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Ok, so while I have photos today, I also have lots of words.

The Barn…Progress Photos-1

I have been avoiding writing this post for so long because to be totally honest, I have been crazy embarrassed for a lot of reasons, but the main reason being that everything is not perfect, not 100% me, and not the way I saw it my head. It’s also far from being completely finished. The truth is I moved in WAY too early. The kitchen is in good shape, sure, but the rest of the place is just a flat-out mess. I still have no bathroom sink (Monday), I’m missing an exterior door (coming today!) and many other things, as you will see.

In talking with my mom and dad, I realized that this is simply real life and it’s also most definitely the way construction goes. Nothing is perfect, it’s stuff that people go through all the time and just because I write a blog, that doesn’t make my life picture perfect. So I am not going to try to paint it any differently. What you are seeing and reading is the brutal truth….AKA life.

Let me also add that life is not like it seems on Pinterest. It’d be pretty awesome if it was, but IT’S NOT.

I am learning this the hard way and it is not particularly fun, but it’s REAL. When we set out to renovate this space a little over a year ago, neither my parents nor I thought it would be so much work nor so much of well, a pain in the ass. And umm, that is putting it nicely. I wish I could sit here and tell you this amazing story of how awesome building my own home was and yada, yada, yada, but that just wouldn’t be the truth and as much as the internet, and more specifically blogs, like to create a picture perfect world, I am here to show you that is not the case. Nothing about this process has been perfect and as you will see from the photos, we are not even done. UGH.

With all that said, I do not want to seem ungrateful. I am beyond grateful for everything and I couldn’t be more exited to have my own space and know that it is space that I created….I just wish it was a little more the way I had envisioned it in my head. A little more Pinterest perfect, but I am learning to accept that most things are just not meant to look like they do on Pinterest. I am so excited to be able to work in this kitchen, once it is quiet and all my own I know I will be pinching myself. And even though everything isn’t quite as I envisioned, I am still so incredibly happy with the way things are looking and the way I think they will come together once everything is finished. I feel amazingly lucky, blessed and all that good stuff to get to be on my own in such a great space, yet still be so close to my family.

SO, there are a lot of reasons why this renovation has been hard. Issues with the county and permits, issues with contractors (yes, plural), issues with workers, issues with workers not showing up, and then of course the “oh, but I have no money left” issue. UGH. It’s just kind of been one thing after the next and since I really do not want to be in debt or flat-out broke (and neither do my parents, who yes helped me with this renovation), I was not willing to shell out all of my money for every last little detail that I wanted.

If you ever got a chance to check out my Barn Pinterest board then you saw that my style is pretty simple, clean, rustic and… apparently very expensive. I easily could have spent a million bucks on this place if I had done everything the way I really wanted to. In the end, I think that everything will come together and I will love this place to death. Right now I am just living in a giant cloud of dust, with dirt covered floors and painters who are totally stoned. Sounds fun, right?

I have to give one giant shout out to my mom today. First because it’s her birthday!! I am making her this cake AND this cake because she is the best and cake is her favorite and she totally deserves not one, but two cakes today! Second, because without her, there is no way that I would be sitting here in my own home in peace and quiet (very dusty and dirty, but quiet) without her. When we went through two general contractors, one of whom was actually stealing money, my mom decided to take on the task herself and you guys, she did a KICK ASS job. No one could have done it better. So thank you so much mom, you will always be the best at everything and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

But don’t be calling her up looking to use her on your next project. She is DONE with any kind of construction. Forever. “Never again” in her words.

Ok so what else. While things right now aren’t just they way I want them, I know that over time everything with come together. And yes, it will take lots of time, but eventually it will get there and eventually it will all be completely ME. And the really good news is, I have lots and lots of time to grow into this place. The perks of being young!

And now some pictures!! Welcome to my new home guys!


Let’s start with the kitchen because I feel like this is the room that everyone is most anxious to see. Let me start by saying that the purple paint you see is being replaced with white. Also, the metal pole-like thingy that you see hanging over my stove will soon be one giant hood. The rest of the kitchen will stay the same. Oh, but I do hope to get some plates over those light switches soon!

The Barn…Progress Photos-2

I ended up going with all marble countertops, and while they are beautiful, they are such a pain. I still love them, but wow, everything stains. I am wishing I would have done marble on the outside counters and a butcher block for the island. I think that would have been much more practical, but they’re there now and like I said, they are so pretty! My cabinets actually did not turn out the way we thought they would. I was hoping for more of a grey color, but I think once I get rid of the purple paint I will like them much more.

The Barn…Progress Photos-3

For the upper cabinets I decided to have them open, and even though I have to keep them somewhat tidy, I am loving them! I actually hope to get a little more color into them soon…meaning more dishes! Oh and yes, that whole wall to the right of the sink is filled with Staub cookware. Slightly obsessed.

I got my hardware for the cabinets from Anthropologie. I love them! They were pretty expensive, but I think they are so fun and help to keep things unique.

The Barn…Progress Photos-4

As for my appliances, they are all Sub-Zero and Wolf. Let’s just talk about my oven? Isn’t it amazing? Double oven and so many burners. LOVE it. And then my fridge? It’s so clean and perfect, I wish it could stay this way forever and ever.

The Barn…Progress Photos-5

My sink I had custom-made, It is a copper sink with a nickel patina, and considering how much I could have spent, it was relatively CHEAP. The sink is all my mom’s doing. THANK YOU!. It’s practically the size of a bathtub and washing dishes is basically a dream (ok, slight exaggeration). I hope that over time, a little more of the copper underneath will show through. I also have a sprayer that is being installed on Monday… along with the bathroom faucet…and the water line to the ice maker in the fridge. Yep, still a work in progress.

The Barn…Progress Photos-6

On to the next room, my studio/photo room/where I take all my pictures! I love this room. It’s literally right off the kitchen, which makes my life a million times easier. AND the light is so perfect and while it is a lot darker than what I am used to shooting in, I have grown to love it.

The Barn…Progress Photos-8

Having so much space is a dream, and over time I will be getting those boards and dishes up off the floor and into my pantry…cannot wait for that to be built. Thinking it will end up as my favorite room!

The Barn…Progress Photos-9

And speaking of the pantry, this wall right here will have sliding barn doors that will open up into that favorite room (that is also not even built yet). Those pieces of cardboard will be gone and all you will see is a big room full of props, food and prettiness! Can’t wait! The barn doors will be going up this week and the actually pantry should be happening with the next couple months.

The Barn…Progress Photos-10

Walking back through the kitchen now into my office. The office is still a work in progress as well.  I love my white wood walls, but I need a new desk, a bookshelf and some pops of inspiring color. I am hopping to get this room finished up soonish as I spend any time that I am not in the kitchen in here and I would love to have a super creative and inspiring space to work in.

The Barn…Progress Photos-11

The walls will all be wood similar to the walls in my office and shooting room, only a slightly different color.

The Barn…Progress Photos-12

The Barn…Progress Photos-13

The Barn…Progress Photos-14

And now, up my pretty stairs that yes, will eventually have a railing.

The Barn…Progress Photos-15

This wall will also have sliding barn doors and they will open up into my tiny bedroom.

The Barn…Progress Photos-16

Even though this room is small, I love its coziness. It’s the perfect little room for me. I still need a lot of stuff, like a night stand and shades and things to make the room fun, but again, over time! I have a cute little white chandelier that still needs to be hung, I can’t wait to see it up.

The Barn…Progress Photos-15

And here is the bathroom. I LOVE my vanity so much. My parents found it at an antique shop and even though the sink actually does not work yet, it’s currently my favorite piece in the barn. I love it’s fun color and rustic feel.

The Barn…Progress Photos-17

And that’s a wrap up of the barn…progress photos. I promise this will not be the last post and I cannot wait to be able to show you everything when it’s all finished and done. No idea when that will be, but hopefully it will not be all that much longer!! I would love to hear your thoughts and even suggestions for things to add! So let me know what you guys think!!

The Barn…Progress Photos-18

Happy Sunday!

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    1. Hey Cara,
      My faucets are from Waterstoneusa. Please let me know if you have any other questions! xTieghan

  1. Love this. Talk to us about that gorg floor….the level that has what appears to be a polished concrete floor…..just beauteous!
    Thanks for sharing ♥

  2. Thanks, dear for sharing an Amazing post I ever read..this post having very useful information for me to develop my photography skills. Truly said that every photographer has its own Photography Background and skills which make him unique from others like you.

    Wish you all the best!

  3. This is a wonderful, beautiful project. Most parents do things for their children out of love. We have children, and want them to succeed in life and do whatever we can to help. My father always told me, I want to help you while I am still alive, not with my money when I’m gone. I believe it is “family” that brings love and happiness to life. So, stay true, you are not spoiled. You are conscious and grateful for what your parents are doing for you. You are working hard, never give up, your dreams are coming true. Live a life of happiness!

    1. Thank you so much Abby! That is such a sweet thing your father would tell you! I hope you have a great weekend and a life full of happiness ?

  4. wow what a collection its great …!! every thing in the picture is very amazing and nice…!! i just love it…!!! <3

  5. What a gorgeous kitchen you have, Teigan! I love that everything is natural – marble, wood, copper, & wood. Love those appliances, too! I have a smaller kitchen with a lot of granite countertops. My countertops are darker (gold/brown/beige) and have brown flecks in them. I have stainless appliances. I wanted to let you know about some cleaning cloths I use in my kitchen (and home), that are THE BOMB for cleaning granite countertops and appliances with only water (no chemical sprays or paper towels needed)! They keep my granite from feeling gritty, and make the countertops feel as smooth as glass! They are embedded with silver (a natural antibacterial compound), that kills bacteria when activated with water. I got tired of spraying cleaner on my granite countertops that left residue after it dried. Think chicken juice — nasty stuff that comes with cooking — these cloths (enviro, polishing, or kitchen) kill that stuff immediately as you clean up. We’ve tested the results with food safety testing pens. AMAZING RESULTS. And, all that bacterial goop doesn’t cross contaminate in your cloths either! You can clean granite and stainless with one cloth, dry swipe with a polishing cloth — no chemicals, paper towels, or streaks. It makes cleaning the kitchen so much faster — I HATE CLEANING – these cloths let you clean less and live more :). Anyway…just wanted to share that with you. I will be starting a blog soon about having an environmentally safe chemical free home that will feature some of these cleaning items. Until then…check out my webpage – and have a look at some of these things! I’d love to feature a testimony from you with photos of your kitchen on my blog one day! Would you be interested? Congratulations on your Barn, and your beautiful blog! I am captivated by all the recipes and beautiful photos! And btw…that broccoli cheddar soup is to die for – I made it this week 🙂

  6. Hey Tieghan…certainly a beautiful work in progress…I am soooo envious…and all that snow! In Queensland Australia it doesn’t snow here unfortunately,but how I would love to be there for a white Christmas.
    Keep up the good work and am eagerly anticipating more photos.:)

  7. I just found your blog through through the amazing recipe for the oatmeal chocolate chunk cookies sprinkled with roasted pepitas and salt which sound amazing.

    I had considered marble countertops for my new kitchen. In my considerable research, I read that with white marble some people would take a can of tomatoes and rub the tomato all over the countertop. The countertop is stained and no more worries. If I had gone with marble I would have done this. Why spend your life worrying about staining a countertop. Just stain it all and get it over with.

    1. Haha! That is literally what I have been doing, but I have been doing it unintentionally! haha! I have stopped worrying and embraced the stains! Thank you so much for your kind words!!

  8. I just stumbled across your blog and find it so inspiring love the photography. What amazing spaces and your kitchen is to die for, the finishes you picked are perfect together- Well done! Can’t wait to see more progress photos of the barn .

  9. I am not a purple person at all but I actually love that purple with those gorgeous cabinets – love their color too!
    What an amazing space !!
    Looking forward to watching it progress !
    Love the food you cook & the photography.
    I look forward to checking in everyday.

    1. Too funny, I actually ended up changing the purple!! Hah!

      Thank you so much, final post coming soon! 🙂

  10. For some reason this post really hit home for me. I’m a newcomer to your blog and absolutely love it, so easy to follow and the photos are what draw me in the most (As a photographer obviously it would). I love that you experiment so much too. But what I really felt was a connection and I want you to do so well that you can prove that you aren’t just living off your parents. It’s sooooo hard starting a new venture and taking a step forward to actually live your dreams, and yes you probably need to invest a bit of parents money into a business but I’m sure they’ll get every penny back some how along the way. You working hard is enough to show them you aren’t just hoping they will see you through it either. Ultimately this home is something you need to keep this blog running the way it is, in order to cook freely and take beautiful images for people like us. I hope things go so well for you and please update the barn pics would love it see it.

    1. Hi Mia,

      Thank you SO much for your kind words! They made my night! The final barn pics will be coming later this summer, so keep a lookout for them! 🙂
      Thanks again!

  11. The kitchen is gorgeous, speechless. Love wood, my friends call me oldie because of how everything for me could be made out of mahogany. That vanity, love the table (recycling)…
    I was wondering what kind of camera do you use? I´m trying to upgrade from my small, nice, digital camera to a more professional, non-heavy non-AA operated camera.

    1. Thank you so much!!

      I use a Canon 5D Mark iii, but I love the Canon Rebels or the Canon 6D and 7D. Hope that helps and let me know if you have any other questions, happy to help!

  12. What a gorgeous space-in-process! And to think that this is your first big project! My dear, it is going to be so much fun watching what you do next.

  13. This is great! You said your parents helped you, but this looks SO expensive! Curious; how at such a young age did you save up the rest for it? Do you guys farm?

  14. Wow! This is amazing! I know you said that it’s not all the way you pictured it or even done yet, but wow…and the appliances, DAM! Very nice! Thanks for sharing I can’t wait to see more 🙂

  15. Wow! While surfing your blog for a dinner recipe and hit the story about your renovation. I love it all. My husband and I live in an old farmhouse in Canada which we have been renovating for well, ever! But that is how it goes when you’re doing the work yourself. I am on the hunt for that “perfect” old dresser for a bathroom vanity. The color of your cupboards is perfect and I have very old butcher block (wood) counters that I wouldn’t trade. When we finally get to the kitchen, it’s wood counters all the way!!

  16. Loving the kitchen! The wood is perfection, the sink is GORGEOUS (like I’m so incredibly jealous), and those countertops are stunning! I totally feel you on all the struggles with construction – seen that firsthand and nothing ever seems to go as smoothly as you’d hope – but the space is looking amazing!

  17. Oh. My. Gosh. This is just PERFECT, Tieghan. I think I held my breath through the entire post — so, so, so SO beautiful!! That kitchen is heartstopping (those countertops!!) and just picture perfect with the chrome, marble, and muted wood ahhhh. I am so so excited for you 🙂 Your space looks like it’s going to be a dream come true.

  18. Hey Tieghan! I’ve been away for a week and missed your blog! I LOVE these photos and updates! I could move in there in a heartbeat – love all your choices in materials and appliances – WOW! So excited for you – what a great time in your life – enjoy the process!

  19. Tieghan you are one lucky girl!:) Can I just say you have managed to bring my Pinterest Humble Abode board to life! You have done an incredible job designing this and I’m so sorry you are having to battle some of the contracting issues 🙁 But, it will be totally worth it in the end! 🙂 And if you ever need a roommate, I’m your girl! haha!

  20. Omg omg! These photos are amazing! I love all the surfaces! And that jealous! I know it was tons of work and stress but house projects always are and it will fade as you enjoy the house.

  21. Wow, this beautiful, Tieghan! I totally understand what you’re going through. Maybe not exactly, but close. When we were remodeling our basement a year ago, it was a mess. And although it’s done now, it’s not exactly what I had envisioned. Just like you, I’m not complaining or anything, it’s just takes a lot of time to make it perfect. Picking out the right night stands, curtains, photo frame, or art above the bed, all that little touch ups, that makes the room perfect, take time. And I don’t stress about those things any more, because I know over time it’ll all come together little by little. My head goes spinning when I think of building our dream home in a few years, that’d be a big pain (but it will worth it.)

    I adore your new place. Everything is so beautiful and rustic, yet elegant. All that marble countertops, all that big counter spaces, double oven, gas stove, huge fridge. Oh my, great job! Love your taste!

  22. What a great place and from experience, in time when all is in place you will look back and be grateful that you showed up the unfinished, but oh so great kitchen/barn/home! I am sure you wanted to show it in all it’s glory, but you will do that, but thanks for giving us a peek into your hard work and I’m sure you anxiety that goes along with any construction, I’ve been there done that, but what is more amazing is you did it while creating recipes, doing business, two, count them two holidays back to back in the U.S. Thanksgiving and Christmas and you did it with delays, and heart stopping moments of “did I make the right decision about this and that”, always second guessing through a new project is normal. I still haven’t painted my living room and I’ve lived in my house for 3 years, I’m still deciding, so your doing great! Nice work and continued success, and thanks above all for sharing your “baby” with us. I like your style.

  23. Love it!! My sink looks almost the same as yours (although mine is not custom made) and I LOVE it!!! Love the textures of wood as well. So happy for you!

  24. Your new home looks gorgeous! I love all of the personal details, which create a unique home. The kitchen is so beautiful! I’m jealous of you for having such an amazing stove! I can’t wait to see more photos. Hang in there! All the stress of building will be worth it.

  25. Ohhh I like the marble, even if it is a pain! I haven’t seen that kind of marble before. Looking awesome! I’m jealous. We have an old apartment with brown/white tile from then 70s or something :-).

  26. You are a very lucky girl! What a wonderful home you are starting. Be happy that you are starting slowly getting things the way you want. It’s a lot of fun finding the perfect addition here and there to bring home. And you will have happy memories remembering where you found “that”, and who gave you “this”. If everything was just as you wanted it now you would have nothing to look forward to. You are starting with the most important parts .. a wonderful kitchen filled with top notch everything! Seal those counters often! That will help keep them looking nice. Any “additions” to the counters is just character 🙂 Keep a plate under oils and acidy stuff. Enjoy every moment making your home homier, don’t apologize for things not being perfect .. perfection is in the eye of the beholder. Your home is perfect and getting better and better along the way. I have been enjoying your recipes, thank you! I look forward to hearing about your home updates too. Cherish every day and have fun 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Nancy!! You are right, going slow is good! 🙂

      Your kind as ever comment totally made me smile!

  27. Wow! What a gorgeous, inspiring, thrilling space! Every inch is amazing. This sink is my favourite, no the countertops, no the cabinetry, maybe the appliances…gah! It’s all beautiful, I’m envious. Congrats to you on achieving your dream space, even if it’s a dream in progress (most dreams are 😉 I can’t wait to see the delicious recipes and gorgeous photography that are to come.

  28. Every house owner will tell ya there is always going to be something that needs to be painted, redone, touched up, etc. Your little nook looks like it’s coming together nicely! I love the rustic feel with modern pieces. And that bathroom vanity is seriously magazine worthy. Love every inch of it. Beautiful!

  29. Tieghan!

    These pics are beyond amazing. Love love love all you’ve done so far and the plans to come to life soon. The only thing missing here … are pictures with YOU IN THEM! 🙂

    Can’t wait to see what you cook up in this special place!


  30. It is all so beautiful -you should be proud. What a wonderful mother too – to help out. We can understand, having designed and built our house. We were scammed, and lied to. But we also had some great people help us and the bad fades away quickly. Enjoy your home! It is never finished. 🙂

  31. Everything is SO gorgeous!! You should totally do a behind the scenes post of your photography set up/area!

  32. Wow Tieghan, it looks so good! I’m obsessed with that custom sink and I love the marble. Can’t wait to see more!

  33. Thanks for the peek Teighan, construction is stressful at best, but let me assure you that the details and disappointments that are bugging you now will all be forgotten when it’s finished…it took us 5 months to add 100 square feet to our beach house last year, and I thought I’d go nuts, but now it’s the best thing we ever did 🙂 You are incredibly lucky to have such a fab space for your talents 🙂

  34. Oh Tieghan, everything looks beautiful even if it isn’t finished!
    I can completely sympathise though, I lived through three major renovations at my parent’s house (there is only one original internal wall in the whole house) and my Dad used the three of us girls (Mum, sister, and me) as the construction crew. It’s an exhausting process indeed. I’m sorry things aren’t exactly the way you had planned, but perhaps it’s one of those situations where you and the house need to grow into one another. Get to know each other and in time you will fall into familiarity and affection 🙂
    We are currently building a house, but it’s a completely hands-off process because we bought into a townhome complex. I’m nervous that we won’t even like it when we move in, but I’m grateful we will finally have our own space!
    Hope your journey with the barn is a little easier from now on. Also, so jealous of your gorgeous kitchen and that spectacular snowy view!

  35. Sometimes we have to adjust our expectations and perspective a little bit – and that’s okay, Tieghan! Your space is amazing! Can’t wait to see the next update. It’s been awhile since I’ve had time to pop in for a visit. I’m lovin’ the new blog look too! Keep creating!

  36. Just so you know.
    I received an email I thought at first was from your blog until I saw the picture of another girl–I deleted it but forgot to write down her name.

  37. OMG Tieghan are you kidding me?! Are you kidding me! I own a home and bought it and I would LOVE if my home were as done as yours. But alas I do not have the time or the money. I am SUPER happy for you, but for a normal gal like me (non super human like you, lol) I am kinda jealous.

    It’s not done, but it is FABULOUS!! OMG soooo damn gorgeous!

    1. THANK YOU!! Trust me though, I am not super human. I have way too many flaws for that! 🙂

      Thanks again for the sweet words and all you kind comments in general!

  38. Wow! Your new space is going to be beyond gorgeous!! I live in a barn too, and am totally jealous of the rustic charm that you have created! I think that you are being overly hard on yourself, this is totally Pintrest worthy!! Thank you for letting us see into your life, it is very inspiring, and seeing your blog and amazing photography every day makes me very, very happy!

    1. Thank you so much, Brittney!! Very cool that you live in a barn as well! 🙂

      Also, thank you for the kind words! So excited you are enjoying my recipes and photos!

  39. I have been waiting for this update and I absolutely love it! It’s so prefect and has that rustic charm. It’s pinterest worthy in my book!

  40. Given that you are probably quite fastidious about all aspects of your life, I can see why you might be distressed over the rate, quality, and vision of your construction project. No construction project is without delays and the smart client always sees how things could have been better. From what we can see in your beautiful pictures, the kitchen looks fantastic and your bedroom inspires thoughts of sound sleep. Take a deep breath, keep up your great posts, and create deliciousness in that amazing kitchen.

  41. breathtaking. seriously. I started looking at your pictures while talking to my husband and literally put my hand over my mouth and gave your pictures my full attention immediately. Just beautiful. and practical. can’t wait to see more!

  42. Such an amazing place& so happy you shared pics with us!!! And what you’re going through while it doesn’t seem like it most days I’m sure is half the fun- your space will be your space & it will be amazing!! Btw I’m going through the same stuff right now with my first real house (not an apartment) only I’m 40!! 🙂

  43. Your new house is looking gorgeous and your mom is wonderful! By the time it is done it is going to be spectacular. Marble scares me too, we had white quartz in our previous home which was a little better when it came to handling red wine stains and tomato sauce spills but marble really does look stunning. Ha and you’re right, stainless steel appliances are pretty but they are a pain to keep polishing 🙂

    1. The marble is pretty, but OMG it is so hard to not to stain. I already have a huge orange one from tomato sauce. I have to get some seriously HUGE butcher blocks to live on my counter while I cook. Thanks so much for the kind words, Nik! 🙂

  44. I can only imagine all the challenges you’ve been through getting this space to be what you envisioned. We built our house while I was pregnant with my second child and honestly, I spent well over 20 hours just picking out light fixtures for rooms I had no idea how I would eventually decorate! It was overwhelming. I needed a practice house, because while I really love our house, there are things I would have done differently. It looks like you’ve made amazing choices and it’s a learning experience. You’re getting to learn a lot about this stuff while you’re really young and you still have a whole life time to use all that you’ve learned. I think you’re going to appreciate the space even more when it’s done because you know the Herculean effort that was put into it. I think it’s wonderful and I can’t wait to see it when you’re finished. (Although, a home is never really finished….it just keeps evolving with you, which is what truly makes it yours…)

  45. Tieghan, everything looks incredible! My parents were in the housing buisness for many years and I grew up around construction projects so I have some idea how frustrating it must have been to reach this point. You are going to be creating so many amazing recipes and photos in your new space. I can’t wait to see them and to see more of the barn!

  46. I don’t know where to start I love all of it…the kitchen sink, the counter tops, that stove..your views from the windows…all the beautiful woodwork…it’s amazing and it’s all your own…you should be so proud as it is a result of a lot of your hard work….your parents rock…definite keepers!! The landing before you enter your room would be a great place for a smaller Christmas tree next year. Keep us posted on the development.

  47. You are a lucky girl Teighan. Everything is really beautiful. The oven is a dream! The white walls, I’m in love. The views you have out your windows, superb. The kitchen is gorgeous. Keep up the hard work.

  48. Magnifique , c’est très beau, chaleureux et invitant.
    I don’t know if your floor will stay like this, Ilike it very much. That kind of nice blue can be your accent color, and have a little “touche” of this in your towel or somewhere in an element déco or two. This will create an ” équilibre ” and upgrade the value of the floor. This color is like complementary with the brown of the wood and others materials. Have a nice time in your charming house.

    Bon dimanche !!

  49. Amazing! I love the rusticness (is that a word?) and hominess of the entire place. I can’t wait to see pictures of your recipes taken in such a beautiful setting! You and your Mom have done a wonderful job!

  50. Your kitchen is my dream kitchen!! Sub zero and Wolf?? Wow! I love your style too! It’s perfect!! Happy birthday to your mom!!

  51. Lovely barn! The work in progress is very character building. I live in a 100+ year old home that we’ve slowly restored, while living in it. Keep us posted, I love where you’re going with this!

  52. What a fantastic outcome and though the road has been rough, you’ve produced a jewel. The setting could not be more inspirational. Congrats on your hard work and patience Teighan.

  53. Absolutely beautiful! Life is messy but it all works out! Now, we just need a publisher to sign you to a cookbook deal because you are the real thing!

  54. I am SO impressed with what you have accomplished– it is amazing!!
    I really like your cabinets –they blend in with the textures and colors around them. I would like the idea of taking my time picking and choosing those finishing touches.
    Just imagine what Christmas 2015 will look like!
    Oh what supporting parents you have but I bet they are thankful they were blessed with a daughter like you!!

  55. I’m looking forward to seeing this finished, as the space looks fantastic so far.

    Anyway, first I want to give you a massive hug. My parents were property developers my whole life right up until I graduated high school, so I know exactly what you mean with contractors from stories I’ve heard from other peoples jobs and building sites. I also know totally what you mean about living in a partially finished property covered in dust. My Father was still building out (albeit beautiful) home himself up until I was about 13, and while they kept me out of the worst of the unfinished bits or I was too young to remember, since we finished our English house all three of us have been converting a stone barn in Northern France, which right now I can’t actually imagine living in without builders dust and dirt!

    As for the worktops, you need a good spray on granite polish that builds up a protective layer. My worktops in my rented place in Los Angeles stained so easily and I was not using a polish, and they drove me crazy – I wished for a butchers block too! But here at home our worktops look beautiful all the time as the polish we use every time we do a clean up have created a protective layer, especially against things like citrus juice that really do long term damage. Also, just because we like them (but they are also super useful) we have butchers blocks that we can move around, about the size of 4 cutting boards on top of the marble. My Dad made them out of old scraps that he rounded the edges off of and smoothed. I also use mine (only about the size of 2 cutting boards, was useful when I was in college but still too small I’ve found) as a photography background.

    Finally, your kitchen sink is stunning. I’m going to be jealous of you for the rest of the day, just for that!

  56. Oh man, going with the flow is so not me, BUT I am learning….sort of.
    THANKS SO much for all the kind words!