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Layla and Mara.

Everyone...It's Time to Meet the Goats (PHOTOS!)! | @hbharvest

The names were all Asher’s choice…if it was up to me, I would have gone with completely unconventional names like Hermione and Granger…because well, I am a Harry Potter freak. Also, just putting this out there, when I do finally get a dog, his name will most definitely be Hedwig (the white owl in Harry Potter). It may seem weird, but I love that name and I desperately want a white husky, with a grey strip down its nose and blue eyes.

Anyway, just wanted to finally give you guys a boat load of photos of our cute, friendly goats. It’s safe to say we have definitely become attached to these little girls. They are so sweet and kind, AND I am semi excited for their milk. I say semi because I can’t let myself get too excited now. We have to mate them first, wait while they are pregnant, watch while they have and raise the babies, and THEN we can have milk – YAY!! The milk probably will not come until next summer since we are all just really busy right now, and caring for baby goats would just kind of be A LOT. So for now, we will just enjoy our little girls and let them do their job of eating the weeds. Next year we will focus on milk.

Oh, and if you’re looking for a fun day trip in CO, go check out Frog Belly Farm and meet Layla and Mara’s siblings and their lucky farm Mom, Heather!

OK, so here’s a boat load of goat photos. Enjoy!

Everyone...It's Time to Meet the Goats (PHOTOS!)! | @hbharvest

Everyone...It's Time to Meet the Goats (PHOTOS!)! | @hbharvest

Everyone...It's Time to Meet the Goats (PHOTOS!)! | @hbharvest

Everyone...It's Time to Meet the Goats (PHOTOS!)! | @hbharvest

Everyone...It's Time to Meet the Goats (PHOTOS!)! | @hbharvest

Everyone...It's Time to Meet the Goats (PHOTOS!)! | @hbharvest

Everyone...It's Time to Meet the Goats (PHOTOS!)! | @hbharvest

Everyone...It's Time to Meet the Goats (PHOTOS!)! | @hbharvest

Everyone...It's Time to Meet the Goats (PHOTOS!)! | @hbharvest

Everyone...It's Time to Meet the Goats (PHOTOS!)! | @hbharvest

Everyone...It's Time to Meet the Goats (PHOTOS!)! | @hbharvest

Everyone...It's Time to Meet the Goats (PHOTOS!)! | @hbharvest

OH – and happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there!! Hope you guys are having a great day!

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  1. So happy so see these babies. They are really precious. I’m only sorry that that the mountain lion killed several of them. I imagine it was really difficult to tell the children because they probably had a favorite or favored all of them. I’m an ardent animal lover and hate to see any harm or abuse that happens to any of God’s sweet creatures. Cherish them always.

  2. Love the goats! Also, I named my cats Remus and Percy. 🙂 So happy to meet another Harry Potter freak.

  3. Okay, well, this just set my strong desire to have some goats over the edge! If you ever need a “goat-sitter” I am just an hour away! 🙂

  4. What adorable goats, when I first came to Italy my mother-in-law had goats, she made her own ricotta and goat cheese, it was all so delicious. Have fun!

    Ps love the name for your dog, my youngest daughter called our dog Leone (she is a Courage the Cowardly dog big fan, Leone is the Italian translation).

  5. Haha! Also being a HP fanatic, I totally get it that you have Hedwig all picked out in your head already. I have had an Irish wolfhound named Hagrid in my head for sometime, myself. It will probably never come to pass, because the Goldens I have now have me maxxed out, but a great giant of a beast with scraggly beard has been in my mind for years now. )

    Warning, though, a husky’s shedding will put you over the top with amount of dog hair tumbleweeds you will have in the house!

  6. Ok so these are SO CUTE. And I just looked at that farm and now totally want to go visit. <3

  7. Love seeing these precious goats Tieghan! Great photos! And btw, I’m a Harry Potter freak as well!

  8. Luv the goats and Asher is just so cute with them. My friends have goats and when they have their little babies they are just the cutest…You will adore them.

  9. Hermione and Granger would be perfect names! Or maybe Weasley and Potter? Totally jealous of your goats – so fun!

  10. The only thing I know about goats is goat cheese! Are you going to make goat cheese? Do you have a little ‘Goat House’ for them in bad weather? I know you said they eat the weeds around your house. What do you feed them when the weeds run out? Or maybe the weeds never run out! Do they have to go to the vet to get shots once a year, like cats and dogs? Are there wild animals where you live that could eat the goats? So now that I have convinced you that I know even less that nothing about goats, I send my best wishes to you and little Layla and Mara! They look like bunches of fun to me!!

    1. Yes, I am planning on making goat cheese! 🙂
      They do have a little shelter and the weeds never really run out, but in the winter they will eat Alfa Alfa. They don’t need shots that I know of, but my dad would not more. And yes, there are animals that could be a danger to them, BUT we have them in a very safe place at all times that keep the animals away.

      Thanks for the kind words and let me know if you ever have questions!

  11. Thanks for the pics, Tieghan! The goats are so cute…and Asher is just too adorable! I was going to say, when you announced the goats’ names and forgot: I like the names (especially Layla 😉 ). They just seem to fit goats. 🙂

  12. Way cute! So is Miss Asher. Anytime you feel like uploading more goat images, audio and/or video files…I’d love it all. Happy Father’s Day to your dad.

  13. Oh, your little goats are sooooo adorable and soooo cute. It must be so special having them walking around just chilling, eating weeds and being so happy. Thanks for sharing your pics. Have a great day.

  14. Your goats are adorable. I’ve been waiting for the pictures you promised so thanks for delivering. I would really like to see pictures from inside the barn too. I feel like we all lived through construction with you and really never got to see how it turned out. Even if the interior is still a work in progress it would be great to see how far it has come so far.

    1. Hey Maralyn!!

      Dont worry, pic of the barn should be up sometime in July hopefully. It has been a LONG process, but hoping to get to take photos soon!! SOrry for taking so long to get them to you all! Thanks for the kind words, hope you had a great weekend!

  15. I’m sure they will love their new home…great photos, thank you for sharing them 🙂