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  • Last minute entertainers? this one is for you --> asparagus and brie pastries with thyme honey. flaky pastry + asparagus + brie = all the good things. finish with a drizzle of sweet thyme honey...and that's all you gotta know. recipe linked in profile. #feedfeed #brie #pastries #easyrecipes #imsomartha #recipevideo #easter
  • Lemon Coconut Naked Cake with Whipped Vanilla Buttercream --> not going lie, I lost count of how many times I made this cake before I got it just right, BUT it was worth all the effort. This is that pretty “garden” cake that actually tastes amazing too. For 1: the cake layers are MOIST, and SOFT, and SO FLUFFY. 2: the lemon honey syrup? It's a game changer. 3: the buttercream? It's just really good (and heavy on the vanilla). Put it all together you you have the best coconut cake. Trust me, it's GOOD - linked to the recipe in my profile. #f52grams #imsomartha #eatingfortheinsta #eeeeeats #coconutcake #easter
  • The Ultimate Spring Brunch Board. Why? because it's Easter weekend and no matter what you are doing this weekend, you need to enjoy some brunch. YOU DO. This board is everything and has something for everyone --> roasted baby potatoes, crispy bacon, smoked salmon, eggs, tomatoes with burrata, bagels, naan, and all the cream cheese and spreads that every brunch needs…and then some. If you are going to do brunch, do a GOOD brunch, you know? Only thing missing? A cocktail, but don't worry, I have that coming soon 😉 Grab the how-to for this brunch board on HBH - linked in profile. #f52grams #imsomartha #eatingfortheinsta #eeeeeats #instayum #brunch
  • Coconut Banana Cream Pie Parfaits. You know something? Sometimes it’s hard to describe just how good a recipe really is and tonight I’m outta words, so just know that this is the creamiest + most delicious coconuty banana cream pie...parfait. Every bite is layered with creamy coconut pudding, buttery "crust”, sweet bananas, and a touch of chocolate too. Your week needs this cute little pie parfait. Grab the recipe link in my profile. It's a good one. #eatingfortheinsta #buzzfeast #imsomartha #eeeeeats