So, remember Thursday and my boneless wings??

Hot Wings | @hbharvest

Well, today I am one upping those with real deal chicken wings.

I never thought I would actually make real deal chicken wings because to be honest they scare the heck out of me and seem totally intimidating, BUT then I got this amazing new cookbook that I am whole heartedly in love with.

Hot Wings | @hbharvest

Hot Wings | @hbharvest

Please tell me you guys know all about Stephanie Le of I am food Blog. If you don’t you have got to go check her out, she is totally inspiring and her recipes are so good. Stephanie just came out with her first cookbook, Easy Gourmet and well, you guys, it has moved to the top of my what seems to be ever-growing cookbook stack. It is full of all kinds of recipes that may seem totally gourmet and unapproachable for a busy weeknight, but… she made them easy. So very easy and so very good.

Her passion for food shines through every single page of the book. Everything from the photos to the little stories that come along with each recipe just make the book that much more personal. You really feel like you are right there cooking along with Stephanie in her kitchen. Which for me personally, is what I look for in good cookbooks.

Hot Wings | @hbharvest

There are so many recipes I cannot wait to make, I had such a hard time choosing which one to show you guys today. I went back and forth between the Baked Mac & Cheese, Mixed Paella, Homestyle Asian Pasta, Curry Chicken Pot Pie and the Miso Eggplant. Really, I want to make everything though!

Somehow, I went with the hot wings. I think it was more because I was just afraid of them and I wanted a little challenge. Turns out they are the easiest thing ever. Sure the raw chicken is a little nasty to handle (and it made me think of my cute little chickens I love so much down at the barn), but it’s all worth it in the end.

Hot Wings | @hbharvest

These are so good you guys.

My family kind of went a little nuts for them. I served them as dinner with, wait for it….rice! I mean, of course. But, you could serve them with fries or as an appetizer for parties or especially for game day. Whatever you are feeling.

Hot Wings | @hbharvest

Also, these are HOT wings. I used the full fourth of a cup of sriracha, but my family can handle spicy, if you prefer things a little milder then take it down to two tablespoons. Other than that, this recipe is a no brainer if you are a chicken wings fan!

Fun Part: I am giving away a copy of Stephanie’s book, Easy Gourmet, so all you guys can get in on these easy, delicious, gourmet recipes. If you want a copy for yourself, just leave a comment below. Maybe tell me what your favorite fall dinner is too. I am all about fall right now!

Hot Wings | @hbharvest

Hot Wings.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Refrigerate 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour 25 minutes
Servings: 6 Servings
Calories Per Serving: 262 kcal

Nutritional information is only an estimate. The accuracy of the nutritional information for any recipe on this site is not guaranteed.

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  • In a large bowl, mix together the first 7 ingredients. Add the chicken wings and mix well. Marinate in the fridge for 1 hour. Remove the wings from the marinade, reserving the marinade.
  • Indoors: Heat a bit of oil in a large nonstick pan over medium to medium- high heat. Add the chicken wings, cover and cook, flipping every so
  • often until cooked through, about 12-15 minutes. Remove the lid, add the remaining marinade and turn the heat up to high to reduce the sauce. Enjoy immediately.
  • Grill: When ready to cook, set the grill at medium to medium-high heat. Brush the grill with oil and grill the chicken wings, brushing with the remaining marinade and turning every so often until charred and cooked through, about 14-18 minutes.


As found in [Easy Gourmet. |]

Hot Wings | @hbharvest

Good eats and good reads…a happy Sunday for sure!

[This giveaway is sponsored by Stephanie’s publisher. The winner will be picked at random on Friday.]

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  1. 5 stars
    I made these for lunch today. I am so happy with the outcome. They were just perfect. I will definitely be making them again but add more hot sauce for little extra kick 😋

  2. 5 stars
    Love wings!!!! So glad you posted this and this book lols amazing, but anything you make looks amazing:) Favorite Fall recipe, Chili with cornbread & Pumpkin muffins:)

  3. 5 stars
    Although I’ve never made them, l love, love chicken wings?. I plan on making these when the Cubs are in the playoffs, because they WILL make the playoffs, and, I WILL be at a couple of the games!!

  4. 5 stars
    OMG this is perfect for us, sweet, tangy and spicy. Whats not to love and so easy to prepare. With one son at home in college and the other next door with wife and toddler, we often meet in the middle and cook for everyone. I prepared the wings while the boys got the charcoal ready. (we feel it imparts the best char and flavor) Served with some fruit kebabs and cole slaw it was a huge hit. Easy on the pocketbook ingredients as well. I made some with just a Tb of siracha for the grandbaby who is 2 and she loved the wings as well. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hi Carmen! That is so amazing to hear! Thank you so much, I am so glad you and your family enjoyed these wings!!

  5. I actually suffer from fructose malabsorption (who knew that was a thing!) and can’t have honey. Do you have any recommendations for substitutions in this recipe? Would maple syrup work as well?

  6. My favorite fall dish is a vegetarian lasagna with butternut squash! I’m usually an meat-lover, but when it comes to lasagna there’s something about a white-sauce no-meat combo that really makes it a warm, satisfying meal.

  7. My favorite Fall recipe is Seafood Gumbo. My recipe is handed down from my mother in law. Crab, shrimp, sausage, chicken with the trinity and spices served over white rice.

  8. Half Baked Harvest is the definition of “easy gourmet” with beautifully written and rendered recipes. This site comes first in my “cookbook” collection! I am on a big soup kick this fall/winter. There have been some fabulous soups put on my table this year to go with sandwiches and as healthy anytime meals. Soup is my winter salad!

  9. My favorite in the fall is roasted seasonal veggies over pasta. Great all year round, but in the fall it’s light, but filling and you can add chicken if you want. So yummy.

  10. I could eat chicken wings for every meal, and these look so yummy and perfectly caramelized! My favorite fall meal is braised short ribs or some kind of ravioli with tons of sage, brown butter and mizithra!! I need recipe inspiration and this cookbook looks fantastic, I love her blog.

  11. I’m wondering the wings in the picture is it from the stove top or the grill I jus want to get mines just like the picture if I can ? Theylook so delicious

  12. Today I made your Browned Sage Butter Chicken Piccata with Mushroom Pasta and my husband said it was as good a meal as he had ever eaten…totally gourmet! It was delicious and will appera regularly on my table. The wings look so delicious they will be my next try. All your recipes looks so unusual and delicious that I can see I weill be having a busy time trying them all out. Congratulations for your site.

  13. I am going to be making these this weekend to see how they turn out. My favorite Fall food is a good pot roast. I recently permanently lost my sense of smell due to a concussion, so that great aroma when coming in from a crisp and cool Fall day is something I won’t have anymore. So, the great taste of the pot roast and all that goes with it will have to make up for that loss 🙂
    Would love to see some pot roast recipes

  14. What a great recipe, thank you for sharing! I’ve seen so many recipes for hot wings recently but when this one popped up on Pinterest it looked so scrumptious I drooled a little!
    Book sounds lovely, thanks for the giveaway!
    I’ve got so many fav. fall recipes it’s my favourite time of year! Top ones probably are: toffee nut latte, chicken stuffed with chestnuts and bacon with 3 veg, curried parsnip soup and.. your ramen recipe – soooo good! Oh and pork belly with yummy crackling. Crumbs! I’m so in the fall mood right now, how long till dinner? 🙂

  15. I look forward to having these wings. Footballs almost here and it’s time to think of Fall foods. One of my favorites to make is Chicken Cacciatore.

  16. My favorite Fall dinner is Salmon:
    First I take some orange juice concentrate and put a couple of spoons in a pan
    I then add sun dried fruit to the orange juice. I like to use blue berries, strawberries, pineapple and cranberries. This adds blue’s red’s yellow’s and of course orange to the meal. Heat that up for later.
    Next I make some potato pancakes in a non-stick pan. Brown one side and turn over and turn down the heat because you will not need to turn again.
    Then I either grill my salmon or pan fry the salmon. If I grill I also add some asparagus on the grill.
    Now it’s time to put it all together. Put your potato pancakes on each plate. Put the salmon right on top of the potato pancakes and add the warmed up orange juice with sun dried fruit on top and then put the grilled asparagus on the plate too. It’s almost too pretty to eat. The blue, red, yellow, orange and green on your plate. ENJOY

  17. My fav is my mom’s pork Chop Casserole,If there is a dish to have as my last meal on earth it would be that one 🙂

  18. I love the wings as well as the recipes that you have posted, keep them comming, I enjoy the wide variety of foods an recipes Thank You from the bottom of my heart

  19. Love this recipe. I make a butternut squash soup with coconut milk and Granny Smith Apple. Delish. I would love the book.

  20. Looking forward to making the Hot Wings for my Superbowl Sunday eats. Looks easy and appears to not take up too much pregame time.

  21. Just about anything done up in Lodge is great – cornbread, meatloaf, gingerbread but I love buttercup squash and seasoned up well with Vermont Pure Maple Syrup.

  22. I caught the food craze as well at a very young age of around 6. I was the one helping my mother in the kitchen while my twin sister and older brother just had no interest. I was hooked. I have a huge passion for cooking and am happy to see this same passion in you. I have to say while going through your recipes, they look amazing!

    After many many wings I have cooked over the years these look delicious and will be trying them out this weekend.

    Great blog!

  23. Looks so yummy! I’ve made a variation of these before!! Yess yummy! My fav fall meal right now would be squash soup! Soooooo GOOD!

  24. Wings look delicious. I love soups in the fall, any kind, but can’t wait to try your cheddar cheese apple beer soup!!

  25. My favorite fall meal is roasted vegetables. Sweet potatoes and butternut squash make me content. Sometimes I’ll serve with a roast or blend it up with broth for a yummy fall soup.

  26. Hamhocks and butter beans with cornbread and apple pie for dessert. Serve a good beer or cider with the beans.

  27. my favorite fall foods are chili and soup and stews and roasts. I love the way our home fills with the aroma’s. This wing recipe has a nice selection of spice – I often my the drumettes for preparing my fave recipe. Thanks for sharing, this is an awesome prize pack

  28. You can’t beat the smell of pot roast, slowly braising with carrots and onions and turning into a wonderful melt in your mouth creation of yumminess! Served up with creamy buttery mashed potatoes and a heaping spoonful of sweet green peas! Heaven. Pure comfort!

  29. Soup and more soup –
    Wild rice soup with ham
    Butternut squash soup
    Beer Cheese Soup
    Onion Soup

    perfect fall meal

  30. These look great – my hot wings are just half butter half hot sauce so these definitely kick it up! I have already started my fall cooking – lots of roasted vegetables!

  31. Oh my word! Those wings look insane! I normally make them with Frank’s Hot Sauce (which is REALLY difficult to get in Northern Ireland), but I’m definitely going to give this recipe a try.

    My favourite Autumn dish has to be shepherd’s pie! Can’t beat it! Always reminds me of home and my family 🙂

  32. I love reading Stephanie’s blog! My favorite fall dinner is probably scalloped potatoes. Plus some veggies on the side of course!

  33. i love the fall too. it’s such a great time to make comfort foods. once it gets a little cooler, i want to try to make ramen myself.

  34. I love to make a delicious pot roast with veggies cooked in with it. I also love a good stew at this time of year. I’d love a copy of the book and the chicken wings look awesome.

  35. I’d love a copy! My fave fall dinner is chili and cornbread, it’s especially delicious once the weather gets cooler.

  36. This looks like a great cookbook! I love stuffed butternut squash in the fall. Lately I’ve been craving a Southwestern version.

  37. I definitely think I could make those wings even though I haven’t really done wings before, and they look delicious! Favorite fall meal is Pulled Pork sandwich on a crusty roll with spicy, vinegary cole slaw on top…served with dill pickles and the saltiest potato chips you can find.

  38. My defaults for fall food: roasted butternut squash, pumpkin treats and apple anything! But I love gnocchi and always get a desire to try (again) to perfect them. They are one of the things I’m afraid to make, but I’ll keep trying! P.S. I love your blog!

  39. Unfortunately these days, I don’t have hours available in the kitchen, so my favorite fall dinner is sweet potato chili! I can make it in the slow cooker and everything is perfectly muddled when I get home from work. Would love to make those wings though – probably the perfect football food!

  40. Stephanie is the best, isn’t she?! My favorite fall dinner is Midwest Style Chili (the soupy kind) with cornbread muffins..mmmm!

  41. Ridiculously good looking wings, and awesome props btw 🙂
    My fav fall dinner is baked sweet potatoes!

  42. Favorite fall food: chicken pot pie. And butternut squash soup. And thanksgiving turkey. And…

  43. I have never heard of her or the blog! I must check it out. I love fall so things with apple, pumpkin, and/or squash. Right now I am looking forward to making pumpkin chocolate chip bread and maybe some apple crisp!

  44. Wings are great! Especially now that football season has started. But I do love some apple porkchops with sweet potato mash. Yumm :]

  45. Did not want to open the post at first because i was salivating so hard over those chicken wings. And just made your Thai basil beef again (love that recipe).. i think i am going to switch to chicken wings now, they look too good. Favorite fall recipe– Chestnut soup with white mushrooms.. i make this dish once a year, at fall when they start to sell chestnuts at William Sonoma, it’s absolutely crazy good.

  46. I always love your photography, and mouth watering recipes ! Thank you for sharing 🙂 There’s a butternut squash soup that I love so much to make during fall time. It involves white wine, and brandy !! You top it off with toasted sliced baguette with Gruyere cheese and drizzle with romesco sauce. It’s amazing !

  47. My favorite cold-weather meal (not really a fall staple but any cool weather is a good enough excuse for me), is POT ROAST. My mouth waters just thinking about it. Thanks for the chance to win- the book looks great!

  48. My step-daughter made your Chipotle Quinoa Sweet Potato Tacos with Roasted Cranberry Pomegranate Salsa when I visited. I’ve been waiting for fall to make them for my husband. They were soooo good. I would have made them by now had I been able to get fresh cranberries!

  49. Love your blog! I’ve never made real chicken wings either, but maybe I’ll try for this football season! My favorite fall recipe is a good old fashion pumpkin bread.

  50. Love your blog and Facebook presence, Tieghan. My fave fall go-to is pot roast in the crock pot lots of onions, carrots, and potatoes and rosemary…

  51. Love these wings + this cookbook (and everything about your blog, obvi). I am ready for some slow cooker meals this fall – including my mom’s famous sausage + peppers! It’s the perfect football game watching food. And for dessert, some pumpkin bread lathered with butter 🙂

  52. Love wings! Will give this a try in the near future.

    Ratatouille is one of my favorite fall dishes. I like the recipe from Zonya.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  53. Favorite fall dinner (as of last fall) is coconut curry pumpkin soup topped with cumin spiced yogurt, pumpkin seeds, and some greens. Served with crusty bread and wine. So good.

  54. My favorite fall food is butternut squash soup. Which I am having a hankering for now after reading your post! And those wings look amazing!

  55. Love Stephanie and her blog! The thing I tend to make every fall is chili. It’s not something that I typically eat, but it’s my husband’s only recipe and just cooking with him is so wonderful that I live for the days when we make his chili.

  56. This recipes sounds amazing (and approachable!). Would love to check out the full book. For fall meals – I’m looking forward to roasted potato/vegetable dishes. And baking. Always baking!

  57. Fall is my favorite. My favorite “meal” is probably frozen apple cider and a fresh-baked cake donut from our local apple orchard.

  58. I love fall. Sadly, in the South the fall doesn’t truly start until a week or so into October. I absolutely cannot get enough soup in the fall and winter months. My favorite is a hearty veggie soup with white beans. Throw in some home made bread and you have yourself a delicious, filling, fall meal 🙂

  59. Fall = butternut squash/pumpkin in everything… fav is butternut squash mac and cheese! Book looks awesome as do those wings!!

  60. Oh fall! I can’t wait for all the pumpkin and cinnamon spiced things! My favorite fall recipe is stuffed acorn squash…well acorn squash anything! By the way I made your Asian boneless wings this weekend…wow they are amazing! Thank you!

  61. These look amazing and so does the sneak peek of the cook book! My favorite fall meal is a Thai spiced butternut squash soup mmmmm

  62. Hi Tieghan I love you blog I look forward to reading it every mourning with my cup of coffee before I head of to school… you have given me lots of inspiration to try harder and to expand my horizons in the kitchen…to me anything covered in ether a yogurt based sauce…. pesto .. or chocolate sounds good to me…..or anything Pumpkin, or gingerbread always sounds good… I would love to see a healthy pumpkin scone recipie this fall but not just a biscuit scone… a rally sweet and savory …. scone with a nice crunchy sugary crust on top (but by still keeping it healthy like with coconut oil instead of butter would be great…thanks for all your hard work…


  63. For fall, I love anything pot pie. I’m rally interested in the curry pot pie recipe you mentioned – sounds great!

  64. Hot wings are one of my favorites. I especially like the honey coated ” Hot and Spicy ” kind. Would love to get your recipe book you have offered.

  65. I just received Stephanie’s book today, and all I can say is YUM! Medical school doesn’t leave much time for cooking, but I am so tempted to stop studying and cook! One of my favorite fall dishes is tomato cobbler. I got the idea from Joy the Baker!

  66. I would have to say chicken noodle soup! (or any homemade soup for that matter) There is simply something comforting about a hot bowl of soup on a chilly fall day!

  67. I need to try these but with less spiciness. Do pork chops count as a fall dish? I’m loving lightly seasoned pork chops!

  68. I think fall is soup season! There is something so cozy and comforting about hot soup and crusty homemade bread on a crisp, fall day! My favorites are Lasagne Soup, and Potato Leek Soup!

  69. Fall food is all about comfort food! I’ve been loving creamy chicken noodle soup…delicious and pretty quick to throw together!

  70. The recipe is so simple and those wings look divine! Thank you for the awesome giveaway! I hope to win that fabulous cookbook.

  71. all fall food is good but a couple favorites are a Chicken/vegetable Tangine with CousCous; lamb stew in lemon cream sauce and for dessert maple syrup dumplings. This book looks delicious 🙂

  72. cool weather coming and time nearing to trap ferai hogs i love their natural meat without any additives normally B B Qued or smoked but I am anxious not only to try the wings but also some of the feral pork prepared the same way as the wings

  73. My favourite fall recipe – pork vindaloo. I let the pork marinate in the spice marinade for at least a day which really takes the flavor of the dish to another level.

  74. Not too sure if this is a real “fall dinner” but a baked mac and cheese (especially your brie one) definitely tops it. Or my mom’s split pea soup. Although I definitely will have to try these wings!

  75. I miss chicken wings so much! It’s one of the things that has made being a vegetarian hard but I power through it. My favorite Fall dish is a spiced pumpkin soup. You can never really go wrong with pumpkin. 🙂

  76. fall food favourite: Spaghetti squash pesto pasta with sundered tomatoes, toasted pine nuts, fresh tomatoes and roasted red peppers 🙂

  77. These wings look amazing! Favorite fall foods include anything pumpkin and a warm bowl of chili 🙂 Thank you for all your amazing recipes!

  78. The wings and cookbook both look great! Our favorite fall dinner is carrot soup with fresh basil pesto. Thanks for the opportunity.

  79. The wings sound great(always a favorite for my husband)…back to baking for the fall(cookies for my son’s cross country meets and all things apple to treat my daughter and neighbors).

  80. As a vegetarian I can still respect some delicious looking wings! Once fall rolls around I’m huge on soups (chilis, stews, and the warm and creamy), but more importantly… brussel sprouts!

  81. Ugh, I live for cookbooks- my collection expands weekly with new bloggers and restaurants coming out with amazing books. I can’t decide an absolute favorite, but right now i’ve been craving homemade chicken tortilla soup like you wouldn’t believe. The 95 degree California weather is making it pretty impossible to eat though.

  82. These wings looks amazing!!! holy delicious. and the cookbook looks fabulous. I love fall foods – so rustic and hearty. I really love a classic butternut squash soup with crusty bread and a dollop of goats milk.

  83. Very nice of you! Being from Arizona it being cool enough to make soups is the best part of fall. Chicken Tortellini Soup is my family’s favorite.

  84. Thank you I bought chicken wings yesterday and needed a new recipe to try. One of my favorite after summer weather meal is Thai curry. Making it this week too with pork. Hmmmm smell the coconut milk?

  85. I love I Am A Food Blog and all of Stephanie’s recipes!
    For Fall, I am super excited to get into some fresh fall veggies and make a bunch of soup!

  86. My favorite fall dinner is soup. My quick go to fall dinner is Trader Joe’s mac and cheese bites in their tomato soup. Quick, easy, and delicious! Sadly where I live we never really have fall soup weather. It’s over 90 degrees here as I type this 🙁

  87. These wings look scrumptious! I am a huge fan of anything pumpkin for fall- maybe a nice pumpkin ravioli with sage brown butter? yum

  88. When the weather turns cool in Texas, sometime in October, my kids start asking for my German grandmother’s potato soup made with carrots, onions, celery, mushrooms, leeks, simmered in chicken broth then pureed with the immersion blender. To gild the lily I stir in some whipping cream and add good German sausages. I make homemade rolls and the kids will fight over the leftovers. I also enjoy reading stories related to recipes, it makes them more interesting.

  89. Love love love chicken wings, and these look so amazing! My favorite fall dinner right now is anything with butternut squash. Can’t get enough of it!

  90. I love Stephanie’s blog! And these wings look incredible! My favorite fall dinner is anything with roasted butternut squash in it! I can’t get enough of that stuff.

  91. Baked Cajun pork chops with spiced apples. No wait, Chicken and Sausage Gumbo pot pies. No wait,…. Love fall and the dishes it inspires!

  92. My fav fall dinner is pumpkin and sage ravioli. Why go for a fake flavor drink when you can have pumpkin pasta. Love to win that book!

  93. My favorite season is fall. I love all the recipes with apples. I also enjoy soups especially when the weather is cool and crisp. My favorite fall recipe is a squash apple curry soup. It’s delicious!

    These wings look amazing! I will be trying these on an upcoming sunday while watching football.

    I hope I can win this cookbook and see all the yummy stuff inside!

  94. Can’t wait to make these.

    Love your blog and would really like (and use) this cookbook.

    My favorite Fall dish to make is Shepherd’s Pie.

  95. I love chicken wings and am always looking for new ways to fix them. This reiepe soundes great , can’t wait to try. Look forward to your cook book too. Thanks Bill

  96. Favorite fall foods are pumpkin cream cheese muffins, pumpkin curried chicken and rice, and apple cinnamon puff pastries.

  97. Favorite fall food(s): homemade soups, stews and POT ROAST!.
    Question: how did you clean your cast iron pan after that meal?

  98. I can’t even thing about fall dinner when all that is on my mind is pumpkin spice coffee and apple cider donuts. But I do love getting back into soups and stews – easy and set it and forget it.

  99. Hi! I’d really love to have Easy Gourmet, because I really love the blog! My favorite fall dinner is something cozy like a big bowl of squash soup or maybe some very good homemade ricotta ravioli seasoned with some butter… and let’s not forget pumpkin gnocchi! Love them!

  100. These look great, thanks! I don’t think my husband had met a hot wing he didn’t like so I’ll have to make them soon!

    For me fall is all about soup. I.LOVE.SOUP. Chicken wild rice and the Pioneer Woman’s potato soup are my go to’s!

  101. These chicken wings look absolutely delicious!

    I’m a sucker for soups during fall– it’s a toss up between chili, my mom’s homemade chicken noodle soup, or spicy sausage and lentil soup. Yummeh!

  102. yumm–those wings look delicious! My favorite fall meal is this pumpkin, turkey stew that my roommate made in college…served in a pumpkin!

  103. These wings look great!
    Do you want to send over some for supper tonight so I won’t have to cook?
    My favourite and my family’s favourite fall recipe is Oxtail Soup. Just like my Grandma’s.
    Yes please, I would love to win this cookbook. Is it possible, I’m from Canada?

    Have a Joyful Day :~D

  104. MMMM….looks awesome and I would love a chance to win that recipe book! One of my favorite fall dinners is a savory pork tenderloin cooked slow in the oven with carmelized onions, baked sweet potatoes, homemade chunky applesauce with cinnamon and brown sugar and fresh green beans sauteed in olive oil, fresh garlic and a tiny splash of soy sauce. Sometimes simple is simply the best 🙂 Love all of your recipes here!

  105. My hubby loves wings, so will defintitely be trying this recipe! Anything with pumpkin or squash is my favorite for fall.

  106. My boyfriend is a total chicken wings fiend, and he loves sriracha, but I never venture beyond the classic Frank’s Red Hot for our game day chicken wing snacks. I’ll definitely have to combine his loves and make this soon!

    My favorite fall food is a mix of roasted Brussels sprouts, caramelied onion, bleu cheese and balsamic drizzle. I’ll eat the whole pan! I’m looking forward to roasted veggie season again.

  107. I make “twice cooked” wings, but these look really delicious. A Fall favorite of mine is chicken pot pie with lots of veggies.

  108. Whoa! These winds look delicious!! When fall rolls around of course it’s pumpkin and sweet potatoes for me. Thought my favorite would be a ravioli with those fillings!! YUM!

    The book looks wonderful. 🙂

  109. This recipe looks absolutely amazing! My favorite fall dinner is a nice bowl of chicken and dumplings served with nice hot Hawaiian bread. Yum!

  110. Oh man, these hot wings look great. I’m also all about fall and can’t wait to put some chicken soup in rotation for dinner on cold nights!

  111. I love making roasted veggies and incorporating them into pasta dishes and casseroles (and anything pumpkin related, of course!).

  112. Fall is the time for soups and chili. I plan to make the wings for the guys at the firehouse this week. I’m sure they are going to love them.

  113. I usually don’t make wings at home, I do however like to order them out – but this recipe looks very ‘doable’! My favorite Fall recipe is actually one of your recipes -
    We love this dish and I make it like once a month in the Fall and Winter!

  114. There is nothing better than a big fire with oysters roasting over it and a bowl of soup. Thank goodness for “R” months!

  115. Oh those goodness…those wings!!! And….Mmm anything fall and suits football food! Thanks for the giveaway Tieghan!

  116. I love love love wings! This time of year one of my favorite dishes to make is pumpkin turkey Chile, the aroma is creates just warms the home 🙂

  117. My family loves a good stew in the winter with nice hot crusty bread, But theses wings sound out of this world and I am going to try them soon.

  118. Hi Stephanie, Thanks for the offer. The hot wings look great. The wife and I love a good chili during the fall months. Always warms the soul!!!

  119. Tieghan, We have wings every Sunday at my house so these will be fun to add. I think ONE of my favorite fall meals is Cheesy Corn Chowder with biscuits. Mmmm, comfort. And I LOVE your “Half Baked Harvest” blog. <3

  120. In the fall a big soup pot filled with kale at the bottom some baby new potatoes cut in half and some sausage (I like mine spicy)–I add a little celery seed and pepper for seasoning. Just let it slowly steam down. So easy to do.

  121. My fall = carrot and everything with it related. Favorites are carrot soup and carrot cake (yes, it is a true dinner meal!))

    Oh, Stephanie is one of my most loved bloggers. And to feel her book in my arms would be awesome!! Really…

  122. The winds look great. I’m a huge fan of wings and always looking for a new ways to enjoy. If all of Stephanie’s recipes are this simple, I’d love to read her cookbook.

  123. These look delicious, and I’d love to enter to win a copy of the book.

    My favourite Fall meal is very easily my Mom’s Bolognese Sauce, served with spaghetti and a glass of the red wine we buy in bulk when we visit the French house. (It was apple juice for me when I was a kid!) I’ve actually posted the recipe on my blog before, she does it with Beef but I make it with veal

  124. My husband adores HOT HOT wings, so I am excited to try this recipe! Our favorite fall foods are soups or roasted spaghetti squash with sautéed spicy, garlic kale on top. Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  125. Anything pumpkin 🙂 But those wings look fantastic… and just when I decided to go vegetarian for September.. 😀
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  126. Those wings look amazing? The only thing that would make this better were if you were giving away a copy of *your* cookbook! (Any plans for one of those in the future?) By the way, I’ve made your Tuscan minestrone and jerk chicken with pineapple salsa in the last week, and they were both FANTASTIC! 😀

  127. Tieghan, I’m Big Fan of Stephanie Le for her Recipes, I Purchased this book ‘Easy Gourmet’ but never had the time to look into it, Thanks for Reminding it and definitely Gonna try those recipes on this book.

    Thanks 🙂

    1. My favorite fall food is butternut squash. I found this amazing butternut squash mac and cheese recipe. I make this dish every fall.

    2. I cannot wait to make these wings for my book council this week!! My favorite fall recipe is a hot shepards pie with a kale salad, yum!! I would love your cookbook Stephanie Le !!!!