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Sunday Pizza.

Deep Dish Pizza Casserole |

Normally Sunday dinner around here is a little more meaty, a little less cheesy and with a side or two of rice. But on Sundays like this one, when things are crazy, pizza just works. Plus, it’s a must for when the spring snowstorms start to hit and I begin to want to scream (yes, it’s snowing heavily… again!). Anyway, luckily for all of us, pizza is delicious – any day, any time. Especially when it’s extra cheesy, super easy and something that everyone in the house will eat AND enjoy. Yes!

Plus, Sunday just needs an easy meal, one – because lots of planning for the barn is happening, and two – it’s Sunday and I have heard a time or two that Sunday is a day of rest. So let’s just rest a little. K? Cool.

Deep Dish Pizza Casserole |

Get the Recipe for this Deep Dish Pizza Casserole here!

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  1. After about a year of having this on my cue I finally made it. Super easy and so delicious. I added red onion and mushrooms to mine. Bomb! Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

  2. I think I’m going to start keeping that pillsbury crust on hand so that I can make this EVERY DAY.

  3. You are still getting SNOW?! You poor, poor thing. You can visit me in Atlanta anytime 🙂 Especially if you bring this yummy, cheesy casserole pizza!!! Mmmmmm cheeeesseeee