe! So light and flavorful. The mushrooms make the whole dish for me. You can also lessen the butter and olive oil if that is a concern for you, I used less than half of suggested and it turns out great every time!

  5. 5 stars
    This recipe is very good! We don’t really eat just chicken breasts in our house, but this chicken was so moist and flavorful. The wine, lemon and capers (and I don’t even like capers) came together really nicely, We used fresh pappardelle and extra mushrooms (shitake, forest medley, and baby bellas)….ahhhhhhmazing! The crispy sage was a perfect edible garnish! My whole fam, ages 5-66, loved this meal. I will absolutely make it again, but thanks for the fair warning – def time consuming – esp for a wknight, but with 2 ppl working on it, wasn’t so bad. I’d even make this pasta again w/o the chicken or vice versa for a quicker meal sometimes. Highly recommend!

  6. Hi! We love your recipes and are going to try this one soon! But the video calls nutmeg and basil but I don’t see that in the recipe – is that an alternative recipe? Thanks!

    1. Hey Amanda! The video is a bit older and I have since updated the recipe to not include the basil and nutmeg. I just didn’t feel we needed them. You can of course add them if they sound good to you! Please let me know if you have any other questions. I hope you love this recipe! Thank you! xTieghan

  7. If you omit the mushrooms do you keep the 2 tablespoons of olive oil or cut that down? (Husband hates mushrooms lol.) Thank you! 🙂

    1. Hey Jaime,
      You can omit the mushrooms and keep the olive oil:) I hope you love the recipe, please let me know if you have any other questions! xTieghan

  8. 5 stars
    So good!!! I’ve made so many of your recipes and have had yet to leave a comment but this one was such a hit that I had to say something! My only change would be to start the pasta water before anything else. I was waiting on my pasta water to boil and it held up my progress. Otherwise I wouldn’t change a thing!

    1. Hey Amber,
      I am so thrilled that you enjoyed the recipe, thanks so much for giving it a try! Happy New Year! xTieghan

  9. 5 stars
    I had no idea I loved sage so much UNTIL THIS RECIPE. Made without capers, heavy cream, and lemon (simply because we didn’t have them in house) a mix of shiitake and white mushrooms, and penne pasta noodles vs egg noodles. But still. My two year old approved. Guilty of drinking the wine I cooked with but make this recipe! It’s so so so good.

    1. Hey Brittany,
      Thanks so much for giving the recipe a try, I am so glad it was enjoyed! Happy New Year! xTieghan

    1. Hey Kim,
      Thanks so much for giving the recipe a try, I am thrilled that it worked out for you! Happy Holidays! xTieghan

  10. 5 stars
    I have made countless half baked harvest recipes, and this one is by far my favorite, UNREAL and such a perfect date night meal. We always make this and then just drink the rest of the bottle of wine with dinner and it is perfection!

  11. 5 stars
    OMG! I felt like i was eating at a fancy restaurant!! The mushroom pasta was creamy delicious and so perfect for the chicken picatta! Yes, this recipe takes a bit more effort than others but worth every second! My husband and daughter both loved it! There was little talking at the table except for the “I like this!” “Yumm, this is good!”
    Will definitely be adding this to my collection of favorites!