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  • No better way to welcome the weekend than with this Maple Glazed Apple Pull Apart Bread. This bread is all things sweet, ooey, gooey, applely, cinnamony, and basically so amazing…especially when warm out of the oven. Fall baking is the best. <-- enough said. 🍂🍁Full recipe is on today. #feedfeed #foodandwine #f52grams #buzzfeast #thebakefeed
  • sweet potato gnocchi with rosemary parmesan cream sauce. This gnocchi…it’s like a bowl of softy, pillowy, fall goodness. Is that too cheesy to say? Potentially, but I mean, all of it is true. This gnocchi is like biting into pillows of soft sweet potato and creamy ricotta. And you guys? That rosemary cream sauce? It. Is. Everything. Creamy, hinted with rosemary, and finished with a little parmesan. Too good. Full recipe is on today. #feedfeed #foodandwine #f52grams #buzzfeast #thebakefeed
  • One Pan Autumn Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole. Today I am going the more classic route and loving it. This is cozy, healthy, filling, and all things delicious. Just simple, feel good kind of food...maybe with a good amount of cheese on top too. What? Always got to have a little cheese 😉Get the full recipe on #feedfeed #foodandwine #f52grams #buzzfeast #thebakefeed
  • white chocolate pumpkin scones with espresso glaze.You guys, say hello your you new favorite scone of fall…or maybe even new favorite pumpkin recipe? Could we possibly say move over pumpkin latte? I’m not sure, but what I am sure of is that these scones are all things delicious.These are pumpkiny, buttery, hinted with cinnamon, super flakey and soft, and finished with the most perfect espresso maple glaze. Kind of like a pumpkin spice latte, but in scone form…which as you might imagine, is so good. Get the full recipe on #feedfeed #foodandwine #f52grams #buzzfeast #thebakefeed #pumpkin