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How do guys feel about pizza?

Chipotle Pumpkin Pizza and Broccoli Pizza with Bacon and Gouda Cheese-7

And cheese?

Because today is all about good cheese!

Ok, and maybe a little pizza with that cheese.

Chipotle Pumpkin and Broccoli Pizza with Bacon + Gouda Cheese (+ A Giveaway!) |

So, I have been developing some cheesy recipes for the sweet people over at Wisconsin Cheese.

You guys know how much I love cheese, so obviously I am pretty excited to be working with some of the best cheeses around. I mean, there’s been gouda, gorgonzola, fontina, cheddar, mascarpone (if you have never tried this, try it! So good!), brie (!!) and just a lot of cheesy goodness happening around here.

Chipotle Pumpkin and Broccoli Pizza with Bacon + Gouda Cheese (+ A Giveaway!) |

This pizza here is kind of ridiculously delicious.

It’s cheesy, pumpkiny and there is some bacon too. Oh yeah, and a little broccoli for balancing things out. Perfect for lunch, dinner or even cut up into small pieces and served as a party appetizer. I am pretty sure all your Thanksgiving guests will go crazy for this pumpkin pizza!

Chipotle Pumpkin Pizza and Broccoli Pizza with Bacon and Gouda Cheese-1

Ok, and about that giveaway?

I am pretty excited about it! I do not do a whole lot of giveaways around here, but when I do I have to make sure they are awesome. And this one is AWESOME. The terrific people over at Wisconsin Cheese are giving away a holiday cheese basket!

Yes, yes, yes! Just in time for your holiday entertaining too. Nothing better than cheesy apps this time of year!

Chipotle Pumpkin and Broccoli Pizza with Bacon + Gouda Cheese (+ A Giveaway!) |

Just follow the Rafflecopter instructions for your chance of four entries and check out the pizza recipe below!

Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Chipotle Pumpkin and Broccoli Pizza with Bacon + Gouda Cheese (+ A Giveaway!) |

Find the recipe over here in the Wisconsin Cheese Grate. Pair. Share. Online Magazine!

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  1. I dug deep and found this pizza, so yummy. I also used the pizza dough recipe from your Simple cook book, it was rad! Although my husband liked it, he said I shouldn’t mess with pizza ie stick to pepperoni, ha ha. I disagree 😋

    1. Hey Suzanne! This is awesome, I’m so happy to hear this recipe turned out the way you’d hoped! 🙂 xTieghan

  2. I love cheese! Anything made with cheese.. or just a straight up hunk of cheese. Yum! And I love your recipes. Thanks 🙂

  3. this looks soooo good. i may make it for thanksgiving! just got into cooking this year and really want to make something awesome to impress my family

  4. Love my 7 layer dip (greek yogurt, cheese,salsa, quac, veggies, more cheese, olives). Such a crowd pleaser and so cheesy!

  5. Really anything cheesy is my favorite, but I am a huge fan of dips so probably spinach artichoke dip or baked brie. Yum!

  6. Oh gosh; forgot to add my favorite cheesy appetizer. Is it a cop-out to just go with CHEESE? Because a nice cheese board with some wild honey and homemade jam and different salts is pretty much the greatest.

  7. My dad used to make these brie and cranberry Phyllo cups. Oh man, they were so good. Maybe it’s time to recreate them this year…

  8. My favorite appetizer is just straight up cheese lol. I love the Stilton (sp?) cheese that is blended with cranberries. I can eat that for days!

  9. Favorite cheesy holiday appetizers – I make some very unique cheese balls using many different types of soft cheeses. I used to make several large cheese balls, but over the years have been making smaller individual sized cheese balls or medallions. Perfect size for crackers.

  10. We make a cheeseball and it is always a holiday staple. We used to get it at a local grocery store but it closed so my mom and I had to figure out how to make it ourselves. I can’t imagine a Thanksgiving or Christmas without it!

  11. My family has a spinach and cheese dip that we love, and sometimes we serve it when we have lingering Christmas guests. However, my favorite cheese dish at Christmas would probably have to be the classic macaroni and cheese. Yummy!

  12. Honestly there’s just nothing better than a cheese and crackers plate! My step-mom and I live on a diet of cheese during the holidays!

  13. I think that any time bacon and gouda are combined there’s no way you can lose! This looks FANTASTIC!

  14. It’s so hard to choose just ONE cheesy dish. Can I say cheesecake? My pumpkin cheesecake with a gingersnap crust is a tradition in our house, and I wait all year for it!

  15. I have not made it for a long time, so figured this was the year. It’s a really wonderful cheese ball — a mix of cream cheese, blue cheese, and sharp cheddar, rolled in chopped pecans. It looks beautiful on a cheese tray.

  16. I make a lot of pizza at home, at least once a week. I am always trying to switch things up, create something different. Your pie looks amazing!
    Our favorite cheesy dish to have around the holidays is Mac and Cheese especially if we bake a ham!

  17. I don’t eat meat so my awesome homemade Mac and Cheese is a staple holiday meal. It’s amazing how when I bring it to a Thanksgiving dinner, everyone always says “oh I never thought of Mac and Cheese for Thanksgiving” and then every single person eats some… and then some more 🙂

  18. Oh My!!! This looks Absolutely Delicious & I wish I had a piece right now!! I LOVE Cheese, Love IT!!! My favorite cheesy holiday dish is definitely my grandfather’s baked macaroni!!

  19. Yay! fun giveaway!

    My favorite cheese holiday tradition is the cheese + olive + relish tray. It’s always the first thing you eat, and sometimes, I fill up on it and don’t want dinner! 🙂

  20. I love ANYTHING with cheese. Basically give me a good cheese course and I’m one happy girl! Love this Tieghan.

  21. I love a good homemade cheeseball during the holidays. I like to shape mine like a pinecone with sliced almonds pressed into it.

  22. I love this pizza, it looks fabulous and loaded with cheesy goodness! My favorite cheesy holiday appetizer has to be stuffed mushrooms!

  23. I love marscapone! Please tell me you’ve tried making a tiramisu with it and when it’s made with lots of Tia Maria I know it’d be right up your street!

  24. I can’t stand eating the wax on cheese. If I ever get brie on a sammich, I peel off the wax crusts before I can even think about eating it.

  25. Love the recipe! Sounds like an amazing flavour combo! A cheese basket this time of year is THE perfect giveaway! Thanks!! I always look forward to your blog posts!!

  26. What’s better than a cheesy pizza?? This one looks amazing, and I’m loving the bacon and broccoli addition!
    Chipotle Pumpkin Broccoli Pizza, be my dinner, please! <3
    Happy Sunday, Tieghan!

  27. CHEESE! Loving the idea of a pumpkin pizza! I’ve never tried Wisconsin cheese before..I’ll have to check them out! Hope your weekend is going well, lady!

  28. Oh my word does this look awesome Tieghan!! I love cheese. Pizza and Homemade mac and cheese rank high in comfort food for us, thanks for the giveaway!!

  29. Hey Tieghan! Great looking recipe! I love cheese platters with fruit and crackers and also a great cheesy onion dip! Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  30. This pizza looks amazing! I love homemade pizza and experimenting with new toppings. I will definitely have to try this one! And of course who can say no to cheese during the holidays. I love trying out new recipes for my family’s Christmas Eve dinner. Last year I made a baked brie with cranberries!

  31. My family loves cheese!! Have to a cheese tray at holiday gatherings, and this would be great to have this year. I make a cheesy hashbrown casserole that they love and has a lot of cheesy goodness in it.