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Just cranking out the summer recipes before it’s too late.

Italian Ice | @hbharvest

Ahh, and too cold, which for me is probably right about now. I could see my breath on this morning’s hike.

But it is still very much summer and I am sharing the easiest homemade Italian Ice over at Food 52 today. It’s so simple, so refreshing and the perfect way to savor every last bit of summer. Which is exactly what I am going to be doing today. No wait, I wish I was going to be doing that today. What am I really doing? Setting up friendly traps for the squirrel that has been living in out house for the past WEEK!

Yes, you guys I am so serious. I promise, we are not dirty people (well the boys, they are kind of dirty I guess). In fact I am probably a little too clean, but you see the boys in the house think it is ok to leave the door wide open all day long. Cllearly it is not ok, because we now have a squirrel problem. Someday I am going to look up and see a bear. That’ll be real fun.


So today is all about catching the family squirrel and safely setting it free. Advice? We need it.

For the Italian Ice recipe head over to Food 52.

Italian Ice | @hbharvest

This weeks Link Love:

If you missed it here is what I made this last week:

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Italian Ice | @hbharvest

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