Recipe Box FAQ Page

How do I make an HBH Recipe Box? 

Navigate to the HBH Recipe Box login page here. Select ‘register an account.’ Check your email inbox for an HBH email with an account activation link. Click that link. Log in to your new HBH Recipe Box.

How do I activate my HBH Recipe Box account? 

Once you have registered a new account, your HBH Recipe Box should automatically be activated. If you are unable to access your account for some reason, please reach out to and we will activate your account for you.

How do I recover my lost recipes from my old HBH Recipe Box? 

First, be sure you have an HBH Recipe Box Account with us. Either register here
 or login to your account here. Once you are logged in, click this recipe recovery tool link.

Once you click this link, it should show either recipes that were found in your browser’s local storage (recipes you saved on the old site) or a message saying it could not find anything. 
*Be sure to click the link to the recipe recovery tool on the device you previously used to save recipes on the old site. If found, they will be sourced in your device’s local storage. 
For recipes that it can find, there will be links next to them that will either note that they are already saved, or that they need to be saved to your user account. Simply click ‘SAVE RECIPE’ beside the recipe title, and this will save those recipes to your new box.

How do I reset my password? 

Navigate to the login page here. Select “forgotten your password? Click here to reset it.” You should receive an email from HBH with an account activation link (be sure to check spam/junk mail). Click on that link within the email. Reset password to new password. Log in here with the new password. 

If you do not receive the password reset email, reach out to us at and we can reset your password for you.

How do I sort and divide my recipes into relevant categories/ add recipes to my collections/ generate a shopping list?

1. Log in to your HBH Recipe Box and scroll down to “Your Collections.” Select “Edit Collections” located under your last recipe category.

2. Here, you can edit the titles of your Master List of Saves and the subcategories. Select “Add a Collection” to create a new subcategory. And click the trash can to delete categories. Once you are happy with your Collection categories, select “Stop Editing.”

3. Then, click into any of the subcategories that you just created. On the right hand side, you will see a list to either “Add Item,” “Remove Item,” Create “Columns & Groups,” or to generate a “Shopping List.”

4. If you click “Add Item,” you will be able to drag and drop relevant recipes from your saves into the selected subcategory.

5. To generate a specific shopping list, click “Shopping List” and you will be able to use the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons to identify which recipes and how many servings you want included in your list. Simply bring down the number of servings to 0 if you don’t want that recipe included in your shopping list. Then click “Generate Shopping List.”