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If we could have Sunday brunch together, this is what I would be serving.

Artichoke Shakshuka | @hbharvest

This dish is winter meets spring, with eggs slow cooked in tomatoes, artichokes, and cheese! Then topped with fresh greens and served alongside crusty bread. Honestly, nothing better.

Sometimes I feel like we all just need a little reminder about the beauty of simplicity…aka simple ingredients and a simple cooking method. Molly Gilbert’s new cookbook One Pan & DONE has reminded me of that. When her cookbook arrived on my doorstep the other day, I did a little jump for joy. I mean, the title alone had me very excited, healthy ONE pan & DONE. Yes, yes, yes! Sounds like my kind of cooking! Just like the title suggests, all of the recipes in Molly’s book require just one pan. It could be a skillet, sheet pan, muffin pan, cake pan, or even a dutch oven, but all of the recipes require only one pan. Meaning easy cooking and very minimal clean up. Yup, I’m sold.

Shakshuka is my go-to, fast and easy meal…breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner, this dish will always please. When I saw the recipe for artichoke Shakshuka, I knew I had to make it. If I could, I’d add some form of eggs to just about every savory meal. Fried, hard-boiled, soft-boiled, poached, over-easy, I love them all. Shakshuka is a traditional Middle Eastern dish consisting of eggs baked in a spicy red pepper and tomato sauce. Molly’s version uses artichokes, which I absolutely love, and it makes this easy one pan meal perfect for entertaining, especially as we enter into spring! As I mentioned this is a great breakfast and brunch recipe, but it serves equally well as a quick cooking family style dinner…or in my case solo dinner with leftovers for breakfast…cool, cool.

Artichoke Shakshuka | @hbharvest

Artichoke Shakshuka | @hbharvest

Artichoke Shakshuka | @hbharvest

SO. Well I am so very excited to be sharing this recipe with you all today, I am also thrilled to be giving away a copy of One Pan and DONE and a Staub pot (which are my favorite kitchen item)!! Yes, yes, yes! One of you guys will be sent your very own copy and a pot for cooking all the recipes. 🙂

GIVEAWAY has ENDED. To Enter: leave a comment at the bottom of this blog post telling me your very favorite one pan dinner from your line-up of everyday recipes. I’m dying for new ideas, so I can’t wait to hear what you guys are cooking up using just ONE pan. The giveaway will end exactly one week from today on Saturday March 18th, giving you plenty of time to enter!

In the meantime, I really hope you’re all able to try out this delicious Shakshuka recipe. It’s the perfect weekend brunch…and it’s totally Instagram worthy as well!

Artichoke Shakshuka | @hbharvest

Artichoke Shakshuka

Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Servings: 6 servings
Calories Per Serving: 184 kcal

Nutritional information is only an estimate. The accuracy of the nutritional information for any recipe on this site is not guaranteed.

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  • 1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. with rack in center. 
    2. Heat olive oil in a 10 inch cast-iron skillet over medium-high heat. When oil is shimmering, add onion and bell pepper and sauté until beginning to soften, about 5 minutes. Remove pan from heat and add marinara sauce and artichoke hearts. Crack eggs into sauce and sprinkle with generous pinches of salt and pepper. Sprinkle crumbled feta or goat cheese over pan. 
    3. Transfer pan to oven and bake until egg whites are set but yolks are still slightly runny, 15 to 20 minutes. Scatter parsley over top before serving warm from skillet, family-style.

Artichoke Shakshuka | @hbharvest

ps. serving up a side of homemade naan is highly recommended.

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  1. maybe a dumb question, but if I want to just make half of this, would it be okay if i just halved the ingredients?

    1. Hi lauren! Yes, that should work great! Please let me know if you have any other questions! xTieghan

  2. Hi! I’ll be making this recipe for brunch over the holidays for sure – just checking, if I wanted to add some sausage to the recipe, should I precook that with with onions so would it already bake when I put it in the oven with the eggs?

    Thank you!

    1. HI! Yes, precook the sausage with the onions. That should work perfectly! Please let me know if you have any other questions. I hope you love this recipe! Thank you and I hope you had Merry Christmas! Sorry my response what a bit late! xTieghan

  3. 5 stars
    I have a question! I have made this recipe before and I LOVE it! I’m test driving it tonight in mini-version for myself one more time before cooking it for a brunch party tomorrow. The only thing that is not turning out quite right is the egg yolks. In your photo, they sit right on top and look nice and bright and yellow. The two times I’ve made it the yolks end up sinking slightly under the whites to they’re covered after cooking and you don’t get the same visual effect. Any ideas for how to fix that? 🙂 Thank you!

    1. HI! So sadly this just takes some effort to keep the yolks up right. I keep checking the dish while cooking and moving the eggs around to keep them above the surface. Sometimes I just luck out and the eggs stay above the surface, other times they sink. I don’t really have trick that works every time. So sorry I could not help more. Please let me know if you have other questions. Hope you love this recipe! Thanks! 🙂

  4. hello,I want that salt lamp!!! So cool! I also need new slippers BAD. This is such a great list – gift guides are the best because there are always ideas I would have never thought of!

  5. 5 stars
    Hi Tieghan! I recently got a cast-iron skillet and searched your site for recipe inspiration. I made this for dinner the other night and it was perfect — simple, healthy, filling, and fresh, which was everything I was looking for in a meal. Thank you for sharing! I’ll definitely be back to try some of your other dishes 🙂

  6. My favorite one pan dish goes in my cast iron skillet. It’s orzo with onions and tomatoes, and whatever veggies I have, diced small with tilapia or other whitefish fillets on the top. A little olive oil and seasoning on the fish and into the oven it goes. I originally got the recipe from a magazine and adapted it for my family’s taste.
    I love your blog and have made several of your recipes. My family loves them and they are well written and easy to follow.

  7. I love doing a breakfast frittata in one big cast iron skillet. Fry some chopped up bacon fornjust a few minutes till it’s starting to cook through, then toss in some chopped up onions and mushrooms. Once everything is simmering nicely, toss in some scrambled eggs with LOTS of cheese. Mix everything together, then pop the pan in the oven until the eggs fluff up, about 20-30 minutes depending on the pan. Yum!

  8. I’m so glad to finally have a name to put to one of my favorite kinds of dishes! My husband and I saw someone prepare it on a tv show, and we’ve been cooking up a very similar dish for years now – but I didn’t know what to call it. I love the possible variations, and will be trying artichokes in the very near future. Thanks!

  9. My favorite one pan meal is sriracha and brown sugar chicken thighs over onions and small potatoes. Chicken thighs can be bone in or out, with skin or without. Salt and pepper the chicken and sear it in your cast iron or any other oven proof skillet. I do it over butter, but vegetable oil or ghee work as well. Remove the chicken from the pan and add a bit more butter. Saute the sliced onion and quartered potatoes for about 5-7 minutes. The sauce is 1/3 cup sriracha with 1/3 cup brown sugar mixed until incorporated. Spread the onion and potato evenly over the bottom of the skillet and place the thighs back in on top. Spread the sauce over the thighs. Put the skillet in the oven at 400 degrees for 30 minutes. It’s so delicious!!

  10. My favorite one pot is Pork Tenderloin cooked in Cranberry Sauce, Orange Juice w/powdered cloves… done in the Slow Cooker! Delicious! We always make double sauce because it’s great on everything!!!

  11. the best one pan meals are soup in my opinion! my go-to is a simple chicken and veggie soup with orzo pasta tossed in!

  12. Molly, this dish is everything!! One pan dinners are a life saver, aren’t they? When I’m feeling really lazy, I’ll layer onions, Brussels sprouts and carrots on a sheet pan, and lay chicken thighs over them and roast everything in one shot. I mix it up by putting olive oil, balsamic, or whatever other marinade I have laying around, and it’s really hard to mess this dish up. Boom, done!

  13. My favorite one pan meal is tortilla and eggs. Not really a recipe just eggs scrambled, with peppers and onions if you like, then add flour tortillas cut into thin strips. Mix the whole thing together in the pan to warm through then add shredded cheddar or Monterey Jack on top. So yummy for those nights when it seems too late to even bother with dinner.

  14. This recipe looks amazing, cannot wait to try it! Favourite one pot meal (especially if i’m in a rush): any type of pasta I have on hand (butternut squash ravioli, if I’ve thought ahead), peas (frozen or fresh) and boursin cheese .

  15. This looks amazing! Comforting but with some fresh Spring flavor. My current favorite one-pot recipe is a veggie and lentil soup I make with 6-8 of my favorite veggies, green lentils, and sometimes add quinoa or chickpea pasta =)

  16. This is one of my favorite meals to make when I have a little leftover red-sauce. Well, not this exactly. It’s far less exciting. I can’t wait to make this following an actual recipe!

    My favorite one-pot meal in our house is the insanely simple/ insanely simple Sausage and Kraut. It’s what we make when we are very hungry and don’t feel like cooking. Simply brown slices of smoked sausage and then cover with good quality saurkraut and warm it all through. It takes 15 minutes tops and I feel like it has such an incredible ratio of effort to flavor.

  17. This looks amazing! As all of the recipies on this website are … soo good. My favorite one dish meal is a simple (maybe cheats version) paella!! In a big pot, cook 3 sliced chorizo, 1 sliced red onion, 1t chilli flakes and 1t paprika until golden. Then add 4 chopped chicken thighs and cook until sealed. Add 1 1/4 cups short grain rice and stir till coated. Add 1L chicken stock. Bring to the boil and cook for 10 min. Add 12 large green prawns and cook until rice is tender. Divide between 4 plates and serve topped with quartered cherry tomatoes and cilantro leaves. Yum! Hope u like it as much as my family does! X

    1. That sounds so so yummy, I’ll have to try it! So glad you are loving this recipe too, thank you Lell!

  18. Pasta alla Norma with sausage, I boil the noodles first, then sauté everything else and mix in some mozzarella balls

  19. Shakshuka is one of my favorites! I love breakfast foods and especially eggs, so my favorite one pan dish is a hash with potatoes, onions, and peppers. Conveniently, it’s almost Saint Patty’s day so I would throw some corned beef in there as well, and then cook an egg in the midst of everything.

    1. Sounds so yummy, and what a great idea to add in the corned beef for St patricks day! I may have to add this into my meal!
      Thanks so much Hallie!

  20. Favorite one pot dish….so hard to pick! I love chili made in a giant cast iron pan…I add in weird things like lentils, sweet potatoes, chocolate, coffee, and/or beer to my chili to give it extra depth…And of course lots of toppings because i LOVE toppings!

  21. My favorite one pot meal is actually your apple cider chicken marsala. I made it last fall and fell in love and make it whenever I can find good quality cider at the market. I spoon it over leftover brown or wild rice so it fits the one-pot lifestyle! So good–and this artichoke shaksuka looks so good, too!

    1. I’m so happy one of your favorite meals is mine!! The way you present it sounds so yummy! I hope you love this dish just as much, thanks Alyson!

  22. Yum this looks so good! My favorite one pan dish right now is easy tofu lo mien! it has tofu, lo mien noodles, red bell, snap peas, mushrooms, and spinach with an amazing ginger garlic sauce.

  23. That looks SO GOOD! My easiest one pan dinner is very simple and easy (which works for me with a full time job and being a mama). I put small potatoes (Little Potato Company grows my very favorite), green beans or asparagus, and chicken breast or salmon on a pan. I drizzle with butter and olive oil, then either ranch dressing mix or Italian dressing mix and bake at 375 until it’s done. It’s easy, yummy, and even my picky eater will eat it!

  24. Looks delicious! Can’t wait to try this recipe ^_^
    Curries are a go-to one pan dish for our family – and they’re also an easy way to use up leftover bbq meats. My parents recently brought me some masalas from Sri Lanka, and the amazing aromas got me wishing Sri Lankan food was easier to find!

    1. That sounds so amazing, I would love to have some of those spices in my kitchen!
      I’m really glad you like this recipe, thanks so much!

  25. Oooh yum! I’m super into a simple curried lentil soup. You can add in any veggies you have handy and somehow the process of cooking just makes all the flavors come together. So good!

  26. frittata’s, with asparagus and goat cheese <3 although anything breakfast is sold on me! can't wait to try this shakshuka though – the artichokes sound amazing!

  27. My favorite one pan dinner is (and this sounds strange) broccoli lasagna! Pasta, cheese, broccoli and lots of veggies covered in marinara sauce baked to perfection. Mmm!

  28. My favourite one pan meal right now is cauliflower fried rice with lots of veggies 🙂 Can’t wait to try this, it sounds delicious!

  29. My favourite one pan dinner is actually your first take on shakshuka, your North Indian baked eggs! I’ve made it so many times now, I feel comfortable playing with the amount of garam masala, and even adding in other Indian spices 🙂

  30. Usually, my one pot meals are soups, but lately I have been using a recipe from my mom for skillet gnocchi with tomatoes, chard and white beans. I usually add in zucchini and bell peppers to up the veggies 🙂

  31. My favorite one-pan dinner is Chicken with Caramelized Onion and Cardamon Rice. Perfect combination with excellent spiced flavors.

  32. My favorite one pan meal right now is orzo with broccoli, kale, shrimp and a lemon, garlic, and parmesan sauce

  33. This looks so tasty!!

    Right now my favorite one dish dinner is cheesy, mushroom, spinach and potato hash. It’s a little cheat-y with being a one dish because I definitely will make some roasted garlic to put in it, but that’s done with some aluminum foil so there’s no clean up 🙂

  34. My favorite “one-pot dinner” is something I’ve been making since high school! Sauté chicken breasts in a big pan with sliced mushroom. Once everything is slightly browned, throw in a handful each of halved pimento-stuffed green olives, thinly sliced lemon rounds, chopped celery, and cherry or grape tomatoes. Pour a thing of chicken stock on top (and if you’re me, you add a healthy dose of red pepper flakes) and cover it til it boils… reduce to medium and add some orzo to the mix before covering again. Once the orzo is cooked through, serve up on plates with some feta cheese and toasted pine nuts or pumpkin seeds on top… voila!

  35. My favorite one pan meal is a cajun pepper and pineapple rice with chicken that is so flavorful and so easy!

  36. This looks super yummy! My favorite one pot meal is beef and broccoli for an Asian fix that’s much better than takeout but still just as easy 🙂 I love your blog so much thanks for all you do!!

  37. This looks delicious! My go to one-pan meal is Mexican Quinoa from the website Damn Delicious. It comes together so quickly, and it’s full of healthy/filling ingredients. Perfect for meal prep too!

  38. Love this! My fav one pan meal is your sweet potato and black bean nachos. I mean, they are just SO good!

  39. My favorite one pot dish is rice with lentils, cumin and a whole lot of onion. I sometimes add some broccoli to it and turn it into a complete and balanced meal 🙂

    I love shakshuka and will try this recipe soon! It looks amazing!

  40. My favorite one pan dinner is balsamic chicken with sun dried tomatoes, artichoke, and lots of rosemary.

  41. Hi! My favorite one pan meal is an everything in the fridge frittata. It has eggs it has veggies and of course it has cheese! I adore Shakshuka, and I love that this recipe has artichokes!

  42. I make a killer good one skillet chicken pot pie! I use puff pastry for the crust….. it’s so good!

  43. Not a traditional or nutritious dinner, but I really like making a skillet brownie with Oreos and cookie dough!

  44. My favorite one pan dinner usually starts with chicken. I might add some stuffing mix (or dressed up bread crumbs) & a gravy or sauce. Other times I skip the stuffing and substitute pasta or rice and vegetables (sweet peas are my favorite.)

  45. Ok not really a meal per-se but my recent go-to one pan food is some baked feta with olives , tomatoes, fresh parsley, oregano, garlic, red onion, and olive oil. So good with some crusty bread or crackers!! Love your blog and I’m definitely trying out this recipe soon!

  46. My favorite one pan dinner is making a curry with whatever I have in the fridge and pantry. I love taking the left over vegetables and chickpeas and using spices such as turmeric, coriander, cumin, garam malsa. Then adding a little some coconut milk for some creaminess.

  47. Definitely making this for dinner tomorrow!

    My favorite one pan dish lately has been frittatas. Throw in any veggies that need to be used, top with feta and sprinkle red pepper flakes. I LOVE it!

  48. My current favorite one pan dinner is chicken roasted with fennel, lemons, onions, garlic, and brussel sprouts. Yum!
    Btw, I absolutely adore your blog. The recipes are always so creative with really interesting ingredient combos! And, the photography is always stunning. I’m a foodie who is currently in college and I’m thinking I may want to do a photography minor partially after being inspired from your photos!!

    1. Sounds so good! Thank you so much Emma, that is really sweet! You should totally do a photography minor, I’m sure you would love it!

  49. My favorite one pan dinner lately is sheet pan chicken and potatoes with carrots and garlic. So good and so easy.

  50. My favorite one pan dish is actually dessert. Making an gooey chocolate chip cookie in an iron skillet is pure happiness. Add a drizzle of caramel sauce and a scoop of ice cream. Grab the family and some spoons.

  51. Can I choose nachos as my favorite one-pan meal? Because, I’m thinking nachos are the best right about now. I don’t eat meat so there’s no need to dirty a pan browning any beef. Just smash some black beans with cilantro/lime/spices, load up the chips with plenty of sharp cheddar, salsa, jalapeños, and top with more cilantro, avocado, and scallions when they come out of the oven.

    1. That sounds so good!! I don’t know if you eat eggs, but adding scrambles egg whites is yummy too! Thanks so much Chelsea!

  52. geez I’ve made shakshuka many times before but didn’t know it had a name. I thought I had invented something!!! LOL My current fave for one pan dinner is quesadillas baked in the oven. They get really puffy, golden and crispy. The filling is whatever is in the fridge….spinach, bacon, goat cheese/any cheese, beans, salsa….

  53. First of all, as always – this recipe looks amazing! The answer to “what’s for dinner?” is answered by your website about 85% of the time (pizza or just simple pasta making up the other 15%). One thing we make that isn’t a HBH recipe is garlic broccoli pasta – easy, one pan (and a colander eek). Roast garlic ahead of time. Boil campanelle pasta; with about 6-7 minutes left, add chopped broccoli. When done, drain into colander (don’t rinse, you will lose some of the broccoli goodness!). In the pasta pot, melt butter and roasted garlic with salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes – smush the garlic into the butter to make a paste. Return pasta and broccoli back to the pan and mix – the broccoli breaks down a little bit to give the whole thing a pesto-look. Sooooo delicious!!!! Amounts totally depend on taste and number of people. For two of us, we use 1 box of pasta and 2 large or 3 small heads of broccoli – this gives us enough for dinner and leftovers!

    1. yum yum yum! This sounds so good Nikki, thanks so much for sharing!! Oh and I love broccoli in pasta!

  54. I sure hope one-pot counts as one-pan as well 🙂 cos my all time favourite one-pot recipe is Italian Chicken and Orzo. The tomatoey-goodness and the not-as-boring-as-rice orzo just goes down SO EASILY. Not to mention a quick of protein from the chicken and all the Italian flavors of basil/tomato/cheese to combine, it’s totally healthy AND delicious! And yes, cheese is a HEALTHY* must-have

    1. YUM! This sounds so good and obviously the more cheese the better in my opinion haha! Thanks Natala!

  55. A favorite for me is always a shrimp scampi situation- butter, garlic, lemon, wine, and some broccoli & tomatoes. It’s sooo good over spaghetti squash with lots of parm! Either that, or a healthier take out style fried rice I make often!

  56. If I ever need a quick dinner, I love making a frittata with some green vegetables and goat cheese. So easy and delicious! (Also helps to add a bit of bacon…)

  57. My favorite one pan dish is some quick and easy green curry with loads of veggies. I suppose if I have to make rice then it’s not quite a one pan dinner but I usually make green curry when I already have some leftover rice to use up. This recipe looks so delicious and cozy!

    1. YES!! Green curry is one of my all time favorites and loaded with veggies makes it even better! Thanks so much Emma!

  58. My go to one pan recipe is a simple veggie pasta with onion, garlic, basil, and lots and lots of tomatoes! So delicious and easy to make. You can spice it up with kale or other veggies and a protein. Love your recipies!

  59. Basically anything and everything from Martha Stewart’s One Pot cookbook. Besides your blog, that’s my go to spot for easy, weeknight inspiration!

  60. Riff on a recipe I found in an old Gourmet magazine. Chopped onion, ground beef, tomatoes, bell peppers, corn kernels, and rice or quinoa. Top with grated cheese. Easy, rustic comfort food for quick week-day dinner. Love your blog and family stories.

  61. I absolutely adore riffs on Olive Garden’s zuppa toscana–sausage, potatoes, kale, cream. The classic version can be made in one pot and is so comforting and filling. I would love to hear how you would spice it up! <3

  62. I love your One-Pan Four Cheese Drunken Sun-Dried Tomato and Spinach Pasta Bake! I have made it several times and I never get sick of it. I like how I just dump the pasta into the dish without cooking it, and it comes out of the oven perfectly al dente! I cant wait to buy your cookbook!

  63. The Persian lentil stew from Food52 is my favorite canvas for a one pan meal right now…the stew is so simple and flavorful that of course I mess with it by A) stirring in a bunch of kale, B) starting off by browning some sausage and building on top of that, C) chopping up a bunch of colorful peppers with the onion, D) doing it in the Dutch oven and throwing it in the oven to finish with a few eggs cracked in it for a PERFECT meal, or all of the above. You can’t go wrong, and it’s so good and so filling with those yummy and nutritious brown lentils!

  64. I too love anything with eggs so will definitely be making this shakshuka recipe with the artichokes. Will probably add some mushrooms. Love that combo. My fav one pot for this week will be corned beef with lots of cabbage and carrots and sweet creamy red potatoes??

    1. You can never go wrong with the St. Patricks Day corned beef and cabbage! (I like it with some Irish soda bread.. so good)! I hope you love this Shakshuka & added mushrooms sounds great, Sandra! Thanks so much!

  65. We roast chicken thighs, hot italian sausage, potatoes, and onions together with whatever seasoning we have – so simple and good! To change it up, we drizzle with a spicy mayo, or creamy pesto sauce. When I take in leftovers, everyone at work wants to know the recipe 🙂

    1. Sounds so yummy!! I may just have to try this one for my brothers since they love meat, haha! Thanks Jenna!

  66. I will definitively try this dish. My favorite one pan dish is also in a slow cooker . Super easy pulled pork. Nothing to do. Put pork in the slow cooker and cover with root beer and fews onions. Let it cook all day at low. 45 minutes before you are ready to eat, drain the root beer and add a bottle of your favorite bbq sauce bottle. Enjoy! A good meal with nothing to do really except wait ;-).

  67. My favorite one-pan recipe is my paleo Dutch baby that I make in my cast iron skillet. It also only uses one bowl! This shakshuka looks awesome. I love artichokes in anything and love regular shakshuka, so of course I can’t wait to try this!

  68. My favorite is actually a soup – southern chicken ‘n dumplins! To make it super easy, I often use a rotisserie Chicken and a can of buttery buscuits. So good!

  69. My favourite one pan dinner is… sheet pan chicken fajitas. It’s so adaptable as far as what spices and veggies you use, but my go to is a blend of cumin and Chipotle with a mix of different peppers and onions. Then you just roast it on the pan with chicken and add the tortillas for the last few minutes to warm. ???

    1. That sounds so good! Changing up spices is awesome cause you can make it different every time. Thanks Kristina!

  70. I love the addition of artichokes!
    My current fav one-pot meal couldn’t be simpler! Freshly cooked al dente spaghetti + fresh tomato sauce + freshly grated Parmesan + fresh chopped herbs + drizzle of olive oil, s&to. Done. Devour.
    Fresh tomato sauce = 1 whole tomato per serving. Wash tomatos. GRATE the whole, unpeeled tomato on large hole side of box grater (bottom-side first). As you grate it, the tomato skin stays in your hand and the tomato flesh and juice falls into pasta. Discard remaining tomato skin. Dive in to greatness.

  71. Eek! This Shakshuka looks amazing! My favorite one pan dinner is super simple, but so tasty – chicken with asparagus, seasoned with fresh lemons, a pinch of salt, & black pepper.

  72. Favorite one pan dinner has to be Pork Tenderloin, seasoned and roasted in the oven with a couple of different veggies on the same sheet pan.

  73. My current favorite one pan dinner is something I made the other night. I took a small Cornish hen and roasted it for an hour. Halfway through, I stuffed it with chopped up garlic cloves and olive bread and then bathed it in dry white wine and water. I seasoned with rosemary and pepper. It was heavenly and so easy to clean up! P.s. Love the idea of adding artichokes to shakshuka. I have a ton of canned arthokes in my pantry, so this is definitely going to happen!

  74. Literally drooling!
    My favorite one pan (not exactly a pot, so I hope this counts 🙂 )meal is throwing all the veggies (currently obsessed with brussels, carrots, onions) and chicken sausage or whatever meet on a sheet pan with some cooking oil and throwing it in the oven!

  75. I start with raosting some chopped sausage like merguez in a pot; and add onions after five minutes. I l stop the roasting process with chicken broth after a few more minutes. After that I add gnocchi, bell pepper, and some heavy cream. Let cook till gnocchi are ready and finish with spinach, salt and pepper

  76. The recipe looks delicious! I love the addition of artichokes to the usual recipe. I have not made shakshuka – I keep meaning to try it and this gives me the incentive. My one pan meals tend to be sheet pan roasted meat-and-veggies, or fried rice in a wok. I am excited that there is a whole cookbook for one pan dishes. Thanks for sharing!

  77. I do love Shakshuka, but my favorite one pan meal right now is Spinach and Salmon Curry from the cookbook Made in India. Saute spices and onion, add some diced tomatoes, wilt a ton of spinach then nestle in some salmon chunks. So good!

  78. Chili in a crockpot? Does that count as one pot, since you just throw everything in there? I love shakshuka, and your homemade naan

  79. My fave one pan dinner lately has been a black bean and kale stew, to which I might add some spicy sausage or eggs, or nothing at all. It already has carrots and leeks and chilli and fresh cilantro and tomatoes, so it’s packed full of goodies. SO easy to make, just throw it in and let it cook, perfect for those days when I’m rushed off my feet. There’s a recipe at my blog, if you care to check it.