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2021 HBH H2021 Holiday Gift Guide Kitchen + Bar |

2021 HBH Holiday Gift Guide: Kitchen + Bar

When it comes to kitchen necessities, I actually go surprisingly simple and minimal. My staple kitchen items really are quite simply, my Staub skillets and cocotte’s, a good set of knives, cutting boards, my stand mixer, and then my food processor. Nothing crazy, but these are the tools I use everyday to get the job done. My biggest “fancy” kitchen item is definitely my espresso machine, and I will say…it’s worth it. 

So that’s what you’ll find below. Mostly my tried and true favorites, but I’ve also added a few fun items that I still would recommend. They’re not quite necessities, but they’re items in my kitchen that do get used often. Items like my favorite cookie sheets, mixing bowls, the coziest mug, go-to serveware, and more. I‘m really loving the list we put together!

We’ve also added my favorite bar finds. We all know how much I love to make cocktails, especially holiday cocktails. So I pulled some of my favorite cocktail glasses, and even the bar cart I have my eye on too!

As usual, I’m hoping you guys find some wonderful gifts for everyone on your list! Enjoy our 2021 holiday kitchen + bar gift guide!

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  1. Hi! What size staub cast iron do you have? I’ve been eyeing this for a while and was wondering which size you recommend.
    Thank you!