You guys, I promise. This pasta is way better than it looks.

Some foods looks especially pretty on camera (i.e ravioli, cookies, bagels) and some foods just don’t. I think this is one of those foods.

But it tastes good. Really good. Homemade buffalo sauce mixed with cheddar cheese and blue cheese to create a creamy and delicious alfredo-like sauce! One word. Yum.

I am embarrassed to say how easy this pasta is. It comes together in less than and hour! But with all the hustle and bustle of the holidays I figure it is perfect for those busy holiday weeknight’s we are all experiencing right now. It gives extra time to make all those yummy Christmas treats we have been dreaming about all year!

I used a fun, new to me, pasta shape (Gigli), but you could use any pasta you would like. I bet even fettuccine would be great! What ever you do you should make this pasta…….then you won’t feel so bad about downing all that cookie dough!


OMG, 15 days till Christmas? How did that happen….

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