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Sharing our Farm-To-Table Thanksgiving Turkey and a special discount for you guys!

Farm To Table Thanksgiving Turkey |

Hey guys! I have a special Thanksgiving post for you that I’ve been excited about for a while now. You all know it’s so important to me to use only the freshest ingredients possible, and when it comes to my family’s Thanksgiving turkey, I make no exceptions. So when I learned about Belcampo’s Organic, Grass-fed and -finished, Pasture-raised, and Certified Humane meats this year, I quickly became excited to test out their Organic Pasture-Raised Turkeys.

They recently launched online orders and are shipping nationwide to bring their Thanksgiving meats straight to you. This is perfect for me since I live in a smaller town where our turkey selection can be minimal. The bonus of ordering your turkey and other holiday meats online…you don’t have to deal with the chaos at the store! Because let’s be honest, these days most of us are trying to make fewer trips to the grocery store.

Farm To Table Thanksgiving Turkey |

Belcampo is making it that much easier by sending their simple, healthy, and delicious turkeys right to your door.

Belcampo turkeys are special because they’re raised “The Belcampo Way”, on regeneratively-farmed climate positive pastures where they’re free to roam and graze.

Farm To Table Thanksgiving Turkey |

I just photographed our 2020 Thanksgiving menu using my Belcampo Organic White Turkey. And the verdict? Well, once my photos were complete, my family was, of course, more than happy to try every new dish on the table. To be expected, they loved the turkey most. It was so delicious. I can’t wait to share another one in just a couple of weeks for Thanksgiving with the entire family.

Farm To Table Thanksgiving Turkey |

Ok, now the fun part! You can order your Thanksgiving turkey at Belcampo and use code HALFBAKEDHARVEST for 20% off your order sitewide if you’re a first-time customer. The 20% off applies to all items on Belcampo’s website.

Farm To Table Thanksgiving Turkey |

A discounted Farm-To-Table Thanksgiving Turkey that’s wholesome and organic, and that you know will be delicious! Win. Win.

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