I live in a small town. I mean not that small, but small enough to not be able to find sesame crackers, sesame sticks or sesame anything for that matter! Anywhere!

Actually I take that back, occasionally I find a box at target. But that is it, just one box! I know, crazy right? So I wiped away my tears, turned my oven on, got my butter, sesame seeds, and flour. OMG you guys, let me tell you, the homemade version is good! Like really good. Way better than from a box with like 75 ingredients.

See they are the perfect cracker for the holidays. They are the perfect combination of crunchy, buttery and slightly sweet. You can serve them as an appetizer paired with a savory cheese, as a snack or even paired with coffee, tea, or maybe hot cocoa after dinner. These crackers are a triple threat!

I made a Mascarpone Cheese spread to sit on top of these guys. It is the perfect topping for these crackers! Really, is there a better snack than cheese and crackers? Yeah, that is what I thought.

Serve these at your next holiday party. Everybody goes crazy for cheese and crackers!


I think I will grab some crackers for munching and cozy up to a Christmas movie….. such a nerd.

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