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A Moment of Respect… In response to the racial tension taking place across our country, I have decided to pause content. I care deeply about matters of injustice, and of course, am against violence to any human regardless of race, religion, sexuality, etc. To be completely honest, I wish I knew the right response to convey here on these pages. Therefore, I have decided to step back and take a moment to reflect. My mother’s most impressionable message has always been to treat others the way you would like to be treated. I hope that we all can take the time today to think on this timeless Golden Rule.

I posted this on Instagram and thought it should be added here as well…

I am deeply saddened by the matters of injustice and racism spreading throughout our world, and I have decided to pause content for the moment. I wish I knew the right response to convey here on these pages, but what I know is that this is a time for change. I know I will never understand the pain of being judged by the color of my skin, but I will continue to do my best and educate myself. Breaking it down to the basics, I think we must all remember the Golden rule of treating others the way you would like to be treated.

Campaign Zero is a resource I’ve donated to and found helpful during this time. Their vision has resonated with me and they are working on providing solutions.
Sending so much love to our community during this time ♥️ Photo by: @CampaignZero

A Moment of Respect

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  1. And yet you have no compunction about throwing together cheap ingredients and claiming it’s a beloved, sacred International dish. You narcissitic millennials are so phony and full of yourself. Pausing your blog doesn’t do anything to help racism. You don’t even KNOW what would help because you’re an undereducated child who made it big off of tweaking other people’s recipes.

  2. Thank you for this post. I was raised by the Golden Rule and my husband and I also raised our children by it too. Our world would be a much better place if we showed more respect to one another. It’s sad to see the peaceful demonstrations overshadowed by the rioting and destruction. Thank you for your words. To me, you said it perfectly. Take care.

  3. Michelle Lupomech’s comment below states that the reason most black people see bad outcomes to police arrest is because they were “trained to run” (George Floyd, among many others, was handcuffed and on the ground when he died, and he was kneeled on for 9 minutes, so that is just a lie). She also says that the riots are being funded. Neither the riots nor the protests are being funded by any outside agents. First of all, the VAST majority of what is occurring is PEACEFUL protesting. Second of all, it is occurring because people are rightfully fed up with what law enforcement is doing to people – murder – not because of some nefarious mysterious “actor” paying for them to occur. That is a conspiracy theory. She manages to be both racist, blaming black people for their OWN MURDERS at the hands of the police, and spreading conspiracy theories to undercut legitimate anger at the consequences of that racism.

    Tieghan, you responded to her comment with “Thank you for this Michelle. I hope you and your family are staying safe as well.” If you want to be an ally, you need to call this out as unacceptable. Or at bare minimum not prop her up and make her feel like you accept her views. Maybe you didn’t understand what she said, but then please try to read more carefully in the future.

    1. Hi Claire. Thank you for bringing this to my attention as I did not understand her comment as you are explaining it. And quite frankly I am upset that I did not understand it this way. Thank you for this. I apologize for overlooking her comment and not reading it thoroughly. I love that you all are coming on here and teaching myself and others what is happening and how we can help. These conversations are so important! I hope this can remain a safe space to do so ❤️ xTieghan

  4. I have learned a lot from reading the comments by your readers, Tieghan. I am surprised by how many of them are telling you how to be. I appreciate your honesty and pausing content because you feel that is what you need to do to show reflection and understanding, One doesn’t have to have proximity or be out protesting to decide to pause for personal reflection. Systemic racism and injustice have no boundaries, the proximity is wherever we are. Thank you Tieghan for doing whatever you feel you need to do to do the same and giving us opportunity to be honest too. Be who you are, you are fine!

    1. Hi Karen
      Thank you so much for this comment. It is really nice to see understanding during this time and we should all help each other up! xTieghan

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