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My brain is being thrown in a gazillion different directions right now.

They are all good directions, great directions. Directions that I am so excited about, but it’s hard to stay focused on just one at time.

The thing I am most excited about, and that is creating the greatest problems staying focused, is the barn. Oh my gosh, I cannot wait to show you guys the plans. Pinterest has been my best friend this weekend. Seriously, I have gotten so many cool ideas. It is going to be kind of awesome. I feel so lucky. People wait their whole lives to do something like planning out their dream space and I am doing it now. Although, my plans may be a little different from most.

The whole barn has a lot to do with the kitchen, pantry and area where I will shooting.  Basically, I am creating a home and studio space in one.

Obviously, I am so excited, but it is making my life busier….which I did not even know was possible.

But hey, they say the more you have to do, the more you get done. So I’m just gonna go with that. All that matters is that I am super happy with what I have going on in my life right now. Whoop!!

But now I need to switch gears and focus on the food (see!)!!

And Irish food. Irish, carby, food covered in cheese. Yessss.

It’s no secret the Irish do love their potatoes.

And what’s better than crispy tater tots covered in cheese and bacon? Not a whole lot, it’s a winning combo for sure. I am not sure how the Irish feel about guacamole or avocados, but we are going to pretend they love um…and bacon too!

Irish Tater Nachos |

For more about these nachos, step-by-step pictures and the recipe head on over to Tablespoon.

*Photos heavily inspired by Family Fresh Cooking. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

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  1. Too bad that Brazil is not easy to find Nachos! I can not wait to go back to the US and eat about 30 hahah

  2. I really like nachos too much. Ummm how tasty they are. With this post made me want to eat. Congratulations!

  3. Everyone must know the best way to win health, for long days on my life i just have to eat nachos! but today i leave this fat life, now i using just Hinode!

  4. I have been looking through your posts and I love the on the street looks you have shared! I’m from the United States, and I feel it is not everyday in Illinois that I find myself surrounded with these bold fashion looks.
    Great site!
    And I hope you find Runway Rundown to be tasteful like yours!!

  5. Ohhh my greatness. All the way from chilly South Africa, and have to tell you that looks Amazing. What are Tater totts though, not sure if we have that all the way down here in Africa lol..
    Found your blog through an imag, through an image, through another on Pintrest and am so Glad that I did.

    1. Thank you!! Tater tots are fried potatoes in the form of small balls. If you cannot find them I would use french fries or sliced potatoes that you have cooked until crisp. Hope that helps you!

  6. I’ve never wanted to eat anything like I want to eat this. Since I’ve reached my second trimester all I’ve been craving is potatoes & Mexican, & I’ve been settling for guac on a baker. But this… this is exactly what I want.

  7. There’s not much I love more than potatoes, cheese and bacon. I love that you put guac on these! I’ve never thought of doing that. It looks yummy.

    1. Everyone must know the best way to win health, for long days on my life i just have to eat nachos! but today i leave this fat life, now i using just Hinode!

  8. Going to get this recipe now – this looks delicious! Gorgeous pix – I love that you have a green pan – how perfect for St. Patrick’s Day! Can’t wait to see the barn plans!

  9. Yummmm…is all I have to say about this dish. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the barn – that sure is a pretty awesome project! (though I’m not sure “project” is quite the right word, since it sounds like quite an undertaking)

  10. What a fun recipe, perfect in your green skillet. Can’t wait to see your plans for the barn!

    1. They were of course inspired from yours!! I loved those photos you took last year, as I do all your photos!! Simply gorgeous!!
      Thanks for the constant inspiration!

  11. Ohmahgarsh! Your Irish Tater Nachos look bangin’, T! I want this for our brunch. Today. We have everything on hand except for the tater tots. (Had Tex-Mex last night for dinner.) But, we do have potatoes and sweet potatoes! Nothing like waking up, heading to your blog and finding what to make for Sunday brunch. Have fun with your dream kitchen and studio planning! xo

  12. These look so amazing! Who wouldn’t love guacamole–the color is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. Can’t wait to hear more about your awesome barn.