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South Korea Part Two: Going for Gold.

South Korea Part Two: Going for Gold |

{my mom and Red after he won}

As promised, I am back with more photos and plenty of stories from my family’s adventures in South Korea, and my brother Red’s Olympic Gold medal.

It feels like a million years ago that we flew over to South Korea, but really it has only been a week and two days. The entire trip went by in a blink of an eye. So much has happened. So much is happening. It’s craziness.

Let’s start from the very beginning…which was just a tinsy bit stressful. On the way down to Denver we got stuck in not one, but two traffic jams. When we finally made it to the airport, we parked the car and waited for the shuttle bus for over thirty minutes. This is SO unusual for the bus at DIA. It’s normally a five-minute wait, tops. When we finally made it into the airport, there was less than an hour left before our flight and we still had to check all of our bags. Somehow, someway, we made it happen just in time. It was down to seconds, but we did it.

That’s not all though. We made it through security and were walking up to our gate when my dad realized he left the keys to the car at security. If you’re at all familiar with Denver Airport, then you know it’s not easy to get back to security from the gate. But my dad being my dad needed to try to get the keys. Keep in mind, the flight was already boarding at this point. I think it took him about twenty minutes, but he made it, and we were the last people on the plane. Stressful? Just a smidge, but we did it, and thankfully that’s our only real mishap of the trip…I’ll take it.

The flights over to Korea were long. I’ve decided that thirteen hours on a plane is about ten hours too long. Brutal, especially when sitting in the middle seat, but all eighteen of us made it and arrived early in the morning on Friday. What didn’t make it? My bag. Out of eighteen people, the airline somehow managed to lose one bag…mine. I can’t remember the last time I even checked a bag, but because of all the snow clothes and boots that we needed to bring, simply carrying on a bag was almost impossible.

Thankfully, I had a lot of people I could borrow clothes from, but the boot and coat situation was not good. I froze my butt off most of the time I was in Korea and had to leave opening ceremonies a little early due to the fact that I didn’t have on proper shoes or clothes, my feet were icicles. A bit of a bummer, but I made do. My bag finally came, just four days late and right in time for me to head back to Seoul to catch a flight home. Figures.

Oh well, I think that was the one bummer of the whole trip, and looking back, it really wasn’t a big deal.

South Korea Part Two: Going for Gold |

{the family with their “Red” heads}

South Korea Part Two: Going for Gold |

{all Red for Red}

Once we finally made it to our hotel in Pyeongchang, South Korea it was late afternoon. We all crashed for two hours and then bundled up for Opening Ceremonies. Watching Opening Ceremonies, and watching my brother walk the circle with Team USA, was a moment I don’t think anyone in my family will ever forget, pretty cool. As mentioned, I didn’t stay for the whole thing, but the performances and the lighting of the torch were all pretty incredible. Red actually left right after he walked the circle because he was competing early the next morning. We didn’t get home until pretty late, but I fell right asleep once we returned.

The following morning it was up and out bright and early to head over to the mountain to watch Red compete. If you’ve been watching the news, or reading any articles about Red, then you know my family is a pretty loud crew. We cheered so so hard that day, and when Red made finals we thought it was the best day ever…because it was! He took the third qualifying spot and my family went crazy. We all celebrated by eating a mix of Korean food and cheese burgers, and playing pool at some hole in the wall bar near the mountain. After that, the days kind of went by in a blur. I’m not sure where the time went, but basically, we stood in the cold, cheered our voices away (literally), ate food, slept, and then did it again the next day.

We woke up Sunday morning with everyone excited but not really sure how the day would play out. We were all just pretty happy that Red had made it to finals. No one cared if he took first or came in dead last, we could not have been more proud, and so thankful to be there experiencing the Olympics all together. I honestly can’t say what I was thinking, because I don’t remember, I’m not sure I was thinking, I was kind of just experiencing…not stressing, but simply happy to be there with family in tow, cheering on one of my favorite kids.

The deal for finals is that each rider has three runs, and the top scoring run is what counts. So three chances to put down a winning run. Red’s first two runs were throw aways, as he slid out on each run and was sitting in last place. The pressure was certainly on for his third run. Watching that third run, you would have thought I’d be nervous, but as soon as Red dropped in, I could see that he had it. He was out there having fun, doing his thing, and I knew he was landing that run. What I didn’t know was that he was putting down a gold medal run.

When I saw the score I realized that Red had just bumped himself all the way up into first place. I looked at my brother Malachi and said, “oh my God, did he just take first? Kai, is that right?”. I’m not even sure Kai responded, he was the happiest I’ve ever seen him. Everyone was jumping out of their skin with excitement. But the competition was not over. There were still a few top riders left that needed to drop. Many of whom definitely had the potential to bump Red out of first place. Top riders that have taken gold before. Again, I should have been nervous, but I really didn’t care what Red ended up taking. Obviously first would be amazing, but he had already accomplished what he came there to do. He put down a kick ass run. He did is best.

But guys? That kick ass run held the top position all the way through and Red won gold!


South Korea Part Two: Going for Gold |

{Red and his long time agent Ryan Runke}

South Korea Part Two: Going for Gold |

{my mom and dad}

South Korea Part Two: Going for Gold |

South Korea Part Two: Going for Gold |

South Korea Part Two: Going for Gold |

{Red and his good friend Kyle Mack}

South Korea Part Two: Going for Gold |

South Korea Part Two: Going for Gold |

South Korea Part Two: Going for Gold |

South Korea Part Two: Going for Gold |

South Korea Part Two: Going for Gold |

South Korea Part Two: Going for Gold |

South Korea Part Two: Going for Gold |

South Korea Part Two: Going for Gold |

South Korea Part Two: Going for Gold |

{mom and Red’s Burton team manager Frankie Chapin}

{Photos via Mark Clavin and Malachi Gerard}

I’m still just in shock writing that out. Apparently Sports Illustrated predicted that Red would win the gold, but my mom made sure not to pass that along to anyone until after the fact. She knew he was capable, but didn’t want him to have any more pressure on him.

Not only is my brother is an Olympic gold medalist, but he was the first American to win a medal in PyeongChang, the first American born in the 2000’s to win a medal, and the youngest American male to win a gold since 1928. Kind of a big deal.

To say that my family was excited would be a major understatement. There really are not words to describe their happiness. I have never seen my mom and dad with bigger smiles. It was something no one will ever forget.

From that point on, the day was craziness. We got to see Red for about two minutes after he did some initial press and interviews on the hill and then he was taken away to do a round of media with my brother Malachi in tow. The rest of the family headed to get food (of course).

My mom and dad were invited to a special ceremony to congratulate Red before the Medal Ceremony that night. I was lucky enough to get to come along with them, and I am so glad I did, as it was my favorite part of the entire day.

While this mini ceremony was to celebrate Red, it was also on opportunity for Red to celebrate someone else. As Red started to give his speech, he told of how he learned that each Olympian who wins gold gets to choose a special person that they feel was most influential in helping them achieve the gold. Someone who has supported them through good and bad, and helped them to succeed. He said that when he was asked to choose this person he did not have a moment’s hesitation, he knew right away who that person was…I knew immediately who that person was too.

Malachi has been with Red literally every step of the way, but especially throughout this last year leading up to the Olympics. Watching those two together is best. I’ve never seen so much brotherly love or two people who can spend so many hours together and not become sick of each other, it’s incredible. I was so happy I was able to be there to watch that award be given, because in a way, Red’s gold medal is also a testament to Kai, and really to all of my brothers. It was a pretty special moment, and I saw tears in my mom’s eyes.

After the mini ceremony, we met up with the rest of the family and moved onto the real deal medal ceremony. We watched Red walk with Canadian riders Max Parrot and Mark McMorris (silver and bronze respectively), where they were each presented with their medals and the national anthem of the United Stats of America was played. Again, something I will never forget.

The rest of the night was spent hanging out at the USA house, eating food, talking, and waiting for Red to arrive, after yet another round of interviews. Red and his entourage finally came in around ten thirty pm. He was presented with some very special items from Olympic sponsors, and then, finally, we got a chance to talk with him for a bit!

After that we all headed home for some much-needed sleep!

{Red and Kai}

{the princess, little Miss Asher}

{Photos via Mark Clavin and Malachi Gerard}

The following morning, we were able to meet up with Kai and Red for coffee before heading over to watch the Women’s Slopestyle finals and see Miss Hailey Langland in action. Sadly, the girls had the most horrible weather conditions, with extremely high winds and cold temps. So proud of them all that they all went out there and gave it their best. Those girls are incredibly tough.

Once the girls had finished competing, Kai and Red were off yet again for more interviews. We finally saw them when they rolled into the hotel room around eleven thirty pm. We all snuggled into our family beds on the floor (interesting sleeping set ups they over there!), chatted for a while, and were soon fast asleep. The next morning, Kai and Red were off again, but this time to the airport. They headed back to the US for two days of interviews. They will be flying back to Korea on Friday (arriving in Korea on Saturday)…just in time for Red to start practice for Men’s Snowboard Big Air.

Pretty insane, right?

Red has been doing interview after interview, along with many talk shows. I’m just so happy he has his best friend along on this crazy journey with him.

Ok, I think that’s quite enough for this post. There’s obviously SO much more to go on about, but these are the highlights. More to come throughout the weeks!

More Photos Below…

Red on Jimmy Kimmel and Live with Kelly and Ryan

South Korea Part Two: Going for Gold |

South Korea Part Two: Going for Gold |

Trip to the Coast

South Korea Part Two: Going for Gold |

South Korea Part Two: Going for Gold |

South Korea Part Two: Going for Gold |

South Korea Part Two: Going for Gold |

South Korea Part Two: Going for Gold |

South Korea Part Two: Going for Gold |


South Korea Part Two: Going for Gold |

{me, Matt, and Caroline}

South Korea Part Two: Going for Gold |

South Korea Part Two: Going for Gold |

South Korea Part Two: Going for Gold |

South Korea Part Two: Going for Gold |


*Special thanks to Mark ClavinMalachi Gerard, and Brendan Gerard for these photos.

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  1. Congratulations Red and the entire family….how exciting Tieghan, Red made us all so proud!!!! And to learn he is your brother, I am even more thrilled! A wonderful post.. loved all the happy photos. Thank you for sharing your Olympics and South Korea travels with us! (PS I love your recipes and your photography, it sets a very high standard and is total #goals among us food bloggers)

  2. Awww, I just LOVED learning a little bit more about my favorite food blogger! So inspirational…
    -Monique, (your favorite cookbook contest winner and #1 fan hahahaha)

  3. What a wonderful story about a supportive family! Your parents must be amazing to raise an Olympic champion, a creative chef, and smiles on all your faces. Love following your daily healthy food celebrations!

  4. That is so amazing! to work as hard as you can,shows its all worth it. You must be beyond proud! he is an inspiration for everyone who thinks they can’t do it. Congratulations to Red,hes our hero.

  5. What an amazing story! I’ve loved your blog for a while, but somehow didn’t realize you were from Colorado. I watched Red compete, and it was amazing!!! I can’t even imagine the energy while you were there! I’m a Colorado girl through and through, and I was so proud of your brother. Thanks so much for sharing this with us, it really touched my heart!

  6. Sounds like a hectic, but amazing time!! Have you been bitten by the travel bug yet?? Traveling is the best way for me to recharge. No work/pets/chores to look after, just relaxing and enjoying your free time. Congratulations to Red! Also, can I just say how in love I am with Asher’s jacket/hat outfit in Korea?? So very cute:)

  7. OMG OMG OMG!!! I am SO SO happy for Red and the whole Gerard family!!! Your parents raised some pretty awesome kids. Congratulations!!!

  8. Such a great family experience!! Very few people have to chance to have a gold medal ? winner in the family!! I can’t even imagine… Thanks for sharing Red’s story!!

  9. Wow Tieghan, just WOW! What an exciting and historical event for Red and your family. So excited to be following
    along with it via your blog and instagram!

  10. I had your mom, Jenny, in one of my very first 5th grade classes back in Rocky River, and many years later I had Brendan in 8th grade. I just want to say congratulations to Red and the entire Amsdell and Gerard families!

  11. I really enjoyed reading this post and the beautiful photos. Your hearts must be exploding with pride! And what a feeling knowing that the whole country is proud of him too! Such an incredible experience. GO RED!
    P.S. Found you on Busy Monday link party.

  12. Congrats to Red and your family! What an experience 😀 I loved following your Olympic updates and am wondering if you’ve been at all inspired by the food in South Korea? Will there be any Korean-inspired recipes in the future?!

  13. Hey Tieghan,
    I love all of your photos and am so happy for Red for winning the gold! 🙂 I’m sorry about some of the travel stress but that’s nice you were able to see him compete and I’m sure he was happy to have everyone there. I like your last bunch of pictures of traveling and the ones with Red carrying the flag. 🙂 I hope the rest of his competition and travels go well and that’s nice that you got back ok.
    Sleep well and stay warm.

  14. Cool, being Canadian I was cheering for the Canadians. Didn’t realize the winner was your brother.. In Canada they made a big deal about McMorris making it to the Olympics since a year ago he almost died. Congrats to the family.

  15. Thank you for sharing all those beautiful, memory-packed photos which will forever be in your heart!! WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!!!!

  16. Hello! I’m a long time follower and lover of your recipes and style. I watched Red’s runs and was thinking of you guys. Big congratulations to Red! It’s so beautiful to see a family who sticks together and supports each other like yours does. I’m truly amazed at what wonderful people you all seem like. I feel so blessed to be able to read your blog and try your recipes. This probably sounds nuts, but you inspire me and bring a lot of joy to my life! Sincerely, a huge fan from Canada ?

  17. great post – thanks! I keep thinking that your folks have done an amazing job of positioning their children to succeed. What a wonderful family experience!!!

  18. That is amazing that your brother got to experience and the entire family was able to experience such a historic moment along with him. There is nothing like being an older sister beaming with pride as Red took home the gold, literally. Glad that y’all got back home safely. Can’t wait to hear about more adventures in Seoul for part 2.

  19. OMG! This is the most exciting blog post I’ve ever read! Thank you so much for sharing your experience. You and your family’s enthusiasm is infectious. I wish I were there celebrating with all of you!

  20. I swear to you I felt like it was my brother out there! I was so excited! You all are one impressive family! Cheers!

  21. Definitely tearing up over here. Absolutely amazing and it was so fun getting to follow along, I’m so excited for Red and for your whole family!!!

  22. How fun for you and the whole family! What an adventure and memories for a lifetime. Thank you for sharing!
    I saw Red’s interview on “CBS This Morning” and the Jimmy Kimmel interview with the link you provided. He is so composed and “real.” I am so happy for him and for all of you wh are apparently getting and staying Gerarded on your trip.
    Don’t know if the idea has been floated, but I think you and Red should be on “The Chew.” With Michael Symon being a sports fan from Cleveland and with your kitchen prowess, it’s a natural.
    Regardless of whether that happens, congrats to all of you from your old “neighbors” in Erie, PA!
    Looking forward to more wonderful recipes from you when you get back to earth!

  23. love your post. I told my husband how I only knew about your brother because I follow you (originally after we made your Jameson burger, and now follow your blog and bought your book)…! So happy for your family, what an amazing experience!

  24. Wow! Have been seeing all the wonderful news and didn’t put it together that he was your brother even though I read your post about him getting to the Olympics a while ago. So cool, congrats to him and to your family!! Go team USA!

  25. What a thrill it was to watch Red win gold. He looked so relaxed going into that third run, as if it was no big deal. We felt guilty for sort of hoping the others who went after him would screw something up so he’d stay in first place. Congratulations to your family, what a great experience!

  26. So cool for you and your family. I am a fan of all of you! Awesome pics and we are all so proud of Red! Congrats from Denver!

  27. LOVE this recap! I totally had been following since you first mentioned Red. I’m excited he was able to achieve a GOLD!

  28. I enjoyed all the pics you posted and the story of everything that went on was like being in person with you. I know your family feels amazed at what all went on and for Red and Kai, that’s a super close bond, it’s great that Red has him to be by his side through everything. Red has done an amazing job and I hope he has some top runs in his next sport, hey hopefully he’ll make it back on the podium, but no pressure. He knows how to beat the odds, proof from being in the bottom and coming back and making the top spots and winning gold. So awesome for him and your fun family. I wish Red many more accomplishments!

  29. Tieghan,
    I was Red’s third grade teacher in Rocky River for the few months before your family moved to Colorado. It has been amazing, and a pleasure, to watch Red’s Olympic victory and TV appearances. Every interview Red comes across as so humble and kind. I see why you speak of him with such pride. Thank you for sharing your family’s experience and photos on your blog. My congratulations to Red!! And congratulations to you on your successful blog. Add me to your followers!

  30. I have been following your blog since 2012; it is my husband’s and my go-to favorite for delicious, fresh, and creative recipes. We try something new from your site almost every week! My husband is also an avid snow boarded and has followed Red’s career too; we thought it was such an amazing coincidence that you two are brother and sister! We keep saying how proud your parents must be to have such successful kids. What a cool and inspiring experience to watch your brother win a gold medal in the Olympics! I loved reading about it from your perspective – thank you for sharing!

    I watched the video of the olympic course, absolutely unbelievable! How can this boy find his way at such a speed and with so much grace and artistic excellence?
    We are deeply impressed and speechless!
    The best for his future and thank you for sharing your story


  32. Congratulations to Red! After reading your blog for so long, I feel like I know him personally! It was such an exciting thing to watch.

    Red keeps talking about his family shotgunning beers the morning of the finals. Did you partake in that? Haha 🙂

  33. Congratulations to Red!!! I’ve been following along with your blog for a long time. Even though I don’t actually know you or Red, I feel like I know your entire family thanks to your blog. I’m happy and excited for Red. Olympic gold! How incredible! And I loved reading all about your time in Korea. I lived there for a few months teaching ESL several years ago and the country holds a special place in my heart.

  34. I was so excited for all of you when I saw your brother won GOLD!!! Incredible! Thanks for taking us along for the ride…great re-cap! =)

  35. Tieghan, I am sooooo proud of Red and your entire family! I feel like I’m a little part of your family for this Olympics!
    Thank you so much for allowing all of us to join you!
    I hope you will have time to shop for interesting china and serving pieces to use in your photos!

  36. Once again, thank you for sharing your family’s journey to the Olympics. The candid pictures make me feel like I was there (except the cold! 🙂 ) I think this is the just the first Olympics for Red, and I’ll be watching him continue his career.

  37. Oh my goodness-I discovered you last month and have made several of your delicious recipes. What a happy surprise to open this morning to find something yummy to make for dinner-and read that Red is your brother! Wow-congratulations to him and to you and your whole family. What an amazing experience! You must all be so proud. Way to go, Red! Go USA!

  38. Congratulations! I made sure to catch his interviews and he was so great! You and your family must be so proud!! Thank you so much for sharing!

  39. wow what an incredible recap!! Your family sounds like so much fun and what an insane experience!!! Congratulations to your brother, his interviews have been great too!

  40. Beautiful recap! Teared up just reading it. I can feel the love and pride in every word! 🙂 Congratulations to Red and your family – thrilled for all of you! xoxo

  41. Thank you so much for giving us a sneak peek into your family’s experience! I was able to watch Red win! We were cheering hard for him back here in Colorado! He’s got incredible talent and drive, it’s obvious your whole family is so proud and supportive < it's a beautiful thing!

  42. Congratulations to your family! Red’s final run was amazing. My family was laughing at his awesome reaction when he realized he won. W are looking to seeing the new recipes inspired by your time in South Korea.

  43. This is so awesome, Tieghan. Thanks so much for sharing. Reading this gave me goosebumps. I was cheering Red on, and when he was in first place after this third run, I could hardly believe it. So impressive how a 17-yr-old can handle that kinda pressure and perform for gold. I love how close your family is, and this is just such a wonderful experience for all of you.

  44. What an awesome post, just like I was there. To an exceptional and talented family and I wish all of you much success in the future!

  45. Great read! Thanks for posting the narrative and the photos. It’s really cool and interesting to read the day-to-day recap. Congrats to all! I love the olympics!

  46. Omigosh! I saw Red win gold on NBC, but I loved being able to read about this from your point of view and seeing all the behind the scenes! Congrats again to Red! Soo amazing. Can’t wait to see all the great things he’ll do in the future!

  47. Didn’t realize Red was your brother CONGRATULATIONS RED! I watched him win the gold and was brought to tears! I am thrilled for him and your entire family! WOW! What an experience that he will treasure (you all will!) forever! Thanks for sharing this story in detail!

  48. You must be so very proud! My husband and I were cheering for him so loudly at home on that final run. It was an incredible win for him! So well deserved. Enjoy the rest of your time in Korea and don’t forget to celebrate that win a little more with Red!

  49. I saw his last run and it was amazing! Congratulations to Red. How cool is it to have an Olympic Gold medalist in the family?!?!

  50. Great pictures! Redid on CBS this morning right now. Fun to watch.
    You should really try to get some rest this weekend.

  51. How amazing! Like many others I enjoyed hearing about this through your eyes. My wife and I held our breath praying that his score would hold up and he would win that GOLD, We also enjoyed seeing all the Red supporters cheering him on as you all got a lot of TV time.

    A lot has been written about Red already. How he fell asleep watching a show and then overslept having to rush out for the competition. And, of course, the fact that NBC did not edit out his….exuberance when he found out he won the gold. But I’m sure he was blown away and he is 17!

    Congratulations to you all.

  52. So thrilled for your family. The US is so proud of Red,…. everywhere I go in Scottsdale people are talking about this amazing kid! I want to say “That’s my friend’s little brother!” but of course you have only made us feel that we really do know you and your family. Thanks for letting us all share in your happiness!

  53. Thanks for sharing this is amazing! Congratulations to Red and your family!!
    His interviews were great I enjoyed watching him what a special young man! Your recipes,blog and Instagram are the best!! Enjoy the weekend!

  54. Sickkk!

    Sorry to hear about that bag, that was some bad luck. But congrats to Red again! And thank you for sharing all the photos, you guys are one fun bunch of people.

  55. What an incredible trip and experience, thanks so much for sharing Tieghan! I live in France and we heard all about Red & the Gerard family (->pretty funny because Gérard is a common first name here and everyone thought you guys were “un petit peu français”) We kept hearing about how supportive (and loud!) you were and I felt so proud because I had the feeling I already knew you all 🙂 You must be tired and happy to be home, hope you’ll be enjoying all of this for a long time.

  56. I started following your blog after watching Red win gold on Sunday. This Alabama girl doesn’t know much about snow (an inch literally shut us down for 4 days last month), but I have fallen in love with your family…and your blog!!! Best of luck to Red in his upcoming event!!! Roll Tide Roll!!!❤️

  57. Thanks for sharing!! I can’t imagine how proud and excited you all must feel! My family has SO enjoyed cheering for Red and had so much fun cheering for him all the way to gold!! So incredible! My kids are young (4 and 1.5) but we love watching snowboarding all the time and saw Red in other competitions throughout the year. I’ve been trying to instill that you can do anything you want to do and what better example than them watching Red go all the way! Now it seems tangible! Congratulations to your family!! Also, loved your recent pasta recipe with the chickpeas! YUM!

  58. How many ways can you say so proud? How many ways can you say awesome? That is how we all feel for Red and your entire family. Thank you for including us in this journey. Glad you posted so many photos. Can’t get enough of everyone’s smiling faces.??

  59. That’s awesome – congrats to you, your brother, and the rest of your family! I haven’t been able to watch much of the Olympics because we get zero channels and I don’t have subscriptions to the online news channels, but we did see a few clips here and there. We just watched your bother last night! Although at the time, I didn’t realize it was him. Small world. Awesome.

  60. I am Canadian and was excited to see Red in between our red on the podium. As a mom I understand her tears of pride and happiness. Congrats to you all!

  61. I am Canadian and was excited to see Red in between our red on the podium. As a mom I understand her tears of pride and happiness. Congrats to you all!

  62. I am so happy for you, your brother Red, and your family. Since I have been following your blog for quite a while, I felt like I was cheering on a family friend! Best wishes in the Big Air, Red!

  63. I am so happy for you and your family and so excited for our brothers!!! What an awesome wonderful experience for them. Thanks for sharing your story and allowing us to view the experience through your eyes. Im sorry our bag was lost I know that was a bummer but what a great story you were able to be a part of. Thanks and congratulations!!!

  64. Truly wonderful to see the pics and read your narration of the events. Deb and I are so pleased for Red, you, and your entire extended family. Awesomeness!

  65. These photos are fabulous!! It’s been so much fun to watch this from your Instagram stories and on TV and love that your family is such as close knit group. Good parenting!! Will be watching Red’s next round and cheering him on

  66. Loved reading your recap. I happened to turn on the TV just in time to see your brother make his amazing run. And how great that 18 family members were able to be there supporting him!

  67. Congrats to your brother Red! So amazing what he accomplished and how awesome you guys could all be there to experience it with him!

  68. Great post! I can feel your excitement. So glad you had this experience. I am relatively new to your site and obviously just signed up in time. The photos are awesome.

  69. What an incredible adventure…so proud of Red….your family is awesome
    you can clearly see how much love you all have for each other. Keep sharing
    it’s so exciting.

  70. Congratulations on Red winning the Gold! Wow, this is Huge! Your family is a big support system for him, that’s amazing! Thank you for sharing with us your amazing story! He truly is a bright young star.
    All the best!!!

  71. This is absolutely incredible! I’ve been following your brothers win on Instagram but reading about it is something else. Congratulations!!

  72. Loved reading your story Teighan! Thank you for sharing and for sharing all of the awesome photos! Still so excited for Red and your entire family! Take care and try to get some rest! Love and hugs to all!

  73. Such exciting times for Red and your entire family Tieghan!! He’s got a bright future ahead of him. Thanks so much for sharing all the fun here at HBH!!

  74. My goodness, you have one amazing family!!! I’ve loved experiencing this through your eyes. The love you all have for one another shines through. Happy for you all and big congratulations to your brother. That run was amazing!

  75. Amazing! Congrats to Red.
    I found myself searching the snowboard results because you mentioned your brother made the USA team in some earlier post. I would never have done that myself as I am not a winter sports person and I am not even in the US. But I am very happy for you and your family. Enjoy and be proud. It is amazing what Red accomplished at such early age.

  76. So happy for you and your family!!!! Congratulations on all of your successes! It was great to watch and I am loving this beautiful recap. All the best going forward!

  77. Oh, wow, what an incredible, emotional story!! Got teary-eyed while reading it, i can’t imagine how unbelievable it was for your family!! That’s a lot of Firsts for GOLD!! Congratulations to Red and all of you!! He snowboarded amazingly!
    You intrigued me about sleeping arrangements. So there were just mats on the floor for all of you? Would love to hear interesting stuff about Korean culture, and the story behind the second set of pictures to the Cost and Seoul 🙂
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  78. Congratulations! Love the pictures and write up that you did. Nice to hear about what went on after the jump too, and the pictures of everyone and the ones at the coast are amazing. Don’t think I saw any of that sort of thing on TV from the broadcasters. Nice

  79. This made me tired just reading it. HAHA!! I don’t see how he can function to do another competition. He has to be worn out. All the time changes he has gone through in this few days. I wish him the best on this next compete.

    Now you need a couple days of complete rest too. HA!! Thanks for sharing!

  80. Thanks for sharing what I know has the be one of the most awesome and priceless moments that anyone could have. So very proud of Red for “bringing home the gold”! Your family is just to much! Here in the south that is a good thing!