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  • (healthy…ish) Homemade Samoas Cookies. No offense to the Girl Scouts, but it's true what they say, homemade is BEST. And guys? These. Are. GOOD. Think buttery shortbread, sweet and creamy "caramel" with plenty of toasty coconut, and generously dipped + drizzled chocolate. Best part? Made minus weird ingredients, zero is yeast involved, no white flour, and easy too. Just add flaky salt for a salty, sweet cookie. Trust me. Recipe on HBH today - linked in profile. PS. what's your favorite Girl Scout cookie?
  • Goat Cheese Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Dates with a good drizzle of Rosemary Honey (hinted with cayenne). Guys. Let's switch things up a bit and make stuffed dates. My hope is you have everything in your kitchen to make them now. Dates? Goat (or feta) cheese? Bacon? Honey? Any freaking herb (fresh or dried)? Cool. You've got everything you need. So let's make cheesy stuffed dates. One thing? Maybe double the recipe. Fair warning...these a highly addictive little snack. Recipe link in profile.
  • One Skillet Cheesy Cuban..ish (inspired) Chicken and Rice Bake. Seasoned up chicken, rice, peppers, black beans, + tomatoes all cooked together in one skillet, topped with plenty of cheese, then baked until melty. It's not traditional, but just my fun twist and it's very good. And cozy...because cheesy baked rice is the best kind of (pantry staple) comfort food. Recipe on the blog today - linked in profile. One tip? Just add a fun cocktail cause why not? Anything goes when stuck at home :)
  • Berry and Cream Cheese Croissant French Toast Bake. Word is that everyone is out of yeast? No worries. Let’s bake French toast instead. Preferably this one with flaky croissants, sweet jam + pockets of cream cheese (yupp pockets of cream cheese). It's good and it’s easy. Do you have bread (croissants are best, but please use what you got) + frozen berries in the freezer? Jam in the pantry? Cool you have everything you need to bake this up. And you should because it's the BEST French toast. Bold, but true. Recipe linked in profile. Get at it and enjoy 🍓