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Simple Pasta Dough

Don't be scared off, any effort here is 100% worth it. The best compliments I've received are about my homemade pasta!
Prep Time30 mins
Total Time30 mins
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: American, Italian
Diet: Vegetarian
Key Ingredient: eggs, flour
Servings: 1 Pound
Calories: 1659kcal



  • Using a mixer: In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the dough hook, place flour and eggs.
  • Knead until the dough comes together and forms a ball. If your dough seems to dry add water a teaspoon at a time, being careful not to add too much water*.
  • By Hand: Mound the flour on a work surface; make a well in the center. Crack in the eggs and beat with a fork. Gradually mix the eggs into the flour. Using a bench scraper, mix in the last of the flour until the dough comes together.
  • Scrape the surface clean and dust with flour. Knead the dough, dusting with flour, until firm and smooth, about 8 minutes. Shape into a ball.
  • Quarter the dough and shape into 4 disks. Place the disks on the lightly floured board; place in a gallon-size ziplock bag.
  • Flatten 1 dough piece and lightly dust with flour, brushing off excess. Set a pasta machine to the widest setting; run the dough through. Fold the dough into thirds like a letter, then run it through again, short end first. Run it through 2 more times, dusting with flour if it seems sticky. return the dough sheet to the board, cover with a towel and repeat with the remaining 3 dough disks. (Keep any dough you're not working with covered.)
  • Roll all the dough sheets through the machine again 5 or 6 more times (machines vary), adjusting the machine to the next setting each time. (If the sheets become too long to handle, halve crosswise and proceed.) When you see your hand through the pasta sheet, it's thin enough to cut*.
  • Cut the dough sheets into your desired shapes or cut the noodles really thin. You can use a sharp knife (if you can keep it in a straight line), a pizza wheel, or a long pizza/bread cutter.
  • To cook the noodles, just boil them in salted water (very important!) for probably two minutes. They cook lightning fast, so don’t let ‘em go too long.


*If your dough becomes too sticky just need in some extra flour.
*For most things like lasagna and ravioli I like to use the 5th setting.
*Make sure to keep the dough covered. When it gets dry the dough will not be workable. I find it best to keep the dough not being used in a plastic bag.


Calories: 1659kcal