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Happy Memorial Day!!

Spicy Penut Butter bacon Sliders |

First off, I want to say thank you to the men and women who serve our country. Their bravery amazes me. Thank you for keeping our families safe.

Keep your heads held high and I hope you get the opportunity to eat some really great food today!

Spicy Penut Butter bacon Sliders |

To be honest, I am still not even sure what I’m cooking yet. As usual, things are crazy around here and getting even more so. We just broke ground on the barn over the weekend. That is all very exciting, but I need to get my act together and start organizing all my ideas, because wow, things are MOVING right a long. I am pretty sure that I still cannot believe it is even happening. It just does not feel real, which is crazy, since as I write, a giant concrete smasher is breaking up the barn floor! Crazy!!

I am beyond excited through and I cannot wait to share it all with you guys!!

Ok, but these sliders?? I predict that sliders will be the next big food craze. They are easier to handle than a regular burger and way more fun. Remember these burgers? Well, to this day they are one of my favorite burger recipes. The recipe for these sliders is basically just the fancied up version. And the fancied up version is gooood. It’s also quick and easy, making it perfect for Memorial Day. Oh, and if you are looking for more summer recipes don’t forget about this giant list!

Spicy Penut Butter bacon Sliders |

For the recipe head on over to Tablespoon!

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  1. Incredible! I was confused about the crispy fries so I used crispy french fried onions (used in green bean casseroles). I served it to a mixed crowd and everyone loved them. Wish I had made more 🙂
    This is a keeper!

  2. Made these yesterday, but I spread some chunky organic peanut butter on the rolls (used Skippy in the actual meat) and used a Chinese black bean chili sauce instead of Sriracha…and they were AMAZING. Thank you so much for this recipe, these were absolutely divine and even better than I imagined.

    Also pairs incredibly well with a nice glass of bourbon, btw 😉

  3. Wow, these really look like my kind of burger. Peanut butter, sriracha, beef and bacon, yum. I just can’t get over how great they look. I will leave out the jalapenos though because I’m a wimp like that, can only take pickled jalapenos!

  4. Even though I consumed more than enough today already – I could totally go for one of these burgers right now. My favorite burger happens to be a peanut butter & bacon burger from a local restaurant, so yeah, I’m all over this. Looks incredible!

  5. Wow, these burgers are incredible, love how loaded with goodness they are! So happy for you about the barn progress! 🙂

  6. You’re incredible! These look ridiculous, but I don’t believe that they deserve to be limited by the word “slider”. More like, the Godzilla of burgers (unless you have a really small hand!)

  7. Such exciting news about the barn!!! This burger looks insane!! PB and Bacon on a burger? I am dying to try that!!

  8. What an amazing burger Tieghan! It’s 9AM here but nothing sounds better to me than this right now!

  9. Holy Cow does this look delicious!!! Wouldn’t have thought the ingredients would go together but after reading the recipe, this sounds just fabulous!!! Can’t wait to try it! Happy Memorial Day to you!

  10. Oh my WORD, Tieghan! These look so amazing, there really aren’t appropriate words for them. I’ll just moan and grunt.. you’ll understand what I mean, right?

  11. Ok, so I had ZERO grilling plans for today. Before you hate me 1. I’m Canadian, so I am still getting used to Memorial Day. 2. I live in an apartment and we aren’t ALLOWED TO GRILL! 🙁 But, now I need these so I’m going to drive around and sneak into someones backyard! 😉 Pinned!