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Thanks for joining me for another Nine Favorite Things post.

Nine Favorite Things |

Happy Sunday! I’m writing today’s Favorite’s post late Friday night, after a 16+ hour day in the kitchen working on wedding cakes. To say that I baked a lot of cakes would be an understatement. And yet I still have some to finish up in the morning before the wedding kicks off. In an effort to streamline the baking process and keep the cakes extra delicious, I ended up sticking with three flavors. I baked so many batches of my lemon coconut layer cake, chocolate peanut butter cake, and last fall’s chai pumpkin cake. It bummed me out that I couldn’t do more flavors, but seeing as I’m only one human, I did my best. I can’t say I’m madly in LOVE with every cake, but I will say I’m very pleased I didn’t have any huge disasters throughout the baking and decorating process.

I’ll have to share all the final details this week, but all in all, I’d say the wedding cakes were a success. Not perfect by any means, but hey, nothing’s ever perfect. I’m accepting them for what they are and calling it all a success.

In an effort to actually get to bed at all tonight, I’m keeping today’s favorite post very short and sweet. But back to normalcy next week.


And speaking of next week, here’s what’s coming up on HBH. We’ll be starting Monday off with a warming new autumn pasta, then we’ll share a fun post full of my favorite autumn recipes. On Wednesday we’ll move on to a new harvest salad. In addition, we’ll have a new mushroom recipe that’s a twist on an old school classic. And finally, on Friday we’ll be finishing the week up with a sweet autumn dessert that’s chocolatey and SO GOOD.

Finally, if you’re trying to catch up on blog posts from the week, please sign up for our daily newsletters. They’ll help you to stay up to date with everything that’s happening here on Half Baked Harvest. And of course, if you’re meal planning today, don’t forget to check out my menu below (it’s #9 on the favorite’s list).

Above all, have a great Sunday and enjoy these golden September days! PS. what are you cooking and baking today? Anything fun for fall?

1. Inspiring Me on Pinterest This Week. 

(photos all found via Pinterest)

2. Autumn dinners…perfect for Sunday night. 

20 Minute Thai Peanut Chicken Ramen | #soup #instantpot #ramen #fallrecipes

30 minute Thai peanut chicken ramen

butternut squash cheese ravioli

Homemade Broccoli Cheddar Cobbler | #broccoli #cheddar #soup #casserole #fallrecipes

homemade broccoli cheddar cobbler

Healthy Slow Cooker Turkey and White Bean Chili | #slowcooker #chili #healthyrecipes #turkey

healthy slow cooker turkey and white bean chili

Slow Cooker Herbed Chicken and Rice Pilaf | #slowcooker #easyrecipes #chicken #wildrice #healthy #fallrecipes

slow cooker herbed chicken and rice pilaf

Spicy Pumpkin and Pesto Cheese Stuffed Shell | #pumpkin #pasta #Italian #easy #dinner #fall #fallrecipes

spicy pumpkin and pesto cheese stuffed shells

Coconut Sweet Potato Lentil Soup with Rice | #soup #healthy #dinner #autumnrecipes #vegan

coconut sweet potato lentil soup with rice

Sunday Night Gnocchi Bolognese Bake | @hbharvest

Sunday night gnocchi bolognese bake

30 Minute Butter Chicken Meatballs | #meatballs #easyrecipes #Indianrecipes #curry #butterchicken

30 minute butter chicken meatballs

Swirled Garlic Herb Bread | #garlicbread #herbbread #homemadebread

bonus bread: swirled garlic herb bread

3. My Favorite Soup Bowls…

Because it’s almost October, and October is the beginning of soup weather.

4. Questions of the Week: 

q: What’s your go-to recipe? The ones that everyone loves?
a: The super simple ones!! So certainly the gumbo that’s in my new cookbook (out October 29th), my beer bread, harvest salad, slow cooker butter chicken, my lasagnas, chili (making some today!), any of my pastas, and my cakes…or cookies!

q: What is one of your favorite fall desserts?
a: I love these cookies so much. And of course, this cake. There are many fall desserts I love…it’s so hard to choose!

q: Would you do a holiday recipe series?
a: What does this mean exactly? I LOVE the holidays and have really fun things planned for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. But I’m curious what you guys are looking for most when it comes to holiday content? Easy recipes? Menu guides? Party tips/prep tips? Gift ideas? Fun desserts? Drinks?

q: Favorite meal to make when you have company? Something simple, but impressive?
a: Above all, I really love to do lasagna or similar baked pasta. If feeding a lot of people I can make 2-3 ahead of time and then have them baking while guests arrive. I can also do one vegetarian, one meat-based, and then something fun and different if making a 3rd. This way there’s a main course option for everyone!

q: What are the most essential cookware in the kitchen?
a: Sharp knives and a cast-iron skillet.

q: Do you ever go out to eat or always cook at home?
a: When in Colorado we almost never go out. I’m constantly making new recipes so it just doesn’t make sense. But when traveling, yes!

5. Newest Videos: 

Instant Pot BBQ Beer Pulled Chicken Tacos with Ranch Slaw…truly quick, easy, saucy and perfect.

Pesto Polenta with Thyme-Roasted Mushrooms and Chickpeas…perfect dinner to slowly ease into the cooler days ahead.

Roasted Cauliflower Salad with Creamy Honey Mustard Vinaigrette…not your average boring salad.

6. Something fun for Halloween.

your pumpkin preference will reveal what you should be for Halloween this year

I got Jack Skeleton and you know, it wouldn’t be my first pick, but it’s kind of growing on me.

Sooooo….what did you get and what are you going to be for Halloween this year?

7. A Few Links I Am Loving…

these country homes will have you dreaming of the simple life…when can I move in?

the best pumpkin products you’ll find at Trader Joe’s this fall...I especially love that pumpkin butter.

psst Trader Joe’s just released a ton of new fall items…if you really LOVE Trader Joe’s…and pumpkin.

7 architecturally inspired runway set designs from New York fashion week…my favorite was Ralph Lauren.

5 retailers that will reward you for recycling your old clothes…how could you not love this?

crisp gnocchi with brussels sprouts and brown butter…this. sounds. so good.

8 fall candles to burn…if you’ve had it up to here with pumpkin spice.

six rising stars in the design world to know now…if you love interiors.

how to volunteer with animals in need…and why you should.

this fall fruit Is secretly super healthy…gimme all the cranberries.

fall weekend ideas that don’t cost a ton…a fall movie night sounds perfect.

inside an eclectic, storied loft on the Bowery…I certainly love a cute, cozy NYC home.

8. A Few Cozy, Cute Fall Pieces…

9. This Week’s Dinners:

Sage Lemon Butter Chicken Piccata with Mashed Cauliflower | #chicken #healthyrecipes #easyrecipes #fall #autumn

Monday: sage lemon butter chicken piccata with mashed cauliflower

Instant Pot Broccoli Cheddar and Zucchini Soup | #instantpot #soup #broccoli #easy #healthy

Tuesday: instant pot broccoli cheddar and zucchini soup

Homemade Chicken Noodle Casserole | #chicken #familyrecipes #easyrecipes #casserole

Wednesday: homemade chicken noodle casserole

Slow Cooker Saucy Thai Butternut Squash Curry | #slowcooker #easy #healthy #vegan #fallrecipes

Thursday: slow cooker saucy thai butternut squash curry

French Onion and Apple Grilled Cheese | #grilledcheese #frenchonion #easyrecipes #fall #autumn

Friday: french onion and apple grilled cheese

Baked Sweet Potato Parmesan Tater Tots | #sweetpotatoes #healthy #easyrecipes #gameday #tatertots

Sunday night football recipe: baked sweet potato parmesan tater tots

Finally, check out all the past Nine Favorite Things posts here.

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  1. Hi Tieghan 🙂 I made the Homemade Broccoli Cheddar Cobbler for dinner for my family this week and it was SO good. I’ve been following for a few months now, but this is the first time I’ve made one of your recipes. Can’t wait to try more!

  2. You can do no wrong, so whatever you do for this holiday time will be appreciated. I enjoy most the posts where you share some part of your life with us: sister helpin ya, brothers devouring your food, Mom or Dad’s take on things, Colorado weather, goats, your barn, your hikes … the personal touches mixed in with the recipe make it really shine! We are all so lucky to get to explore the tastes and sights through your amazing blog.

  3. Hey, Tieghan! Always love these posts. Looking toward the holidays, I would love a hosting menu with a mix of easy, make-ahead, and splurge-y meals for guests staying multiple days. Thinking about Thanksgiving:
    – Wednesday night: Easy, dinner for guests
    – Thursday morning: Something light and preferably make-ahead
    – Thursday snacks before the main event
    – Thanksgiving dinner (we usually eat between 1 and 3)
    – Thanksgiving leftover snacks for later that evening
    – Friday breakfast

    This would be pretty similar for Christmas, too.

  4. We’ve been making lots of things with apples to use all our backyard apples. Totally enjoyed your apple puffed pancake for lunch today. My husband is a grill master, so he baked it on the BBQ. ? Highly recommended!

  5. I loved the piece of art on the wall in your barn…the photo where you are on the adder…could you tell me who the artist is?

  6. I’m sure your cakes were AMAZING, Tieghan – you’re too hard on yourself! And what a memorable, special contribution to your brother’s wedding. So much love and thought were baked into them. You know what? My mom’s friend baked my wedding cake 18 years ago, and it honestly looked like it was done by an 8-year-old, BUT we loved the thought that went into it, and it tasted delicious! 🙂

  7. I can’t wait to see the pics of the wedding cakes and also to start working on fall recipes! I’m especially excited about Halloween and pumpkin everything. 🙂

    BTW – in question number 2, the hyperlink to the cake you are referring to isn’t there…but I’d love to see it! 😀

  8. I didn’t ask the “holiday series” question, but some thoughts/ideas:
    – If you posted a “how to build a holiday tablescape” guide, I would follow it fanatically, but would need it early to get my act together, or for Friendsgiving, which we host early
    – I would love a timing breakdown, esp. For Thanksgiving. What do you do in advance, what do you do in what order, etc.
    – I think that a lot of people have tried-and-true favorites for holiday meals, but are willing to try 1 or 2 new things for any given holiday. Most of your recipes leading up to holidays are perfect for this!
    – Ther internet is SORELY lacking recipes for creative uses of holiday leftovers in my opinion

  9. Girl, I’m sure the cakes were simply amazing! Your brother & his wife we’re likely so delighted that you made them. That is so special and something they’ll never forget.

    P.S. I love your blog and recipes!

  10. so glad I found your website!!! awesome pictures, can’t wait to bake/cook. Writing is also very inspiring Thank You!!!

  11. Tieghan! I think 3 different flavours of cakes is perfect! Simplicity is the key and keeps you from going crazy too! I’m sure people will go back for seconds or thirds as it is, “just” to sample each one. I wanted to ask, are those aspen tree’s in your first photo? Pretty! I have a question regarding your instant pot. I haven’t got onto the instant pot wagon (or maybe don’t want to!) , but do you “really” like it? Have you used it for anything else other than cooking? Like, have you made yogurt or sautéed anything in it? I just can’t see myself doing that. I have a crockpot, but never use it to cook roasts or anything like I don’t care for the texture . Soups .yes! Just not sure whether another appliance (dust collector) is needed. I just like cooking too much and I’m never in any hurry to get something prepared. Need your thoughts! Anyways..looking forward to all of your Fall recipes!

    1. Hi Colleen! The cakes all turned out amazing and everyone loved them! Thank goodness! I think an instant pot is super cool and can do a bunch of stuff! Highly recommend! xTieghan

  12. Can’t wait to see the cakes! Made your zucchini involving this week at the first hint of fall weather and they were so good and so easy. Can’t wait to make them again. Any ideas for a smoothie with apple butter?

  13. Love this! Good luck with the wedding of your brother. I have bookmarked the 30 min butter chicken recipe for this week and totally making it.